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  1. Recently discovered our Chaparral Dealer is no longer,,, and lucky enough,,, now I have a sterndrive (Mercruiser ) problem. I was told by a distant dealer that ANY certified Mercruiser service center could provide the work under warranty. Anyone else have this experience? Thanks In advance
  2. 2016 246SSi, had water dripping from behind the dash over the weekend while underway. It is NOT the tube to the gauge fitting, and speedo , nor depth finder works. This is a Faria combo depth gauge/speedo (analog speedo,LCD depth gauge) both were intermittently working, goes thru startup/selfcheck, each cycle of power. Anyone else have similar issues?
  3. Who has changed their impeller on 2016 6.2L? Looking for documentation TIA
  4. Ha, we are headed there in July also!
  5. Mercruiser 6.2. I believe it is a Faria Depth Finder
  6. Does anyone have a site or document that has setup instruction/user guide for the in dash depth finder in 2016 246SSi ? My boat came with absolutely no books or manuals, and I am having trouble finding the guide to be able to use all of the features. Also what are some favorite features/functions of the in dash unit (Round gauge type on far right of cluster) TIA
  7. I have a 2016 246SSi has anyone added a 2nd cooler to the starboard stern storage area? Same one the stock one comes in but the starboard side, in front of the ladder?
  8. Interested in where /how you mointed it also , dont want to drill or cut.
  9. Looking to add a GPS Chart plotter to 2016 246SSi, any recommendations on brands, models, mounting system/location, transducer types etc. Always inland lakes and rivers, may occasionally fish so fish finder is optional, typically not ultra long distance trips Thanks in advance Chris
  10. Chobbs

    Gauge setup

    I have a 2016 246 SSi and am having trouble calibrating some of the gauge features. SPecifically steering angle and water temp. Does anyone have the instructions for the gauges?
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