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  1. Luckily it has the merc 350 mag with bravo III outdrive. I've been talking to the guy and the sale includes the rest of the year for the slip and winter storage for this year. I wish I lived south for that all year boating! Thanks again for the advice everyone
  2. Hi Delaney, I'm about 30-40 minutes away from the chain so it's not terrible. Do you have any suggestions for dry storage for the chain? They seem to be quite a bit more expensive than a slip, although I haven't researched extensively. From my brief research, if boating on Lake Michigan I was considering Winthrop Harbor up North. The prices seem to be much less and I have been there a couple times on friends boats.
  3. WOW! I'm sorry that I haven't replied sooner, but thank you all so much for the responses. It actually gives me much to think about. A lot mention smaller boats first and I actually could get a bowrider and boat on the chain of lakes first. Its definitely something to think about. If I'm doing that then I might as well trailer and store the boat in my garage. This would allow me to experience boating at a low cost and gain some first hand knowledge as some suggest. Once again thank you all for the responses. I have read and will continue to read all of them. As with any hobby, now t
  4. Hello, I've been thinking of getting a boat and have been casually browsing. There's a great deal on a 2002 chaparral 260 signature (a much larger boat then I have been looking at). I've never owned a boat before. It seems that most people start on smaller bowriders and move up from that. I've been on boats many times, but never actually owned or operated one. My father used to own a 32-34 ft boat, but I hardly even remember those times. Anyways, it's slightly nerve-wracking going all in and buying such a large boat as my first boat. Has anyone else took this plunge? I would be boa
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