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  1. Hey, need some advice. We have been loving the boat and this is our second season. Admiral is starting to want to stay more in the coves vs the dock at night. Main problem is our Generator(Kohler 5E) is located right behind the aft cabin wall(where our ears are). It has a sound dampening cabinet already. I was thinking of putting some more sound proofing material on the outside of that. Have any of you used such a product and what was it. Thanks.
  2. I replaced those last weekend and still having issues. I am going to check that connection you told me about as well as check the relays that wingnut had suggested to me.
  3. +1 on the shop vac. I have a little red one I picked up at WallMart that I leave in the dock box. I think its a half gallon, not much but because of its size it fits easily in the dock box.
  4. FYI, if you look in the pictures that Shepherd1 sent you will see Item #6, those are the solenoids.
  5. Thanks. Yes just one pump that I am having problems with and yes I do have the control unit that is in the first pictures. I am going to try and get back up there tomorrow and I will see about the wires then.
  6. I would be more than happy to do that. I should get back up to the boat tomorrow and get some pics for you.
  7. I was able to jump the wires on the old and new solenoids and it works fine. Wingnut has told me that it could be relays that are bad. This happened on my old Chaparral but that was a volvo. Says there is a 4 gang relay box, does anyone know where that is located on my setup(see sig). Thanks
  8. golfdawg

    Trim Switch

    Replaced the "up" and "down" solenoids and still the trim will not go down. I am wondering if the switch on the throttle has gone bad. Can those be replaced or do I have to replace to whole control assembly? Any one had similar issues?
  9. +1 on the continuous sound. Mine sound per engine. I turn the key on each engine and get a long beep that goes away and then I crank the motor. Hoteo is correct about one possibility. check the drive fluid reservoir.
  10. Good point. I'm going to try it out and then think about the insulation route. Probably will use freezer packs as well to help keep the ice.
  11. Yes it is. PO had it done and it is really nice I must say. Whoever did the work did an excellent job. It is sealed tight.
  12. which one, the guy in the tow vehicle...............
  13. I have my fenders and lines all tied on the bow rails(using the "fendergrip"). I have an extra anchor for the stern in the trunk and am thinking of storing my floats in there as well. That way maybe we have plenty of cooler space/storage for a long day/weekend on the water. I am going to try this and I will let you know how it does.
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