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  1. Another update: I finished fabricating the bow seat bases and tabbed everything to the hull. I layed down three coats of gelcoat in the bilge area. I cut the final deck section and trimmed it to fit. Ran the wiring for my fuel gauge sender, installed a new anti-siphon valve in the fuel pickup and ran the 3/8" fuel line. I added several layers of 24oz roving between layers of CSM to add thickness to the hull. The second strake was extremely thin, more so on the port side. In some areas of that strake the glass was thin enough to see the gel coat. I was definitely surprised
  2. Time to move closer to where I currently am in this project. i started working on the bow seat bases. I needed to lift the helm console up a little. I raised it enough to ensure an even gap in the windshield door. I used a trusty scissors jack. I clamped both sides to the plywood. Luckily enough of the old wood was left to get fairly decent pattern. Once again I put UHMW spacers on the bottom of these panels to space it off the deck. Doing this allows me to force thickened resin with fiberglass under the panels. 2 layers of 1.5oz CSM all the way around. I installed th
  3. Thanks for the compliments guys. I'm really glad these posts hold y'alls interest. It's been a fun project so far.....
  4. I guess I'm at a loss as to how you could change the limit and position switches without first unplugging them? Are we talking about something different?
  5. As @Dennis A stated I'm using fiberglass laminated plywood recovered from old Roadway 28' pups. A buddy of mine got a truckload of it years ago and I had him save me some. It really is the perfect material for boat floors. I do have to lightly grind the surface to remove any old wax and contaminates. The side that faced the outside world still had ROADWAY logos. Manufactures haven't built trailers out of this material in years. It's really amazing how well this stuff held up over the years.
  6. Thanks!! More to come. The fuel tank is 24" forward of where it was. I will be using the space forward of the fuel cell as an anchor storage locker. I bought plastic access door. No need for water ski storage with our clan. Tubes and wake boards, oh yeah.
  7. Sea Foam......bad gas!!! There I said it, lol. Seriously though, procedures for adjusting vary some depending on the type or make of carb. Pictures, and or model numbers would help. Lots of good videos on you-tube if you know what you have.....
  8. Better get it dry soon or this could be you.......
  9. More pics!!! I used some foam sheeting to make a template for the bowdeck. This is a fairly difficult cut to make and it's better to screw up a foam sheet than my fiberglass coated plywood. I added 3/4" conduit for the gauge sender wire....pink wire ordered per Marine wiring standard color code. 3/4" CPVC installed for the fuel line. New fuel filler hose and new 5/8" vent hose being routed. Cleats installed to attach bow wood. The cleats are soaked in resin. The idea of cleats is to add enough to secure the deck with as few screws as possible. Screw into the pine in
  10. I was pretty cautious filling it the first time. My 86 Bayliner Capri spewed fuel out the vent too. Since I moved the Fuel tank in the Chap forward this shortened the length of fuel hose. I'm hoping this helps with the surging. I may try the in-line surge protector to see if that helps. Great advice @Dennis A
  11. Chambersburg Pennsylvania. My boats a garage dwelling trailer queen. Raystown Lake, Susquehanna River, Potomac River: Big Slackwater, Big Pool, McCoy's Ferry, Lake Ana.
  12. Kind of surprised a thread like this is allowed to continue. In other forums a thread political in nature would immediately be deleted and a stern finger wagging would be in your PM inbox, lol.
  13. I use a 1/2 turn quick disconnect on my battery. The battery maintainer connection is directly connected to the battery so I can charge while the battery is completely isolated from the boat. I've never seen a freeze pop a battery since Lead acid batteries are vented. I have seen weld spall blow all the caps off of industrial power truck batteries. The need to change under garments afterwards is inevitable. A nearby, or internal short seem to be the cause.
  14. In this episode I started working on the fuel tank area. I cleaned a lot of dirt and glue off the tank. I also removed the sending unit and anti-siphon valve, both of which I'll replace later. I cut a passage in the bulkhead and stringer for the fuel fill tube and vent. I glassed in bottom supports. I am moving the fuel tank toward the bow approximately 24" so she doesn't have such a big butt when getting on plane. I glued together strips of fiberglassed plywood for a couple of laminated beams to span the fuel tank. I gelcoated what will become the anchor locker, and the f
  15. Susan Rice didn't reveal any names, even a complete hack like her wouldn't incriminate herself, so that's just sillly. The evidence, however, appears to be mounting of citizens names that were not scrubbed from surveillance activities and passed along to numerous agencies at her request. The unmasking of these names is highly illegal. The circumstances of why they were collected are suspect to say the least. Hopefully we get to the bottom of this. The previous administration seemed to have issues with surveillance....Merkel, Netanyahu, members of the press, citizens with different political vi
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