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  1. sunesta 210

    That might be the easiest fix of all! I'll take a look and see what it gains me. Thanks!
  2. sunesta 210

    Brick, I removed the tires on the forward axle and placed dollies under the rear axle tires. It still took quite a bit of muscle, but I was able to get it where I wanted.
  3. sunesta 210

    Brick, Thanks for sharing the photo. It helps me envision what I could do.
  4. sunesta 210

    Not sure my wife would approve of the stern drive in the kitchen
  5. sunesta 210

    Thanks for the suggestions. I like Wingnut's idea of removing the current post and adding a bolt-on unit that I can move. Regarding removal of the drive, I also have a swim step. Was trying to avoid removing those 2 items.
  6. Just bought my first boat, a 2003 Sunesta 210. Plan to store it my garage in Lake Arrowhead. Garage is not heated, but house is only 12 years old so pretty well insulated. Coldest winter temps around 30F. Do I need to winterize the boat?
  7. sunesta 210

    Just purchased my first boat, a 2003 Sunesta 210. Planned to store it in the garage, but it's about 4 inches too long. Right now I got it in diagonally but it's taking up both spots. Technically, it's the looong trailer tongue that's the issue. Already have the swing away tongue completely removed. I'm wondering if I can cut and reweld the tube the winch is mounted on forward about 4 inches in order to bring the boat forward on the trailer. There doesn't appear to be any obstructions on the boat that would get in the way. I'm wondering how much it would change the ride and weight distribution when towing? Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.