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  1. DarkMantle

    SO..... I'm being told a need a transom assembly....

    The old pin was heavily pitted around the area where the seal sits. The pocket it sat in on the transom side was corroded so I had to clean that up with a small sanding drum. The gimbal ring and the bell housing were sent for sandblast and powder coat as they were pretty bad. The gimbal ring was still good in that it wasn't cracked and was able to hold the steering pin nice and tight. So once the corrosion was all cleaned up, it looked brand new. I'll get around to doing a write up. I can tell you one thing for sure. Pre-source a 5/8-18 Helicoil kit. The hinge pins on the Bell housing are torqued to 145 foot pounds. In Mercs infinite wisdom, they decided that just threading the aluminum casting was a good idea. Guess what happened under that torque?...go ahead, guess. Granted that under new conditions that may suffice. But once those come out once or twice, well...any of you who have dealt with aluminum and any other metal threaded into it know where this is going.
  2. DarkMantle

    SO..... I'm being told a need a transom assembly....

    These are a couple pics from my steering pin replacement. It was a bit of a bear to do. Need a lot of tools. Had to cut the lower pin with a Sawzall. You can see that the upper pin seal is destroyed. I also had to replace the wear bushing in the upper pin mount inside the Transom plate. When I was done I caked on, and I mean caked on an LPS 3 coating allover the upper steering arm and pin area. What a completely nonsensical design that is. http:// http://
  3. DarkMantle

    Smartcraft to Simrad NSS 8

    I've called both Simrad and Mercury and still don't have a definitive answer. No idea why this needs to be so difficult. I'd like to hook up my 8.1 MAG to the Simrad NSS 8. It has all the the indicators for Smartcraft. What do I need to do this? I have the NMEA 2000 backbone for my Fusion stereo already installed. I keep hearing about J boxes, CAN bus, and gateways. Which one is it? Thanks
  4. DarkMantle

    Cleaning hull and bottom newbie.

    CRC On and off. Best stuff I've used yet.
  5. DarkMantle

    Retractable/recessed deck cleats

    Do these things drain into the skirt then to the bilge? The cleats in the aft have connections for hoses with no hoses so they spill allover the bilge. What do the forward ones have? I'd like to know if rain gets through those to the bilge.
  6. DarkMantle

    Signature 350 engine banging

    Yes but is there a distributor cap on that engine? If there is, there's an ignition module under the cap on those. If they shiza the bed, it'll do exactly what it's doing. Popping and banging.
  7. DarkMantle

    Signature 350 engine banging

    Does this engine have a Distributor? And are they both doing it?
  8. DarkMantle

    Gimbal ring lower bushing

    Is that lower bushing supposed to be a very tight fit for the lower pin? I had the ring out for the upper bushing repair. The lower bushing material is a bit frayed, but after running the pin in and out a couple times it cleared the broken strands and loosened up a bit. Seems normal to me. I assume there needs to be some friction. Before I couldn't turn it using a large screw driver in its slot. I now can turn it with that same screwdriver. Just wondering exactly how it's supposed to feel.
  9. DarkMantle

    Acid wash drives?

    It's white. The entire bottom was painted with the VC127 right up to the black. The pivot pin is now out. Putting it back together this week. It's a fairly big job but nothing to crazy.
  10. DarkMantle

    Acid wash drives?

    It's been teflon epoxy coated with VC127 from interlux. it's not ablative but the algae just washes off. This will be the first season. Its slipped all season less a couple trailer trips
  11. DarkMantle

    Acid wash drives?

    I'm near Toronto. It's pretty dirty water. The entire boat looks like you'd need a lawnmower to clean it. Funny thing is, hours after it goes into the waters of Georgian Bay, you'd think it was acid washed.
  12. DarkMantle

    Acid wash drives?

    Lake Ontario? My drive looks like that. Filthy disgusting lake. And it doesn't take long either.
  13. DarkMantle

    Two parts disassembly questions

  14. DarkMantle

    Two parts disassembly questions

    1: Is the bow plate with the tow eye just bolted with a gasket, or is there an adhesive there? 2: How does one remove the Mercathode thing on the bottom of the Transom plate?
  15. DarkMantle

    Any reason I can run the engine without the drive attached?

    That upper pin assemble and the the two pivot pins will be drowned in Corban 23 before reassembly in addition to the grease nipple. I had to send the gimbal ring and gimbal out for sandblasting and powder coat due to corrosion. Whoever had this boat before me didn't use due diligence with the whole aluminum in water concept. I can assure you, this won't be a repeat problem.