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  1. My local marina mechanic did mine for the first time this year due to me being away so much these last months. $180 to drain, add antifreeze, fog engine, fuel stabilizer, and change lower unit gear lube.
  2. I agree with Brett a ton here. Going to different ramps requires different trailer depths and different boat speeds. It takes some experiences to know what is perefect because any change results in a change of the other factors. I would say as a new boat owner, it took us the year of using the same ramp to figure out trailer depth and boat speed to load. Of course my speed always is at an idle so my point really is the depth has to match. I find 6 inches forward or back changes it a ton. We changed boats last fall and I don't think we mastered loading this one consistently until the end of this season. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Lesson one: pics or the boat doesn't exist! Congrats and welcome!
  4. This is great to hear. You confirmed my thoughts when I look at and say, can't be too bad!! I appreciate it Wolfsong. Had my boat only a full year, so this off season is going to be several maintenance items I will do myself: the W word, change engine oil and drive lube, grease it up, change impeller, fuel filter, etc. no issues but not sure when things have been done. So get them done now so I know. And before problems arise!!
  5. Anyone seen a good video link for replacing one on a 350 Mag Merc? I watched a few but they were on pulled engines and wondered if any resources out there for engines in the boat.
  6. I have had this one for about 20 years.
  7. Finally got back to this. With help of Shepard, found I am running the 24p props with the 2.2 drive ratio. So while I didn't look at or remember the RPMs when I was running heavy loaded with fuel and 4 people, I was at 47-48 GPS. This weekend we had some smooth water and no kids, Lught on fuel, gear, and just the two of us, we got to 50-51moh on the GPS at 5200 WOT. That is if the tach is more accurate than the speedo which read 55 at that 50 GPS. Anyway, the 24P props seem to do all I need it to for speed and pull my 190# tubers and wakeboards out of the hole just fine. Edit: I am an idiot. I have 24p props, NOT 26's.
  8. Almost all of these are awesome!! 2001 Crowniline 202BR 2007 Chap 220SSi (this one)
  9. Sales versus Production. Age old issue!!!
  10. Did you top off the drive lube as well? Had that he the issue after a change before. Reservoir was "full", but it literally had to be at the full mark or would sound the alarm. Glad your going well now anyway
  11. So after waiting to get back to the boat for the holiday week, I am embarrassed to say, I do not know my drive ratio. Searched the drive all over. Nothing. My old Alpha had a nice prominent tag saying. Got home, paperwork on the new to me in september boat, says nothing as well. #%^$&%$. Have to to some more investigating.
  12. Agreed. My sons like the wake better with the current 220 and duo prop than they did the 202 Crownline with a Single SS Rev 4. But neither are wake boats.
  13. Biased as well as I like the walk through transom on the 220 a ton. The U shape seating in the rear of then 216 is nice too thoughnose is a bit different too but very similar designs. Similar enough, I assume they thought, why keep building both?
  14. Thank you sir. I only GPS it once and it was about 47mph I believe heavy loaded. I remember the speedo was about 4-5 mph faster. I don't remember the RPMs but need to write some stuff down. Mine seems to be similarly equipped to yours. But I believe I am still pulling the 26's. thanks again.
  15. Don't want to derail, but this is good info. Thanks for asking the question. I agree the decrease in RPM is perplexing. Brick what do you expect with your set up for RPM and speed at WOT?