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  1. Roady68

    Towing Survey/Question

    I've been back and forth to Berlin this past year a few times. Actually there are a lot of foreign cars in Berlin. Just not necessarily US made cars. Renault, Peugeot and Citreon (French) Skoda (Old Communist Germany/Chech Republic), Fiat (Itally). Ford has a big presence in Berlin. A lot of Focus' (or is it Foci?). We also see a few Chrysler 300s. But you are right, no where near the percentage of domestic to foreign cars than the US.
  2. Just installed one last month. Love it. The status LEDs are great. Next season I will install the remote indicator/controller. You can find them for just over $300 on Amazon.
  3. That's a #%^$&%$ sexy boat. I like the lines and layout. The layout in cockpit is very similar to our 2000 Sig 300, but a bit larger and obviously more modern. Good luck!
  4. Roady68

    Gaining Experience - Night Time Boating

    PDF didn't come through. I know of the "short cut" you mentioned and I've taken it once before when a buddy who was with me pointed it out. However, I prefer to just follow the channel out into the lake then head north towards the river. The boat seems to handle some pretty decent waves so I am not worried. I generally don't go out if its too windy to avoid rough water.
  5. Roady68

    Gaining Experience - Night Time Boating

    Thanks. I figured I'd share some of my experiences. I learned a lot from members here. So the dimmer for the gauges worked. But I replaced the bulbs in the switches with LEDs and they are too bright at night. Those are not on the dimmer circuit. I may put some nail polish or something to darken them up. An EPRIB is on the shopping list for the winter.
  6. Roady68

    What Chaparral Model and year do you own

    Nearing the end of our second season with a 2000 Signature 300. We love the boat. Though with the dog it gets small. It needed some TLC and repair, but was a good deal and runs great. There is always some projects to do, but it gives me something to tinker with while my wife and daughter relax in the sun.
  7. So last weekend I tied off on a coworkers boat for a short visit downtown Buffalo. Ended up going to dinner and when I finally left it was pretty dark. Moon rise was later so not a lot of ambient light to go by. Anyway, it was a bit scary. I used my radar and chart plotter. Radar was great, it picked up the break-walls and the few other boats that were out there as I exited the channel. For those not familiar, the water is pretty shallow and there is a reef so making a be-line for the river is NOT a good idea. I forgot to set bread crumbs on chart plotter, but I followed it pretty easily anyway. You have to go out west into the lake a ways then turn north east up to the river. I did learn the new LEDs in the switches are way too bright. I had to pull the eisen-glass off as it reflected all the dash lights right into my line of sight. Also learned that its hard to read waves in the dark, so need to be prepared for anything. I also was able to spot and follow other boats out there and follow their lights. Once I got into the river and could see due to lights from the shore I did go on plane for a while and was able to follow channel markers. So it was all good and I gained some additional boating experience.
  8. Roady68

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    I think there was a link to the article on Facebook. IIRC he was leaking diesel so the hull is breached and the fuel tanks damaged I would guess.
  9. Roady68

    Stopping a Boat on Plane.

    I knew about not stopping too quickly. But the 90 degree turn and stop was informative. I just taught this to my 15 year old daughter last week. She is cutting her teeth on piloting the boat. She passed the boaters safety course and has been taking the helm on occasion when she can. She is gaining so much confidence she piloted it right into the marina last week. I took over parking it in the slip, but I was proud of her.
  10. Roady68

    TV Help

    I had asked similar question about the antenna. I bought a TV, but still sitting in the box in garage. Every time I think I will get a chance to install it something else comes up (new lower out-drive, new battery charger, new VHF radio). My boat is like my 1856 built house. Only thing that works consistently is the owner. LOL. Well, not really but there is always something to do.
  11. I don't have the laminate. But I may have a piece of vinyl wrap that is almost spot on. I will see if I can find it and I will let you know what it was in case you cant find the actual laminate.
  12. Roady68

    Battery Charger Issues - Low Voltage on Batteries

    That is the one I got. I had the bottom panel removed to wire it up, but didn't look for the remote. I'll be on the boat tomorrow so I will make sure mine has it before I order the remote.
  13. Roady68

    Battery Charger Issues - Low Voltage on Batteries

    Next time I am at boat I will going to pop cover off to see if the jack is there for the remote. The manual and the website say the remote will work for that line of chargers. However, the Amazon reviews indicate that the 30 amp charger did not have the jack. But reviewers indicate that the 40 amp and higher do. I'll have to make sure I bring an inspection mirror so I don't have to get all contorted under there. I do like the idea of the batter charger remote display and control.
  14. Roady68

    Battery Charger Issues - Low Voltage on Batteries

    Well, boat sits in the slip all summer, so humidity will be an issue just about anywhere I put it. LOL. The bilge is usually pretty dry. I do get a little standing water after heavy rains. I think it overwhelms the floor panel drain trough and drips into the bilge area. Also, those side vents have no rain shield. So strong winds blow rain in. I am pretty limited to where I could move it, the farther from batteries, the larger the DC wiring would need to be as they would have to run much further. The DC switches are at the transom. If I were redoing the whole electrical system, I would probably relocate things. But, that isn't happening any time soon. At least not by choice.
  15. Roady68

    Battery Charger Issues - Low Voltage on Batteries

    The 12V wires were 10 AWG. To have a bit of safety margin, the 40 amp (which, according to manual is about 13 amps per battery) charger should have 8 AWG wiring per the manual. The practical side of me says, the 10 AWG should be good for up to 30 amps. But I went by the manual's recommendation. The AC line was fine for up to 40 amp charger. Again, the fuses also need to be addressed. I wanted to avoid have to go to larger fuses which may have required changing fuse holder. I could not see the numbers on the holders to see what the max amperage they are rated for. So for safe measure I limited the upgrade to 30 amp. The down side is that the 20 and 30 amp version of that charger do not support the plug in remote panel. But I will look into some type of remote monitoring or indicator this year anyway. Most of the time the first thing I do on the boat is an inspection of the engine bay so I pull a floor panel off and jump down in with a flashlight and check things out. It takes a few minutes to check fluid levels, water and waste tank levels, etc. Another few seconds to look at charger isn't a big deal. Thanks again for all the recommendations.