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  1. I'm not sure if that's the soul source. I don't know how much water that is actually in contact with when underway but once parked, the shelf where the waste tank sits is wet. My concern is the other 3 thru hulls. No idea how to access them. Would I be using 3M 5200 to seal these things?
  2. No. The chrome thru hull on the starboard aft side where the bilge hose is attached.
  3. Went out again today and the water returned. I then noticed the are under the waste tank and blower hoses are wet. Found evidence of water leaking around the main bilge through hull. How does one access the three that are starboard side midship? Wonder if they are leaking too. Must be quite a bit sneaking through the bilge one to wet under the waste tank and bilge ducts. Does that much water rush up against that fitting?
  4. Sorry, not an answer but a related question Is the lenco autoglide an entire system or can it be adapted to an existing one?
  5. I'm wondering also if the A/C may have anything to do with this? While it's running there is a steady stream of water out the starboard side thru hull. But is there a drip tray of some sort that could possibly be leaking? I've no idea how the evaporator is installed. Is it in the rear berth? Because that box with the filter screen next to the cabinet under there is right on top of where this water source appears to be coming from.
  6. I failed to take note of my hull last time it was out. What thru hulls are on the bottom? I know the A/C seacock has one, but what about the depth gauge sender? I assume that has something protruding from the hull? Where is it located? I vacuumed it out again just now and water still creeps in albeit slower. I put my camera down the step where the center head bilge box is and had a look forward. The hull in there appears dry. So whatever is going on seems to be between the step and the engine. I find it hard to believe there is a reservoir of stored water under there.
  7. When I look in the engine compartment and vacuum out the bilge. The water to reappears is flowing in from under the gas tank. So wherever the source is, it's forward of the main bilge. I was thinking of throwing some food colouring into the water tank to see if that may be the source from using the head of the sink.
  8. I'll have a look at those thru hulls. The tow fitting would make sense. I know I was winching on it pretty good trying to get it on the trailer and it wasn't moving. Wonder if I disturbed the seal. This seems to have come on rather suddenly. And like I said, sitting there it doesn't seem to add to the water level. But. Coming out of plane to a stop must create quite a plow effect that could bathe that tow ring area.
  9. So I sucked out 2 gallons of water today. Went for an hour drive at about 30 mph. Low and behold there was at least another gallon when I got to where I was going. Drove back home for another hour and there was even more water. Probably 2 gallons again. It seems to be sitting under the gas tank. I put the shop vac nozzle in that passage way that's under the tank and suck it out. I know I have a very small leak from the pivot pin but that's not enough to cause this much water. It appears to show up when the boats been driven. Sitting still for a couple days yields very little if any water at all. Is there a through hull that may be failing under the water pressure from driving?
  10. Heading down to the boat tomorrow again and before I go just want a heads up. Does one need to dismantle the whole cabin to get those speaker panels out?
  11. Who uses a steel water seal? Seriously, what's wrong with these guys? Clowns
  12. https://rinkerboats.vanillaforums.com/discussion/3411/bravo-3-swivel-shaft-repair-instructions Are you referring to the above? If so how would one go about confirming the source beyond a doubt?
  13. Whatever is leaking appears to be just inside that cavity. Wondering if it could be any grommets from where the trim wiring pass through. It's not a gusher, just consistent dripping. I think it may have slowed a bit when I adjusted the trim up a tad but I may have been seeing things.
  14. I have no idea yet what I'm looking at, but there is a continuous water drip from the area inside the transom. I took a few pics from back aways to give you an idea of location. I had the drive off to change the gimbal bearing. Would a bellows be the source of a water drip?
  15. Mine came with the boat. It looks like it's put down quite well, that's for sure. Thanks for the info