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  1. It looks like manuals stopped having the wiring diagrams around the 1999 versions. I have a 2000 Sig 300 and pulled the 1999 manual to get the wiring diagram. Some of the colors are different, but for the most part it seams to work. Also, for the controller and engine diagrams, you will need to get those from the Mercury manuals.
  2. Since we didn't get to the 1000 Islands like we planned this summer, I'd still like to do a cruise with our Sig somewhere. I am thinking maybe a run from Buffalo NY to Cleveland to see Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Has anyone done this run? Anyone have any suggestions about staying the night on the boat there? I see there are slips right in that area. I'll be making some calls to get availability and prices. Any recommendations? I am just looking to see if anyone here has experienced the RRHOF from their boat. Is there anything else to see in the general vicinity?
  3. My insurance company asked for survey. I have same moisture meter, same multimeter and same electrical cords my surveyor had. I also had a Mercruiser code scanner I borrowed from my friend. So there was nothing I did different than my surveyor. In fact, I think I was more thorough since I covered the engine analysis. But since he had the credentials and official letter head, it held more water than my work. On the plus side, a good survey from someone with no skin in the game can take the emotion out of the purchase. They can be more objective and point flaws the buyer may overlook. So there could be value in that.
  4. Probably a function of the lock cylinder. Those cylinders are not very complicated. Probably only have 4 pins with maybe 3 positions (full up, half and all down). If you figure that the end pin is probably almost always up, then maybe about 20 to 30 combinations? If the cylinder is 3 pins, then probably about 12 combinations
  5. Thanks. I caught most of it on my lunch as it was raining out and I decided not to run. I'll watch the rest later.
  6. I think I need to do another run and get better gauge readings. Maybe next weekend. So far both engines have responded the same. They are usually with in a degree or two (within accuracy of gauge) and same oil pressure.
  7. Have surveyor check stringers back under the exhaust manifolds. Also, check for moisture in the blocks that the engine mounts are on. The transom on the Sig 300 has a recessed area that the drive mount to. The offset allows water, if there is ever a leak in the seal around the outdrive, to fill in the area under the battery and trim tab pump (assuming mercruiser). Also, the trim tabs are screwed through the bottom of the hull. Two of the screws poked through into that same cavity. I ended up replacing two stringers and the engine mount. I also sealed the cavity from the transom and drilled some limber holes to let any water that is leaking at the transom go into the bilge. I know its more than you asked, but I got carried away. The electrical system is extensive, but no too complex. A good survey will check that out. I found a lot of my switches didn't work properly as previous owners replaced with more generic version of the type switch Chaparral used. If Mercury powered, you should be able to have a mechanic plug a reader in and get the statistics on the engine. Overall, I am very fond of our Sig 300. The layout up top is great. The only area it could use some improvement is the lunge seat. The curve makes it nice to sit and talk to anyone in helm seat, but awkward to just sit and relax. Down in the cabin, head room is tight in the aft cabin, but if set up as a bed most of the time, then really not an issue. We have the dinette table option and not the couch. The extra counter space is handy. We have yet to sit below and use the table to eat at though. I would guess if weather was bad enough, we would.
  8. Impellers new. Most likely possible corrosion in exhaust. I was thinking of trying to get a hold of our FLIR camera from the shop and get some thermal images of the engines. I may also borrow code reader from coworker to see what the code was.
  9. So we took the boat out last night for a cruise and some swimming. On way back to the marina I decided to see what the upper end RPM performance was like. I know the wife would have killed me if something broke, but we had been cruising around so far at 3200 to 3600 rpm and I wanted to see what top end would do. So I threw caution into the wind and continued to nudge throttles towards WOT. 3600-3800 rpm, another nudge, 3800 to 4000, another nudge or two and we were sitting around 4400 rpm. Continued for about 30 seconds before I got an alarm. It was a continuous beep. Temps were pushing up past the 170 line on the gauge maybe a bit more so I am assuming it was a high temp alarm. Boat never lost power, but I pulled back down to about 4200 for about 15 seconds then eased down to 3600 for another few seconds and it went off. According to the GPS and my phone app, we hit ground speed of 44 mph. Dropped back down to 3200 rpm, which seems to be where she likes to cruise, and all was fine. Purred like a kitten all the way back. Temps sitting around 160, and oil pressure around 40. Anyway, I thought the performance was pretty good for a 17 year old boat with half tank of fuel, a family of four and full water tank.
  10. Check any local mom and pop marine stores too. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday as I checked pricing of the store at our slip. I ended up buying a couple of extra dock ropes, and a hose. Pricing was comparable to online for the lines. The hose was a couple of dollars more than the box store, but I didn't have to burn a couple of gallons of gas to go get it, so it was worth it. If I understand the latch you are looking for, I believe they had one for $25. Which I thought was a very good price. I may actually go buy it ans swap out the transom shower door plastic latch.
  11. West Marine is great if its something you have to have now, and don't mind paying 2x what you would if you got it online. Try Defender, Great Lakes Skipper and even Walmart online stores for parts. You may wait a few days, but prices will be much better.
  12. I noticed the owner of a boat near ours washing his boat the other day. I didn't think too much of it until last night when we got the slip and noticed how cruddy ours was getting. We get a lot of road grim and dust int he air that is making streaks from the water running running off the deck at the railings and other deck fittings. Also, bird and spider poop is in a few spots. What do you use to wash this? Is there an instant detailer I could use that will clean it up and add a protectant? Do you use soap and water? Is there en environmentally friendly soap? How about adding a coat of wax? Just looking to see what members here do.
  13. I need something like that. I usually lay one of the fenders on my seat once we are under way. I also want a foot rest. I think my winter project may be to make a foot rest/glove box. Our old boat had one.
  14. Glad your trailer issues are set. I am watching weather too. My work calendar is starting to open up, and our summer guest leaves next week. I am thinking rest of August will see a lot more boat time for us.
  15. What is/are the issues? Compression readings low/or bad cylinder? Risers let water into engine? Cracked block from poor winterization? Burning oil from bad valve seals? There are many possible problems, and most of them may not require a complete overhaul/replacement. As stated, 480 hours is pretty low. Analogous to about 35000 miles in a car. Depending on how engine was used. I know a lot of folks with 700 hours plus on their engines and no they run great. Unless the engine was abused (run on low oil, no oil changes, etc), I am guessing you have a subsystem or single part issue.