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  1. Roady68

    The Lighting Thread

    At our marina, we are on the party dock. I think we may get kicked out for NOT having blue lights and 1000 watt stereo. But I enjoy the party atmosphere. The noise makes me recall of growing up in the city. I sleep like a baby. Then on Monday through Thursday, its as quite as a church. So we get to enjoy best of both worlds. BTW, I did install some blue lights. One of my projects is to wiring them all up next week. Unless this pesky thing called work gets in the way.
  2. Roady68

    Boat and Dog

    There are a couple of BLOGs that talk about dogs and doing their business on a boat. I think one them talked about a rug that has been scented by another dog. Though I dont recall the method to clean and store the throw rug.
  3. Roady68

    Salt water usage

    I have a larger boat that is in a slip all the time. As far as theft concern, I actually leave the boat open. We have a removable face plate radio that we take with us if we are going to be away from the boat for a while. Our marina is pretty safe and there is a lot of traffic by the staff at our end. I figure there is nothing in the boat worth more than the broken door. For a smaller boat, park it on a trailer, get an out drive locking nut, and remove any electronics if possible. Also through a lock on the receiver hitch so it cant be hooked up to a tow vehicle. Lastly, anything you do will just keep good people honest. If someone really wants your stuff, they'll get it. So get some insurance too.
  4. If you go to http://www.chaparralboats.com/publications/uploaded_files/183/2003.pdf, you will see a section of the manual for your boat. It is a bit generic, but does have some good information for power system. Of course, it assumes nothing has been changed by previous owners.
  5. Roady68

    Faria Depth gauge has red lights ??

    Why is it seem like the quality issues are fixed at dealer. Didn't US automakers go through this phase? Assembly line quality kept deteriorating as the line workers knew dealer would fix it. Dealers got overwhelmed and let stuff go out the door. Customer gets poor quality and eventually finds out that Asian cars have fewer defects. There should be no excuse for some of these issues I am reading about to be coming from the factory.
  6. Roady68

    Anywhere I can get replacement counter top material?

    Call a custom kitchen counter place. I have the brochure on our Sig 300. Its not Corian brand, but a competitors solid surface.
  7. Roady68

    Boat and Dog

    Get a life jacket. Our 120lb Rottie jumped off the swim platform to play with the ducks. That was a real fun job getting him back in. Now he always has his life jacket on when he leaves the cockpit. The jacket has a handle to help get him up too. Though, I think the event traumatized him and he has no interest in the ducks anymore.
  8. Roady68

    Tilt Guage

    You would think there would be a more servicable solution to the trim sender. Something that doesn't require drive removal. Then again, it is recommended to pull drives and check alignment on a periodic basis. So you should have opportunity to swap out sender. I got my starboard gauge working this spring. Both gauges read low position. One wire on starbord positioner was broken off the sender. So I could see a no reading makes sense. I'd try disconnecting both wires where they plug into harness at the engine and see if gauge changes.
  9. Roady68

    A/C air handling Sig290/2008

    Our Sig 300 has a main outlet up high at the back of the dinette table and another small outlet int he mid berth. The main outlet has fins that direct airflow tot he front of the boat.
  10. Glad Drew is splashed. He and I were trading updates on iBoats repair forum. His work was far more than what I had to do. I'll have to go over to iBoats to see if he has an update. Not really too spectacular, but I think I am adding a remote light to the boat in a few weeks. We often come up to the slip or dock at night after grabbing dinner or something. I found a Bluetooth remote and receiver that can turn on some lights. I am going to add one in the switch box at the transom, at the cockpit gate and one somewhere in the cockpit to light up my way to the helm to get to the other light switches. I'll keep everyone posted.
  11. Roady68

    2006 330 Signature Engine Mount Cracks

    OK. I will give my two cents for what they're worth. I had similar problem on our 2000 Sig 300. The mounts that you are seeing are most likely a stack of cut pieces of marine plywood. However, mine had a piece of solid wood that was ripped to the angle of the hull. That piece, when wet, rots pretty quick. The weight of the engine squishes it and you get the cracking you see. Now, any repair place will tell you that they need to pull the engine, cut them out and rebuild and reglass it. I did not pull my engine. I used a support on the out side of the hull that put pressure under the hull. Then another support under the engine right over the outside support. In essence it sandwiched the hull between support boards. Adjustable RV jacks allowed me to move the support up and down so hull didn't flex. Probably hard to understand, but if interested, I could draw it out. I removed the engine mount and all the accessories cut out old and fabricated new mount out of coosa board. I also had to do a stinger. The out drive was removed to check alignment when I was done. If that is all that a survey finds, I agree that sale contingent on repair. Seller will either agree, or hold out for someone who wont do a survey and run it as is or agree to your terms.
  12. Roady68

    Bravo 3 lower drive material

    Thanks all. I think a simple reshaping and paint is in order. I actually have a new lower drove on the starboard so I only wanted to make the other side look as nice. Due to corrosion (salt water exposure), I may replace lower on the port side next year. The corrosion is making removal of drain plug near impossible.
  13. Roady68

    Bravo 3 lower drive material

    Is the lower drive cast aluminum? I wanted to do some weld repair on the skeg but I thought I saw the casing was more of a pot metal. Thanks.
  14. Roady68

    Fresh water pump

    Also check to see if you have a fresh water hose connection. Our Sig 300 has a hos connection at the transom. I believe the intent is to be able to use dock water instead of the water in your tank. When we first tried using the water int he tank, we had the same issue. Turns out there is a plug that is supposed to be installed at the hose bib. It was removed when the boat was winterized. It lets the system burp our the pressure when the pump is on if its not plugged tight.
  15. Roady68

    Gauge Panel

    I have a 2000 Sig. I could not find any exact match for the pattern. It appears, at least on the Sig, that the pattern is silk screen or painted on. My panels were scratched and had some corrosion, so I sanded them down and did a vinyl wrap. Best bet would be to either redo everything, or find a nice complimentary vinyl wrap on a new panel. I know there are some hydro dipping methods now used that get good results. They may be able to match the current dash.