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  1. Then there's that...
  2. I just have a water tank on my 270 and it get's annoying constantly having to fill it while it's at the dock. Is it very difficult to install a city water supply? Is it just tee'd in, in front of the water pump?
  3. DarkMantle

    Collapsed Lifter replacement

    I'm assuming they are Hydraulic lifters. Maybe it's just the valve lash that's out of whack. It shouldn't be, but it can happen especially if the running torque on the rocker nut is Nil. Otherwise remove the rocker and push down on the push rod. It's been a long time since I've messed around with that stuff but I believe you should feel some spring back from the lifter if it's still OK. If you do, then the bottom of it could be worn out or like you mentioned, the lobe is flattened.
  4. DarkMantle

    Chaparral 270 2007 A/C pan drain

    I have the same boat, same year and had the exact same problem. Poor Quality Control was the problem. Look under your step at the drain box that has multiple drain lines running to it. One of them is the A/C drain line Starboard side, It slopes up to the box. This is a stupid problem to have. Anyway I basically drilled a hole into the fiberglass close to the opening in that step and fastened a big Ziptie through the hole and around the drain line to lift it up. haven't had the issue since.
  5. DarkMantle

    Is an engine hoist required for alignment?

    Thanks for the explanation
  6. DarkMantle

    Is an engine hoist required for alignment?

    Perfect, thanks!
  7. I was going to check the alignment on my 496. Do you need an engine hoist to take up the weight or do you just crank the mount bolts if needed?
  8. DarkMantle

    Always a little water in bilge

    Has anyone experienced a cracked garboard? After my steering pin replacement, my big water issue stopped however I still get just a little bit. I had a look and after vacuuming the bilge right at the transom where it meets the floor of the boat, I see a very slow ingress of water. I replaced the brass plug so the only thing I can think of is that the Garbord plug itself may have a hairline crack. Just wondering if any of you have seen that before?
  9. DarkMantle

    Can't put fuel in tank after a day of boating

    So I was finally able to put fuel in a warm tank after the shortening of the hoses and rerouting. As soon as I pulled the fuel hose up higher due to it being shorter, I heard a rush of fuel into the tank. Same with the breather line. Hopefully this was a permanent fix.
  10. DarkMantle

    Can't put fuel in tank after a day of boating

    I did do that. I disconnected and back blew the line from the tank to the neck and it was clear. This morning in the slip I did some investigating and found a big low spot it the fuel hose. To make matters worse the vent hose was coiled around that, and was even lower than the fill hose. So I rerouted and cut about 5 inches of length off the fill and 3 off the vent. I'll know soon if this was the issue
  11. I am perplexed. When the boats warmed up it won't take fuel. Comes back up the filler tube. Takes 20 minutes to get 40 liters in and over an hour to put in 100. I blew out the vent tube as well and it's clear. I have 1/2 tank in there now. My boat doesn't have a genny so I decided to open up the capped fuel spigot that would have fed that genny, to see if there was pressure. Nothing. However as soon as the attendant started to pump fuel, fuel came out of that spigot. And the tank is only 1/2 full, so how fuel gets up that high as soon as the trigger is squeezed I have no idea. This all happens when the boat is warmed up. Odds are this morning it will take fuel. I'm completely at a loss to explain this. Is there some sort of flap in that tank that's jammed up?
  12. DarkMantle

    Where is the Tach pickup on the 8.1 Mag?

    I don't have the smartcraft hooked up. There's a harness on the engine with a yellow cap. My Simrad NSS8 can display all the information, but I need to get it hooked up...somehow. That's another thing that gets my goat. Trying to get a straight answer on hooking that up. My Tach guage just has an hour meter that does not run count the tach doesn't reads zero. I'll shoot you an email. Thanks
  13. DarkMantle

    Where is the Tach pickup on the 8.1 Mag?

    I honestly wish there were wiring diagrams for this because I can read them, and stop asking so many questions. How do I even go about doing that? Near the front of the engine right at the drive oil reservoir is a wire marked Tach, that has a rubber cap on one end of it. I was also told the sensor on the timing cover is a Cam sensor, there is no Crank sensor listed on this motor. At least that's what the parts guy said. I have no idea because I can't find one iota of information on this engine. The only purple wire I found came off the alternator along with a pink one. It's a two wire connector.
  14. DarkMantle

    Where is the Tach pickup on the 8.1 Mag?

    The tach started working again, after the starter change. Today, it stopped working again. Could this be an on the way out crank sensor or do they just fail outright?
  15. DarkMantle

    Any advice for an 8.1 Merc starter change?

    If you're used to working in tight spots and don't mind a bit of blood and kinks in the neck, it can easily be done with everything left in. To be honest if you really wanted to work in comfort, it's the waste tank that's in the way. The engine itself is fairly wide open. The risers go up and leave a lot of clearance. I've decided to have the old starter rebuilt and am going to carry it as a spare seeing as it can be accessed at Sea if need be, as long as it's not to wavy. Just some added piece of mind.