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  1. Absolutely I will add a second house battery if I do this. As for what I need help with: Do they sit on a shelf or are they actually mounted to the frame of the opening and float so to speak? I imagine I'd have to fabricate some type of frame around it.
  2. We sleep, eat, watch TV in the cabin. But we'd like to use the current fridge for food and the one I want to put in the cockpit would be used for drinks primarily.
  3. I need more fridge space. Can a 2nd fridge be added in place of the cooler space under the cockpit sink?
  4. Is there one on there that looks like an elongated tear drop? I had to replace mine. I flip it to the tripped position, tuck the top up underneath that toothed looking flange, then flip it back to the on position. The lanyard will then just fall straight down. If you pull on it, it will flip itself up and try coming out, knocking the switch into the kill position.
  5. I want to replace the steering wheel on my Sig 270. The details for the one I want mentions "Wheel includes an integrated hub with 3/4" round tapered shaft with keyway connection." Is this going to fit?
  6. I just have a water tank on my 270 and it get's annoying constantly having to fill it while it's at the dock. Is it very difficult to install a city water supply? Is it just tee'd in, in front of the water pump?
  7. I'm assuming they are Hydraulic lifters. Maybe it's just the valve lash that's out of whack. It shouldn't be, but it can happen especially if the running torque on the rocker nut is Nil. Otherwise remove the rocker and push down on the push rod. It's been a long time since I've messed around with that stuff but I believe you should feel some spring back from the lifter if it's still OK. If you do, then the bottom of it could be worn out or like you mentioned, the lobe is flattened.
  8. I have the same boat, same year and had the exact same problem. Poor Quality Control was the problem. Look under your step at the drain box that has multiple drain lines running to it. One of them is the A/C drain line Starboard side, It slopes up to the box. This is a stupid problem to have. Anyway I basically drilled a hole into the fiberglass close to the opening in that step and fastened a big Ziptie through the hole and around the drain line to lift it up. haven't had the issue since.
  9. I was going to check the alignment on my 496. Do you need an engine hoist to take up the weight or do you just crank the mount bolts if needed?
  10. Has anyone experienced a cracked garboard? After my steering pin replacement, my big water issue stopped however I still get just a little bit. I had a look and after vacuuming the bilge right at the transom where it meets the floor of the boat, I see a very slow ingress of water. I replaced the brass plug so the only thing I can think of is that the Garbord plug itself may have a hairline crack. Just wondering if any of you have seen that before?
  11. So I was finally able to put fuel in a warm tank after the shortening of the hoses and rerouting. As soon as I pulled the fuel hose up higher due to it being shorter, I heard a rush of fuel into the tank. Same with the breather line. Hopefully this was a permanent fix.
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