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  1. For a while, the Mercathode system was on all Mercruisers with Bravo 3. Wingunt or others more knowledgeable could answer for sure. From what I read up on, was that the Bravo 3s have much more mass and area of stainless with two props. And with close proximity of all the aluminum in the case, that Mercury was having some corrosion complaints. This was one of the attempts to correct it. So it should be on your boat. On my (2000 Sig 300) the box is on the top of the engine behind the throttle body. Look up pictures, its not a very big, maybe the size of two iPhones stacked up. Has four screw terminals.
  2. Check anodes. As stated above, should be magnesium. The drives are aluminum casing and the props are stainless. The drain plug is also a steel alloy. You will be getting some galvanic reaction where the two dissimilar metals are close or in contact. That could lead to some of the paint chipping. Also, I think there is an active corrosion protection with the Bravo 3s. Mercathode or something like that. Not sure if your boat has that but there is a check procedure to verify if it is working. On the last two pictures, I wouldn't worry about it. Those are stainless/chrome parts, pain wouldn't stick nicely, but I am sure the manufacturing process does not include taking time to mask it off. So it gets paint that will fall off.
  3. Roady68

    2001 Sig 300 engine install

    If it were easy to post a pic, I would draw up what you want. I have the same boat and though everything is fine for now, I am planning on pulling the engines someday. I will sketch it up and maybe email you.
  4. Roady68

    2001 Sig 300 engine install

    You need a C- shaped tool to connect chains too. It has to be engineered and fabricated. This will allow you to connect front a rear chain to lower section of the C then connect lift to the middle of the upper section. We use similar tools to install impellers buried in deep of volutes on industrial compressors.
  5. Roady68

    Help - How to remove coffee maker '04 Sig 350

    I am in the same boat (pun intended). Well, ours still works, but we almost never use the coffee maker, so in order to gain some more storage, I was interested in removing it. Plus previous owner of boat left it a disgusting mess behind it. I'll be looking at it again when boat comes out of storage. If you figure it out before then, let us know.
  6. Roady68

    Home Theater Installation

    Hmmm, can I update the cabin of our Sig 300? Is 5.2 enough, or recommend the 7.2? Might be tough to install ceiling speakers.
  7. Roady68

    Dash Repair for less than 20 Deer

    Came out great. I did same thing a couple of years ago. I used a satin mahogany that was a great match for the helm wheel. It has held up for two seasons now. Boat is in a slip all summer. This wrap should be good for several years.
  8. Roady68

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    I'd do the coupe version of the Sundancer 350 (I think I mentioned that earlier). The 320 is nice with the bow rider, but that feature eats into the cabin a lot. We tend to sleep a few nights more than entertain a bunch of people, so the 350 is perfect. With the helm seat that rotates to face the cockpit, just icing on the cake. There is a 350 coupe locally brand new. Sticker is over 400k deer. Can probably get it out the door for about 80% of that. But that is still more than our house. So probably not happening anytime soon.
  9. Roady68


    Join the iBoat forum and look through the repair section. There are a ton of projects going on. There a FAQ or summary post by Woodenglass (I think is his user name, or something like that). Also, look up YouTube for Frisco Boater. He restored a 1995 Sea Ray 220 Bow Rider, taking it down to the bare hull and building it back up. I can say this, if you are seeing rot in floors, then stringers are most likely gone as well as lower part of transom core. So you will probably end up like Frisco Boaters project.
  10. Roady68

    Sea Story To Share

    Whew. Glad all worked out. What is the saying? "A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor" Every once in a while I get into a situation that pushes my skills. Fortunately nothing serious.
  11. Planning on going to try and get a boat fix in to hold me over another couple of months. The marina I slip at moved a couple of their larger boats tot he show, a Sundancer 350 Coupe and 300 SLX. I think anyway, I will see this weekend. It will be interesting to see what the trends are this year. A couple of years ago it was pontoons. Last year it seemed to be wake board/surf boats. Anyone going?
  12. 30 year on the Sundancer 400 would be like buying a house. But it depreciates. We checked out the 400 and its isn't much smaller than our first house, lol. Well not quite.
  13. So the other day at lunch I watched YouTube videos from Carver, Crownline, Maxum and others on factory tours and building boats. One thing I can say is that the process, even today, looks to be very labor intensive. And its skilled labor too. If its like some of the other trades, skill labor costs have increased as there is a shortage. We spent so many years telling everyone that they have to go to college and get a degree that the numbers entering the skilled trades have dwindled. I see fiberglass body guys, cabinet makers, electricians, plumbers, etc in everyone of these factory tour videos. That may be one of the largest drivers of costs. I'd really like to see cost stack of a typical boat build (materials, labor, overhead, etc.).
  14. Hmmm. Maybe its both theories that Yogi presents. Smaller demand for most segments, therefore costs have to be amortized over fewer units resulting in higher prices. But could be that financing is allowing another market segment to get into boats with long term financing. I agree 20 year isn't a stretch. I see 20 year notes on nice used boats up around here. And if I heard the dealer correctly, they thought they could get a 30 year on one of the big Sundancer (35'). So maybe manufacturers are trying to squeeze out as much from the small boat segment now while banks are willing to loan money on them at terms that don't make sense. This seems to look a lot like some of the bubbles that have popped in the past in the world of finance.
  15. I see a lot of innovation in boating. Mainly in the electronics and engine systems. However, I think some of that innovation is coming at a cost that is passed on to the consumer. Upgraded engine management system(fuel injection, monitoring, smart phone apps, etc), are definitely one area that has changed in the last 10 to 15 years. However, unlike a Ford F150 where the development and fixed costs can be spread across 500,000 units a year (just the F150 sales mind you), Manufactures have far fewer units to be able to adsorb those costs. Now, does it explain why a Mercruiser 5.7 with Bravo 3 outdrive costs $30k? Not sure. Or why a 30' Chaparral cruiser (no longer made, I know), is basically doubled in comparable dollars in less than 20 years? Probably not.