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  1. I have a V-Birth with seating all around so the tube will have to go under the very front seat. Corner of the birth basically. I'm going to use the MAX-POWER CT45 thruster. It's probably a tad bigger than I need but i'd rather be over powered rather than under, wishing for more. I'm also going to use a Rotozip. It's a pretty strong tool and should have no issues getting through the glass.
  2. Do a compression test. That could be a head gasket.
  3. I can see exactly what you're doing there. I still would prefer to be able to control it without having to rely on any outside help, especially in stiff winds. I can always get it into the slip but that front is gone is a second.
  4. I like tis size because it's trailerable and I move it between a few lakes. I'm going to take the power from the Windlass or at least look into that. The windlass and thruster are never used at the same time.
  5. Single screw and tight quarters especially when backing into the slip. I don't like not having control over the front end.
  6. I'll be cutting it and installing myself. Just wanted to hear from anyone's experience. Doesn't seem overly difficult.
  7. Just curious if anyone has done a thruster on a Sig 270. I have a 2007 and I want to install a through hull next spring.
  8. 270 SIg. I want to remove the entire window assemble to reseal it. What's all involved in this? Is it a major headache? Will I run into Chaparrals insane use of 5" bolts to anchor something a 1/4" thick?
  9. I cannot recommend this anchor enough. There hasn't been a surface I've not been able to anchor in yet, and I practically pull the Bow under the water when I retract it. It's a phenomenal anchor
  10. Periodically my engine stalls out then starts right back up. Sometimes it will just crank and crank and not start until I cycle the kill switch a bunch of times. I'm thinking there's a connection issue up there. Is it difficult to open up the throttle quadrant and see what's going in there?
  11. Absolutely I will add a second house battery if I do this. As for what I need help with: Do they sit on a shelf or are they actually mounted to the frame of the opening and float so to speak? I imagine I'd have to fabricate some type of frame around it.
  12. We sleep, eat, watch TV in the cabin. But we'd like to use the current fridge for food and the one I want to put in the cockpit would be used for drinks primarily.
  13. I need more fridge space. Can a 2nd fridge be added in place of the cooler space under the cockpit sink?
  14. Is there one on there that looks like an elongated tear drop? I had to replace mine. I flip it to the tripped position, tuck the top up underneath that toothed looking flange, then flip it back to the on position. The lanyard will then just fall straight down. If you pull on it, it will flip itself up and try coming out, knocking the switch into the kill position.
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