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  1. I hear you on the Buffalo grey skies. Sunshine has been almost non-existent since about August. A lot of cloud cover. At least temps are up these next few days. Most of November and first half of December have been 15 to 20 degrees below normal.
  2. Roady68

    Jayne's Fighters Anthology

    Looks cool. I just upgraded our office computer to a video production/gaming machine. I just may have to check this one out.
  3. Roady68

    Jayne's Fighters Anthology

    The Roycroft Inn. Arts and Crafts Movement decor (big heavy oak furniture). Food is pretty good too.
  4. Roady68

    Jayne's Fighters Anthology

    I spent many hours in the Engineering Library browsing through Janes books.
  5. Roady68

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Looks like a rotor for large industrial electrical motor.
  6. I haven't ordered it yet. I found the jack on the charger and I have a spot picked out where I want to mount it. Boat is in storage so I don't have access until spring.
  7. Roady68

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    I'm torn. I can see being able to do maintenance is easier. Not sure how an outboard is more reliable than I/O. But maybe there are some inherent design advantages. We had an outboard and winterization was easy. My dad popped off the OB and stored it on a rack in his shop for the winter. I understand OBs drain too. So definitely a good idea for cold climate. Though I don't think one is going to just pop off one of those 300s or 350s. They have some heft. I could go either way, but for now I prefer I/O or inboard with shaft. But I can say I really do like the coupe style. I keep buying lottery tickets so I can purchase the Sea Ray 350 Coupe local dealer has.
  8. Roady68

    Eastern Lake Erie-Advisory to Warning

    The black rock canal was pretty high too. Water was up almost to the top of the break wall last night. My boats tucked away for winter too. So no issues there for me.
  9. Roady68

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    Some definite outside of the box features there. Very organic shape too.
  10. Roady68

    I am sick.

    I heard this morning it was a guy from Florida that did that. I guess they arrested him yesterday for disorderly conduct — creating a hazardous/offensive condition.
  11. Roady68

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    I brought up Google Earth to see if I could tell where they hit. Hard to tell from pictures. But did they hit near Beauchamp Point?
  12. Roady68

    What's your opinion on the best pumps for inflatables !!!

    We have same thing. It also has a suction feature to speed up the deflating process. Its about 6" in diameter and about 18" long, so takes up a bit more space than some of the electric driven ones.
  13. Roady68

    31 Signature 2014 performance numbers

    I am disappointed that the 330 isn't around going forward. However, since our next boat will also be a used boat, I am counting on finding a nice used 2015 or so in another year or two. I do like the Sea Ray 350 Coupe though. And may wait until prices for used ones start to drop. The local Sea Ray dealer has had a 400 Sun Dancer on the showroom floor for several years now. And they have a 350 Coupe that's been there a year already. Buying new just isn't in the cards financially, but the 350 Coupe has been tempting. Though the economy seems to be doing a bit better, I think some discretionary spending has been trimmed back. I think I saw that Americans are actually saving a bit more. And, from the last turn down, there are a lot of consumable hard goods that folks are focusing on (refrigerators, cars, etc.). And housing seems to be booming, in at least our area. So I think folks are focusing any spending in those areas. I can say that it appears to be a sellers market for well maintained clean used boats in the 25'-35' in our area. But that is probably always been the case.
  14. Roady68

    Towing Survey/Question

    I've been back and forth to Berlin this past year a few times. Actually there are a lot of foreign cars in Berlin. Just not necessarily US made cars. Renault, Peugeot and Citreon (French) Skoda (Old Communist Germany/Chech Republic), Fiat (Itally). Ford has a big presence in Berlin. A lot of Focus' (or is it Foci?). We also see a few Chrysler 300s. But you are right, no where near the percentage of domestic to foreign cars than the US.
  15. Just installed one last month. Love it. The status LEDs are great. Next season I will install the remote indicator/controller. You can find them for just over $300 on Amazon.