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  1. Hi, I recently bought a 2006 Signature 240 and I'm loving it!!! I often tie up with friends, and sometimes I'm on the boat by myself, making it hard to steer, put out fenders, run to the bow to drop anchor and also tie up all at once. I can't count on my friends to do much, as they are sometimes in the water when I arrive. A windlass seems like a great idea. Any suggestions for brands, models and installation tips? I'd also love to connect with other Sig 240 owners to share info and tips. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!!
  2. Were picking the boat up in Virgina.... Getting it adjusted down there before driving back to NJ is going to be a challenge, since we havent done it before.... If I buy the trailer down there so they can size and adjust it, they just want to sell me bunks.
  3. Thanks Wingnut, but thoughts on bunks vs rollers for a sig... Is it too heavy for rollers?
  4. Hi, I live in NJ, I'm about to close on a signature 240, and I need to buy a trailer for it. I've been trailering a 20' cuddy for years on a roller trailer with no issues and I love the freedom. We've gotten stuck behind folks trying to pull their boats out of lakes and rivers with bunk trailers several times. Apparently it seems that here in the north east, the ramps are either shorter or shallower and the bunks don't do so well. Since we are buying the boat from a seller further south, everyone down there is pushing bunk trailers. They have me worried about hull damage with rollers and
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