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  1. I am at Smith Boys. On the Tonawanda Island side. The picture is looking north-west off our dock. With the removal of the toll booths, the Marinas on Grand Island look more attractive but I already re-uped for the summer.. Planning on May 15th target to get the boat out of storage and on a work rack to take care of a bunch of stuff. Should be in the water by end of May.
  2. The bad winds from two weeks ago blew alot of ice into the canal. there isn't a lot of flow so the ice doesn't make it to the falls. Hopefully some rains will speed up the melting process this weekend. Marina told me they plan on opening May 15.
  3. Beautiful boat. Hope survey went well.
  4. Myself and others will say to still get a survey. There are some things they may find that look fine on the outside, but could be trouble underneath the nice shiny fiberglass. Though doubtful since its in good shape, but recommended. You may also need the survey results for insurance purposes. At least my insurance asked for one.
  5. I would really like to get a tour someday. I've been through a Ford Van assembly plant, that was cool.
  6. Vietnamese spam. According to Google Translate, something about a proposal to build a port complex for tourism but remaining harmonious to the area. Includes parks, ports, shopping beaches, etc. I didn't click on links, no need to get a virus.
  7. Same here. This time last year we I was knee deep in repairs on our boat and weather was in the high 40s. It was 25 this morning and snow in forecast for tonight and tomorrow. I did see a possible 60 degree day late next week. We are also 20-25 degrees below normal. Ont he plus side, the maple syrup producers around here are doing great.
  8. If that is a picture of the boat you are looking at, then I'll say a good looking boat. It appears to have Mercruiser Bravo 3 out drives. Stay away from the Volvo XDP drives that came out somewhere in mid 2000s. Someone here may know more exact dates. But I looked at a 2005 Chaparral that had them. Buddy of mine who is a part time marine mechanic told me to run. Far, and fast, you can look up the issues on line. One thing to look for is who will service your boat. You may or may not have shops that are geared toward Volvo or Mercury. Around here, more people know mercury drive trains and carry parts, so I made sure our boat had Mercruiser hardware. Second, Survey, Survey, Survey. Find a local marine surveyor, Do not use the recommended surveyor from the marina. Find an independent one, even if he needs to drive an hour (he'll charge you, but you want an unbiased inspection). The costs are usually by the foot, and for that boat, can range between $500, and $700. It will be the best money you spend. Either he will find major problem, and you can walk away or negotiate better deal, or boat will be in great shape and you will have piece of mind and a document for insurance company. Third, get USCG or other boater safety training. Include the whole family. In NY, our 14 yo daughter took the class and can now take the helm when I need or at least knows the rules and can help me. There will be other things like safety gear, etc that you can get answers to later. But these three things should get you a good start.
  9. We honeymooned in the 1000 Islands and periodically go back. Beautiful area. Thanks for a sharing.
  10. Thanks for the link. These ships are more technologically advanced than ever and we are cutting our training? Doesn't make sense to me.
  11. So I am re-reading your description of the problem. Since everything parts are mounted too seems solid, something in the rotating assembly sounds out of wack. I am curious what the shop finds.
  12. I looked at the parts drawings for the Alpha drive. One thing that could be happening is that the bell housing (bolted to motor) and transom assembly are loose. Are the bolts all tightened down? Is transom solid and not rotted under the fiberglass? The latter would cause some side to side movement between the two pieces if things are flexing.
  13. Welcome aboard. Great people here and some very knowledgeable folks. Probably my first and foremost tip would be to take a US Coast Guard boaters safety course. Bring the family. Its worth it. You will learn some of the rules of seamanship and get a good idea on the equipment you will need on the boat. Second, get a membership to BOAT US for the towing service. Maybe part of your insurance policy if you have one. Our older boat was a single and we called on them at least once for a tow. Last, if looking to do your own maintenance, there are a couple of guys here that can help you out with links to manuals. Good luck and enjoy.
  14. Can you just use a micrometer and measure it when you disassemble? That is what I do when I redo rear end gears on my cars.
  15. Since the family is off for winter break I took the afternoon off and checked out the WNY Boat Show. A slightly different mix of boats than last year. Small bow riders and ski/surf boats seem to dominate over pontoons. Opposite of last year. A lot of fishing boats. Only two cruisers, the Sea Ray 350 Coupe and a Monterrey 295. Crownline had a nice cuddy there too. Everything else was open bow. I really like that Sea Ray 350 Coupe. Out of my price range for sure, but wife and I may be looking for one on secondary market in about 7 years. The Chaparrals have some very nice styling. The smaller H2O boats are good looking, and I can see them as a good value. We checked out a couple of the SSi too. But we are more of a cruiser type boater. It was nice to see some boats while its still snowing outside. We are waiting patiently for spring to get out on ours.