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  1. Nothing like spam to bring an old thread to the top. But in this case, it's interesting to see how things panned out versus what we thought it would look like. In early 2020 it seemed like doom and gloom for boating season. Actually wasn't that bad. Lack of restaurants and festivals on the water sucked. But if you liked to social distance, it was good to go anchor somewhere and just hang out. Our Marina sold out of their stock and resurrected a lot of used boats for the market. A lot of new boaters brought entertainment to us seasoned boaters at the docks. For now 2021 looks like a mor
  2. I have a copy of a letter from AOC, the resin supplier to Chaparral Boats describing that the barrier coat has a much higher conductivity than other coatings and as such, will often show erroneous readings. The coating they reference is trade name Hydropel H010-BCA-11. Still made and used. It is an epoxy vinylester. They note that there is a special meter that can be used that tests paint conductivity. Otherwise, the letter says to try to get readings from inside hull, or take samples (small core of the laminate) to determine moisture. Here is a reference to the material. https://
  3. Good idea on the tethering. I also stuff towels or blankets into the open areas so if anything falls, it just lands on the towels instead of continuing down into the bilge abyss. I have the rotor and distributors too. I was questioning myself on swapping the pickup and coils too since I will be back there. But maybe just an ohm meter check on the coils will be done.
  4. I'd love to check plugs Cant get to all of them. Looks like I will take off the fuel pump/cooler and loosen the oil lines.
  5. Our Marina is sold out of all 2021s and are taking orders for 2022. the yard where they kept used boats that they took title for being abandoned is empty now too. Instead of crushing or parting, they fixed several of them up and sold them. Used boats come in one door and right out the other. Its crazy. Our dock used to have about 15% of the slips empty. All sold out now and many new faces.
  6. We took the Sig 300 out last week after its winter slumber at it was running rough. A couple of alarms beeped so we slow rolled it back to the slip. Previous owner indicated he always had a tune up done. Well, the wires have a date code of Q2 99. So I want to swap wires and plugs while I am in there. On the port side of each engine is what I think is the fuel cooler or pump and the lines for the oil filter run right in the front of the forward two plugs below the exhaust manifold. Is there any trick to getting these out? Or am I disassembling the fuel cooler and oil lines?
  7. Yep. Ice boom on Lake Erie was removed several weeks ago. Water temperatures are in the 40s on the west end of the lake, and mid to high 30s on the east end. I'll be looking at the calendar and picking a date to pull out of storage soon.
  8. Been a law in NY as far as I know. We had our nieces, 8 and 12, on board last year and we had them wear PFDs. Our daughter who is 17 doesn't. She also has her USCG boating certificate which she got when she was 16 so she could ride jet ski alone. She does a pretty good job at the helm of the boat. I think this summer she'll try docking.
  9. Definitely get a survey done. Hours maybe high depending on where the boat is located. But if all maintenance has been done and I'd do a compression check on engines. The 310 is a different hull/cockpit/cabin design than my 300. But in general, we find that size boat to be a nice size. In our area there are plentiful slips that will fit it, so its a manageable size, and yet large enough for a few nights to stay on board.
  10. There is a main stringer that runs from the transom up to the front of the boat. The stringer is probably close to 10" -11" tall. Subtract about 3/4" deck and you get that 12" you are looking at 12" you are measuring. In some boats there maybe a secondary stringer that is halfway between the main stringer and the chine. Think of it as a boxed frame structure for the boat. The factory sprayed expanding foam into the cavities for the required floatation capacity dictated by coast guard. Also, the bottom of the hull may have been laid up extra thick in that area for the mounting of trim tab
  11. Its not hard to remove a Bravo 3. But you will need some additional muscle. They are heavy, 125lbs to 150lbs from what I am guessing trying to manhandle one myself. The water intake from the out drive is transmitted through an s-shaped rubber hose from the out drive to the gimble assembly. The hose is about 3/4" diameter. There is a matching hose on the inside of the transom assembly that goes to the water pump. On my Sig 300, this system is not used. Instead, I have two through hull intakes with a strainer type outside cover similar to what you are describing you want to do. On the in
  12. I have a 2000 Sig 300. Similar issue. Only two lights in the radar arch for overhead, and only two lights down low for walkway. I just started planning where to add some small LED lights. I may also add another pair of overhead, or change bulbs to LED for more lumens. During the COVID summer I worked from the boat a lot more, and found myself trying to do work at night and it wasn't bright enough. If you are careful with placement, it should be possible to add several ambience lights under the seats. I wish I was further along to show you what I was going to do.
  13. Other sources for covers, at least two years ago, was 3A Marine Services - a seller on eBay, New Wire Marine, and Cecil Marine. 3A and Cecil had most of the covers. New wire had better price on trim covers over Cecil's price.
  14. We didn't get to the boat until later in the day. We heard the weather and decided to just stay in the slip last night. Glad everything worked out for you in the way back!
  15. https://www.chaparralboats.com/publications/uploaded_files/190/2007.pdf there is information in the manual on the various systems on your boat. Also, don't hesitate to ask folks here or at the marina where you slip your boat, if you do. Look for someone who has similar boat as you. If they've had it a while, they probably can answer any questions you have. Items like radios, engines, out drives, appliances, will have their own manuals as those are usually sourced by outside suppliers. On our boat, we received a large satchel with all the various manuals in it. The engine and drive m
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