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  1. Doing that next month. To #%^$&%$ cold here to dig into it right now.
  2. one of the isolators seems to sit differently than the other side. I'd have to grab a pic of it.
  3. I think I may have to change one, just curious if this is a full on engine pull
  4. DarkMantle

    Winterizing a 496

    This is the first year I'll be in an unheated storage facility so I want to make sure I get this right. I have the closed or at least semi closed cooling system with the Merc central drain system. I assume the antifreeze which I think is the dextron type for the engine is good for the winter. I want to confirm that I just use the air pump to dump the water out of the left and right side, hook up the muffs and flush with clean water for a bit, then just run straight antifreeze through it? I'll be pulling the drive once all that's done. Do you have to run on water for a while until the thermostat opens?
  5. Last year I bypassed the water heater. This year I was thinking of disconnecting the water pump from the water tank and running a jug of RV antifreeze through it. Thoughts? What do you all generally do?
  6. DarkMantle

    Does the galley refrigerator have a drain?

    That looks awesome.
  7. DarkMantle

    Does the galley refrigerator have a drain?

    They are mounted to a hinge right at the bottom of that V Plane and extend straight back. Is that section solid?
  8. DarkMantle

    Does the galley refrigerator have a drain?

    Found them. They were under a thick conduit of wire. They are sealed up with sealant.
  9. DarkMantle

    Does the galley refrigerator have a drain?

    Curious, where does the wiring for the Lenco trim tabs enter the boat. They are attached to a part of the stern that appears to have no entry into the boat. Mine are on the extended portion of the transom that extends past the point where the outdirve mounts. Is that a solid area with no bilge access? Just want to rule out all possibilities for water ingress. I think I know by problem but given the amount of water I get I'd like to make sure there's not other pathways.
  10. DarkMantle


    Is it possible to hook a 496 EFI into a laptop such as one does with OBD II on a cars diagnostic port?
  11. DarkMantle

    270 Signature power

    I have the 496 in mine and take 6 adults fairly often. It gets up on plane and I cruise comfortably at 35 mph with a full water tank as well. However you know that weight is there when starting out. I would want more than a 350 if you're going to be hauling a lot of weight. While the horsepower may be there, it's the torque of that 496 that makes all the difference.
  12. DarkMantle

    Does the galley refrigerator have a drain?

    The part that gets me with my issues was the fact that they are in a building with bucket loads of fiberglass resin! It would literally take take seconds with a syringe full of resin to inject in to those mis-drilled holes and be done with it. But no, it was much more fun to chase leaks for a year due to their hack attitude. This is obviously a used boat. No idea how the previous owner never questioned any of this, but if I were buying new, I'm not sure if i'd look to Chaparral.
  13. DarkMantle

    Does the galley refrigerator have a drain?

    It's a complete joke. There's no excuse for that.
  14. DarkMantle

    Does the galley refrigerator have a drain?

    I don't have that attachment but I do have that white plate. I can tell you that Chaparral shoddy workmanship left me with 14 open misdrilled holes in my platform. Ridiculous. May want to pull that up and have a look
  15. DarkMantle

    Does the galley refrigerator have a drain?

    I'm sure when I dig into this there's going to be surprises. This kind of thing never goes well.