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  1. DarkMantle

    Two parts disassembly questions

  2. DarkMantle

    Two parts disassembly questions

    1: Is the bow plate with the tow eye just bolted with a gasket, or is there an adhesive there? 2: How does one remove the Mercathode thing on the bottom of the Transom plate?
  3. DarkMantle

    Any reason I can run the engine without the drive attached?

    That upper pin assemble and the the two pivot pins will be drowned in Corban 23 before reassembly in addition to the grease nipple. I had to send the gimbal ring and gimbal out for sandblasting and powder coat due to corrosion. Whoever had this boat before me didn't use due diligence with the whole aluminum in water concept. I can assure you, this won't be a repeat problem.
  4. DarkMantle

    Any reason I can run the engine without the drive attached?

    The dimple for the grease fitting is stamped in the middle. Just have to drill it and pop in a grease nipple. The fact one is not there defies all logic.
  5. DarkMantle

    Any reason I can run the engine without the drive attached?

    Awesome thanks. Everything is off. Just the transom plate remains. Had to replace the upper steering pin. Very easy to cover the bearing now
  6. I can attach a hose directly to the intake tube and it's a closed loop engine. Just want to fire it up for about a minute to check a few things.
  7. DarkMantle

    Any advice for an 8.1 Merc starter change?

    I'd put an alternator belt from the starboard prop to the port one.
  8. DarkMantle

    Any advice for an 8.1 Merc starter change?

    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the advice. The batteries are new. Been doing this for quite some time now. Of course it's going to be a goat. You'd think with something that large they would engineer access to things like that, good lord.
  9. I have very labored starts. Like starter heat soak only it's not hot. Odds are a ground problem. Are there any tricks in getting at that starter? It's in a 2007 Sig 270.
  10. Doing that next month. To #%^$&%$ cold here to dig into it right now.
  11. one of the isolators seems to sit differently than the other side. I'd have to grab a pic of it.
  12. I think I may have to change one, just curious if this is a full on engine pull
  13. DarkMantle

    Winterizing a 496

    This is the first year I'll be in an unheated storage facility so I want to make sure I get this right. I have the closed or at least semi closed cooling system with the Merc central drain system. I assume the antifreeze which I think is the dextron type for the engine is good for the winter. I want to confirm that I just use the air pump to dump the water out of the left and right side, hook up the muffs and flush with clean water for a bit, then just run straight antifreeze through it? I'll be pulling the drive once all that's done. Do you have to run on water for a while until the thermostat opens?
  14. Last year I bypassed the water heater. This year I was thinking of disconnecting the water pump from the water tank and running a jug of RV antifreeze through it. Thoughts? What do you all generally do?
  15. DarkMantle

    Does the galley refrigerator have a drain?

    That looks awesome.