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  1. DarkMantle

    Anywhere I can get replacement counter top material?

    Parts listed in the 2007 Chap catalog. I emailed a dealer and chap this morning.
  2. Got into some very rough water today and bounced the microwave out if it's space and it smashed the sliding portion of my countertop as well as snapping my galley faucet. Can I get a replacement or is there a place where I can order material? It appears to be granite looking plastic although I'm not 100 percent on what it's made of.
  3. DarkMantle

    A/C drain on Signature 270 question

    Does the condenser drain go straight to the center bilge on this boat? Sig 270, 2007. I'm not referring to the constant water flow that goes overboard, I'm talking the water that comes off the condenser itself. My A/C control has a sticker that says make sure the forward bilge breaker is in. I get quite a bit of water there and I have been running the A/C alot. I also have a leaking upper steering pin but that's a separate issue. Ive never had water collect in the center bilge are prior to using the A/C to the extent I am now.
  4. DarkMantle

    Mercury Smartcraft how to?

    Thanks for the help.
  5. DarkMantle

    Merc 8.1 tach not reading

    That's great information thanks. So it is possible to change the switch, drive on? I have to pull the drive to change the upper steering pin because it's leaking, but that's a winter job. Had the drive off last fall for new bellows and shift cable, and new gimbal bearing.
  6. DarkMantle

    Merc 8.1 tach not reading

    Thanks everyone. CK that was the trick. Saved me a lot of grief. Probably would have been chasing my tail.
  7. DarkMantle

    Mercury Smartcraft how to?

    I have Smartcraft labeled right on the engine (8.1 Merc) and a Simrad chart plotter with NMEA 2000. It has a few pages for engine information. What exactly do I require in order to get the engine information up on the Simrad?
  8. DarkMantle

    Merc 8.1 tach not reading

    No sir
  9. DarkMantle

    How do you trip the DC circuit breakers?

    Thanks everyone. And thanks Richard. I tried as you suggested and a slight force does go into the off detent. Its an Indel fridge.
  10. DarkMantle

    Merc 8.1 tach not reading

    I took the boat out for a short run today. First for the season just to check it over, and low and behold the rpm reads zero. The engine is running fine. Any clues as where to look first? Being EFI and no distributor I'm assuming this comes right off the ECM. Wondering if this is wiring off the guage. Also my trim only works in the up direction in the trailer switch position. Down is normal and fine. The soft touch just stopped working. So I have a couple electrical gremlins. Wonder if they are related somewhere in the ground circuit.
  11. DarkMantle

    How do you trip the DC circuit breakers?

    I wanted to shut down the fridge while the rest of the boat was still on. Figured that would be a way to do it instead of just turning off the battery.
  12. Below the cockpit control pedestal there's two rows of breakers on my Signature 270. How do you trip the #%^$&%$ things manually? Am I missing something?
  13. DarkMantle

    Help me pick a truck

    I know Ford uses leaf springs At least I think they still do. They can haul a sh!t tonne, but ride rough as #$^%. Unless they have engineered a better system. I know Ram has the coil so there is that comfort area. But I think the leaf setup can handle more weight in general. The trade off has always been comfort. But who knows, these days they come up with some pretty ingenious setups.
  14. DarkMantle

    Help me pick a truck

    Yeah, unloaded you need a 5 point harness to keep you from going through the roof in a 3/4 tonne. For a daily driver they are spine shattering. If I were towing large most of the time, then 3/4 is probably the way to go.
  15. DarkMantle

    No shim stamp on Bravo 3 drive shifter cavity

    When I go into forward gear there is about a 7 second delay before it actually engages. If you bump the throttle it will engage immediately but with quite a thud. This also launches the boat, and it makes for a very tough time getting into the slip.