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  1. I'm not sure if the boats the same as a Chevy regarding starter wiring. But the smaller gauge wires that go to the solenoid will shut the whole show down, on a car at least, if they are loose or in bad shape.
  2. I don't know why I didn't check the manual first. Usually I do the same. It's the nylon mount so drilling it will easy. That's what I'm going to do.
  3. Yeah I was thinking of doing something like that. The Arch had that flying saucer looking one so there are already enough holes. I'd like to not return this as it's a pain in the posterior seeing as I'd have to send it across the border.
  4. Had I known I'd have looked for something else. I can't believe the Shakespeare website and Westmarine, which just uses the manufacturers photo, hides the fact that the cable connection doesn't run down the center through the mount. Now I have to put a hole in the arch and try and figure a way to run that cable and make it look neat.
  5. I really do hate hack job installs. And plumbing runs on this boat look like such a joyful experience given the access or lack thereof.
  6. I think the thru hull is connected to the center bilge pump. There's two wires that come from that Attwood switch, run under the plexiglass and down the side of the box to the center bilge pump, which is connected to an identical switch beside it. Someone must have really screwed the install up. The other, bigger pump is under the engine. I replaced that one with an Attwood Tsunami 1200 GPH one while it was in storage. As for that center bilge. There is supposed to be a pump in the box, I get that. But is there also still supposed to be the one in the bilge itself? If that's the case, would they just tee into the one line? Right now the water comes out of I believe the center thru hull that sits in the middle of 3 about midway down the Starboard side. No idea what the other two ports would be for.
  7. There is a thru hull for the sump on the Starboard side. Just nothing on the Port side for the galley drain. Galley is going to that box. So that box has hose inlets on both the Port and Starboard side of that box. There is an identical switch to the one in that box located beside the pump in the center bilge.
  8. My pump sits down at the bottom of the stair compartment. There's a small hole in the plexiglass. It floods, water flows out that hole and into the stair compartment. I don't know what that switch in the box does because it ends ùp becoming completely submerged. Would you be able to take a picture of your setup? The tube inlets are coming in from the Port side.
  9. I took a better look at the plexi glass compartment in the step. The only thing in it is a float switch. There's another float switch beside the bilge pump outside of it as well. There appears to be 3 hose inlets coming into it from the Port side of the boat and 2 from the starboard side. Guess it's using the bilge system.
  10. Magic Eraser?
  11. It's strange because I looked at the manual for my 07 boat. It shows the galley going out the port side thru hull. But as mentioned, I don't have a thru hull like the picture in the parts manual shows
  12. I'm quickly learning that boats don't seem to follow a set standard. I'm so used to following car and aircraft manuals, that are quite specific and standardized. This stuff is all over the place.
  13. By center bilge I mean the compartment under the step. In there I see a small bìlge pump and a box with a plexiglass lid with an Atwood switch in there. Both sinks fill up that box, then overflow and the pump sends it out the starboard side. I do not see a thru hull on the port side. The only thru hull on the port side is the one from the cockpit sink and another farther back near the stern.
  14. According to the parts guides it looks like they are supposed to go out the side through the thru hull. They must be disconnected. How that's not flooding the boat I have no idea. Anyway, is access to the head and galley drains going to make me poke my eyes out?
  15. It's both the galley sink and the head sink that are dumping into my center bilge. It fills that little compartment in there that has the plexi glass cover, which then spills out into the center bilge compartment, then gets pumped over.