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  1. Its not hard to remove a Bravo 3. But you will need some additional muscle. They are heavy, 125lbs to 150lbs from what I am guessing trying to manhandle one myself. The water intake from the out drive is transmitted through an s-shaped rubber hose from the out drive to the gimble assembly. The hose is about 3/4" diameter. There is a matching hose on the inside of the transom assembly that goes to the water pump. On my Sig 300, this system is not used. Instead, I have two through hull intakes with a strainer type outside cover similar to what you are describing you want to do. On the in
  2. I have a 2000 Sig 300. Similar issue. Only two lights in the radar arch for overhead, and only two lights down low for walkway. I just started planning where to add some small LED lights. I may also add another pair of overhead, or change bulbs to LED for more lumens. During the COVID summer I worked from the boat a lot more, and found myself trying to do work at night and it wasn't bright enough. If you are careful with placement, it should be possible to add several ambience lights under the seats. I wish I was further along to show you what I was going to do.
  3. Other sources for covers, at least two years ago, was 3A Marine Services - a seller on eBay, New Wire Marine, and Cecil Marine. 3A and Cecil had most of the covers. New wire had better price on trim covers over Cecil's price.
  4. We didn't get to the boat until later in the day. We heard the weather and decided to just stay in the slip last night. Glad everything worked out for you in the way back!
  5. https://www.chaparralboats.com/publications/uploaded_files/190/2007.pdf there is information in the manual on the various systems on your boat. Also, don't hesitate to ask folks here or at the marina where you slip your boat, if you do. Look for someone who has similar boat as you. If they've had it a while, they probably can answer any questions you have. Items like radios, engines, out drives, appliances, will have their own manuals as those are usually sourced by outside suppliers. On our boat, we received a large satchel with all the various manuals in it. The engine and drive m
  6. I have a post on Chaparral Boat Owners Forum in Facebook. I used a company called Marinebeam. I purchased G4s and the LED for the navigation lights. They have USCG approved fixtures.
  7. Not sure of the size, but here are some that may work. https://shop.fishbrain.com/a/hatches-plates-lids/t-h-marine-supplies/screw-down-deck-plates/100015510?variant_id=75536&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIp7Cx4six6wIVia_ICh2yWw6EEAQYBCABEgIRxfD_BwE
  8. You'd be surprised on how many people buy things without knowing anything about what they are buying. I had a coworker decide he wanted to get a classic car. He fell for the resale red fresh paint on a total bondo ride. There are new boat owners at our dock that know absolutely nothing about boating. One couple went into dealership, bought boat and first time backing out of slip played bumper boats damaging five boats and scratching the black sides of his brand new $100k Sea Ray. I could see someone not knowing anything, buying the boat and, maybe if they were lucky with the XDP drive, ne
  9. If its anything in your area like ours, its a sellers market. Our marina has almost no inventory. I think down to two used boats and a couple of smaller new ones. they are a Sea Ray dealer and are selling just about everyone they get in within a week. Marina also said that they sold out of every slip this year. Manager said its been a while since that has happened.
  10. I found a link on BoatUS site. We were happy.
  11. I used these guys to buy a tank. https://www.plastic-mart.com/ I am sure there are others. I bought the 30 gallon tank from them. I screwed up the drawing and got nozzles in wrong location, so be careful when you specify location of nozzles. Was pricey and took a while to get but quality is good.
  12. Possible knock sensor? At end of season when water is warmer around here, I will get knock sensor alarm at WOT. Temps are good, and oil pressure go, but still get an alarm. I used scan tool to tell me what the alarm was.
  13. Most boats are still using wood. A few high end use phenolic resin and composites (Coosa Board) or foam filled all fiberglass structural grid. But from what I can see in a lot of the factory tours that are on YouTube, wood is still the go to material.
  14. Yep. I would bet you will find some wet wood when you pull the drill bit out. Been there, done that, have the t-shirt. Hard to believe its been 3 years. I never updated the iBoats thread. I did loose some pictures on an old hard drive when it crashed but have some I should post. I am very happy with my repair. Chaparral used some good wood that resists rotting even when wet. However, the cracking you are seeing is the weight bearing down on the mount. The wood is getting soft and squishing down from engine weight. This block is made up of several layers of plywood. The bottom most l
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