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  1. I blew a seal in the summer and had gear oil in my bilge. Had the upper bearings replaced as a result. Shortly after, two trips to be exact the forward gear began to slip. It takes about 7 seconds to start creating thrust. I'm fairly sure that the resulting oil loss from the blown seal wasn't good for that clutch
  2. I need to replace my cone clutch and was wondering if it's customary to replace the gear set as well. If so, is it usually the upper gear set that would be replaced or both?
  3. How much force can the bow eye handle when it's winched on?
  4. Has that fuel filter been changed?
  5. I was concerned about the amount of stress put on the boat by driving it on. Seems like a lot of power required to drag it up the bunk. If I put the trailer farther in the water then I'm dealing with the float again. I get it done but sometimes I'm doing it alone so driving on means I have to keep stopping and checking how close I am to the bow stop. Then I lose all the momentum.
  6. So after my first season of boating...ever, I managed to avoid sinking myself and anybody else. The only damage I managed to cause were minor scratches on the bow from the trailer winch arm. I have a #$^% of a time cranking it onto the trailer. The only way I can do it is to have the trailer so far in the water that the boat basically floats off the trailer. It's also at such an angle that it wants to go over the top of the winch. I can get it onto the trailer right up against the stop, by driveing it on,.but its not something I like to do. I'm not to familiar with what's out there regarding all things trailer. Are there electric or short handle winch systems with enough power to pull a heavy boat like a 270 up the bunks?
  7. Would something like a bent shifter work not effect the shift immediately and all the time? This is only happening once it's warmed up, and I didn't notice the problem until after the second time out after the repair.
  8. Personally I have always favoured a reputable rebuild place over and aftermarket alternator.
  9. There is no issue going into reverse hot, or cold.
  10. I think it's a clutch issue. Shop hasn't had a chance to look at it yet but I took it out yesterday to do some checks. On a cold drive it shifts forward pretty much instantly. Once it warms up there's at least a 5 second delay before engagement. I can literally feel it slide into gear. When I go from neutral, by that I mean I have to press the thumb button and move it forward into gear, that's when there is the 5 second delay. Once in gear, if I come back to idle but not all the way into neutral, there is no slipping upon throttle advancement. I don't think it's a cable issue. As per the original work order, the BEARING ASSEMBLY, Tapered Roller (#31-8M0104358) was replaced. The bearings were burned and scored, likely from the oil blowing by. This assembly sits at the top of the drive right behind the drive shaft yoke, so there was no disassembly of the clutch stack, as far as I know. I'm thinking the clutch must've been on its way out already. Other than that, I don't know what else it would be.
  11. I was being generic. The proper Quicksilver drive lube is being used. It looks like an Elf may have been slaughtered given the amount of green spray all over the compartment.
  12. So I was blowing drive grease into my bilge. Turns out I had a failed drive shaft seal and smoked some bearings as a result as well. Had the boat in the shop for a very expensive repair that involved a transom reseal with a whole bellows set and gimbal bearing, as well as the drive being repaired. They also replaced my lower shift cable. I experienced no problems prior to this service. Now, I have a 5 second delay when shifting into forward gear. Is this a cable screw up? Seems to get worse when I'm in and out of gear a lot such as with docking.
  13. Just looking for the procedures for winterizing. It's the first time I'm doing this. The engine seems pretty self explanatory. As for the vacu-flush, potable water, and water heater, do you just toss a jug or two of RV antifreeze in the water tank and run it through? What do you do with the A/C unit?
  14. Went to the boat today. It's not moved since I vacuumed the bilge. There was maybe a 1/2 liter of water but it was coming from under the fuel tank like it always does. This is the spot inbetween the two bilge pumps right under the tank. It's not fuel either. . It keeps reappearing. I don't know what the architecture is like under there. Not sure if there's a stubborn pocket of water but there's no thru hulls forward of the A/C pickup. The side thru hulls are all above the water line and it's not rained in two weeks. What a stubborn issue. I honestly don't know if this water issue is from the back or the front.
  15. Im not at all worried about doing the job myself. Just want to make sure that is indeed the source.