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    Father's Day Columbia River
  2. Update 9.30.17: I pulled the pump out head and found 2 screws near the bottom of the back wall. Removal of those screws allowed back wall panel to swing into the port compartment revealing stereo, amps, and wiring.
  3. Thanks EricGT and Soldier4402. Looking through the circular access door in the back wall of the head compartment, I can see an amplifier and some other components mounted in that space, but I don't know how the installers accessed that space to install gear. I believe I need to access that area to re-tighten wiring connectiosn. Any ideas?
  4. I purchased a 2007 236 SSX last summer. I am having some trouble with the stereo. Can anyone tell me how to access the stereo connections on the back wall of the head compartment at the Port Center Console?
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