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  1. Roady68

    Engine Wont Start

    Dirt bike riding A group of us take a long weekend a few times a year and cut loose on dirt bikes. I've been out of the loop a couple of years and made a silly mistake. Wasn't a fast dump, but hit just right to dislocate it. Also fractured the socket. Doctor told me no surgery! Doc said I did a lot of damage, but none of it very bad and should recover in a few weeks. He did say heavy PT right away and to expect it to hurt for a while. So I'll be boating soon. : )
  2. Roady68

    My power went poof! - Solved!

    Gotta love the simple solutions!
  3. Roady68

    Engine Wont Start

    Just an update. I gave Marina authorization to spend up to five hours of diagnostic time and gave them a list of parts I approved for replacement (I wanted to avoid the "throw parts at it" solution). About a half hour in they found broken terminal on a wire on coil. Cost me an hour labor and $5 for wire extensions and new terminals. All in all, I am happy it wasn't a BOAT repair. Unfortunately, shoulder injury is bad enough that I cannot operate the throttles. I even lubed them up earlier this month. Surgery this week, I think, and a few weeks of recovery. I am thinking my daughter may get some more training on operating the boat. Otherwise, floating river front home for a few weeks. First world problems, I know.
  4. Roady68

    Engine Wont Start

    I checked the sift interrupter appears to block out the starter relay and won't allow it to turn over. I checked it against good running engine and seems to be working OK. To make matters worse I dislocated my shoulder this weekend and lost huge range of motion. Looks like I'll marina do the trouble shooting. I don't think I'll be contorting myself to get to the back of the engines.
  5. Roady68

    Engine Wont Start

    Some background. 2000 Sig 300. Marina pulled it, winterized and stored for winter. Was running fine on last day before removal. Twin Mercruiser Model MCM 5.7L EFI according to tag on air cleaner. Port engine starts just fine. Starboard turns over builds oil pressure but doesn't fire. Technician who was doing the de-winterization did a preliminary look and told me it has fuel pressure. I am on travel for work for the next week but want to get parts and tools ready for when I get back. Here is my strategy: Verify lack of spark with my checker plug (I have a spark plug with a ground wire attached for trouble shooting old cars). Check for voltage at coil. Verify fuel pressure. Now this is where I am a bit out of my element. Are there other sensor/switches to check before diving into the pickup coil? The neutral switch locks out the starter relay, so won't even turn over. I know that is OK because it turns over. I would guess there isn't too much complication with this system. I need to pull up the manual as I recall a trouble shooting table there too. Thanks all.
  6. Roady68


    I need to do the same thing. I was actually surprised on how much water blows into the side vents. The later Sig 300s used a bottom opening vent. I've been looking for used ones to swap out.
  7. Roady68

    pro's and con's of uncovered slip

    I don't believe nay of the marinas up around here have covered slips except for small boats (20'). The downside is that the sun is always beating down on the boat, so anything that can get UV damages will need protecting. And you need to make sure everything is zipped up as the rains will find their way into your boat too. We have camper canvas that stays up all year. I am guessing that 5 year life span on esien glass and maybe longer with proper treatment. Bird droppings can be an issue, maybe less with open slip as there isn't any where for birds to sit except right on the boat. I don't know, other than cost, or availability, uncovered slips have little or no advantage. Just my opinion.
  8. Roady68

    Water Intake Seacock

    Thanks all. So weird installation. Not sure if it was from factory, but the valve would have never been able to be completely opened. The hose from the valve to the pump has an elbow that the handle would have hit. I am guessing that is why it was removed and replaced with vice grips. In any case, I will be fixing it. @Wingnut Thanks for the link. @cyclops2 Yes, I am familiar with McMaster Carr (and Grainger). I actually have a personal account with both for source of hardware and such for garage projects. @Hatem Yes, I am in Buffalo NY area. Boat was from down state and has seen salt water in the past. I just wish I could get to boat to start working on it. Even though weather has been and is rotten, Its gotta break soon. Right?!?!
  9. Roady68

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    I did first serious night time boating late last summer. I was mentally exhausted after a 30 minute ride home. I had chart plotter and radar going. I dimmed all the helm lights just to get some night vision. And that is with quite a bit of light off the roads and shore establishments.
  10. Roady68

    Water Intake Seacock

    I looked through the Chaparral parts manual and didn't see anything, then it dawned on me that its probably in the Mercruiser manual. Sure enough there is a diagram in the manual that shows 1-1/4" ball or gate valve. I know my boat has the ball valve. Any recommendation on where to order? I'll be looking at lunch time.
  11. Roady68

    Water Intake Seacock

    On my 2000 Signature 300, the engines are fed cooling water via a front mounted water pump. The pump suction is connected to an intake on the bottom of the hull. there is a fairly large valve that connects to the 1-1/4" hose (or 1-1/2", I don't recall exactly). Two issues. First, the boat is still in storage so I don't have access until this weekend. But I am trying to see if anyone would know from past experience the exact size of the valve? The handle was installed lined up with the hose that prevented it from being closed. So previous owner used vise grips. Well, valve is very hard to operate and vice grips have stripped the shaft away. I tried filing the shaft to fir a new handle that I was going to modify to clear the hose, but I think a new valve is probably best option since it is stuck. I'd like to order a new valve so the I can replace it this weekend. Also, any idea on size of wrench(s) that I'd need. I am guessing 2" to 2-1/2" range. Thanks
  12. Roady68

    Newbie here, restoring my dad's 86' 200 xlc

    For upholstery look for local interior shop that does cars and boats. There probably isn't alot out there as far as direct replacement parts. Google will be your friend. You'll be able to search and find a lot of what you will need. I find Amazon a great place to get parts for maintenance. Just watch it though as there are some counterfeit items around. I general stick with Mercury replacement parts, though Quciksilver parts have made it onto my boat too.
  13. Roady68

    Lake Ontario flooding-Canada

    Although the perception that the storms missed Buffalo, we still managed to break snowfall records form previous year, and snowiest city in US for this past winter. What was interesting about this winter is that we received most of the snow in 6"-8" waves every few days. More than a typical nuisance snow of 2" per day for few days at a time, but not the news worthy 20" to 40" dumping that gets all the attention. All that snow melt is going somewhere. Also, this temperatures have been below average by at least 10 degrees. And wind? Well that too. We lost three large trees this winter. To be fair, a couple of them were 150 year old maples and were on their way out, but its been a steady pounding of the wind with winter.
  14. Roady68

    Launch Date Delayed!

    They just started pulling the ice boom out on Monday. About 2% ice coverage on Lake Erie, which is about 180 square miles. The lake water temperature at the west end of the lake is already in the 40's. Still 32 degrees at this end. And this weekend isn't going to do us any favors to melt the ice. At or below freezing temperatures at night for the next couple of days. Ugh. Well, on the plus side, my house projects are not completed yet, so I will bang them out this week.
  15. For a while, the Mercathode system was on all Mercruisers with Bravo 3. Wingunt or others more knowledgeable could answer for sure. From what I read up on, was that the Bravo 3s have much more mass and area of stainless with two props. And with close proximity of all the aluminum in the case, that Mercury was having some corrosion complaints. This was one of the attempts to correct it. So it should be on your boat. On my (2000 Sig 300) the box is on the top of the engine behind the throttle body. Look up pictures, its not a very big, maybe the size of two iPhones stacked up. Has four screw terminals.