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  1. I'm waiting on the new choke cover with the reversed spring I ordered. I have this thing figured out. The hair dryer is a good idea. Thanks for your input.
  2. If that requires flipping the spring I don't think it can be done on this choke cover. The spring appears to be permanently attached. Am I reading you right?
  3. I think it is. It has several vacuum ports that are plugged. The engine really runs well though.
  4. That's the same conclusion I came up with. The spring doesn't seem to be removable though. I found one on Mike's carburetors website that shows a reversed spring. I ordered this one. Thanks Cyclops2 for your response.
  5. After a year I finally got back to work on this boat. Changed out the lower shift cable & everything works fine. Putting it in water tomorrow. Do have one question. Have to prime carb for cold starts. I noticed the electric choke works backwards. When engine is cold butterfly wide open. As engine choke heats up butterfly closes. I'm thinking a linkage problem somewhere. I have not touched the carb. I'm assuming its the original carb. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks everyone....
  6. Gotcha Bt Doctur. Seems though when you shift the lever the switch has to move being connected to the cables. What would keep it from moving?
  7. This is something I can do. Sounds like a little work but that's OK. Thanks for the video link also. My switch does move and kills the engine. Not sure what you mean by not moving.
  8. I've heard this before, but some say it should work out of water with the water muffs on. Boat was operating just fine last summer. I will put in water to check it out. This is a new experience for me. Just acquire the boat thru purchase of lake house. Thanks for your feed back.
  9. Thanks Denny, I this cable difficult to replace or should I have it done professionally? LJ
  10. That's what I was thinking but didn't know how to check it out.. Can't check it out till next week. Will post update.
  11. Wingnut, Here is an update. I did as you suggested when shifting. The engine still died in forward & reverse. The shift switch is moving out of the detent spot but slowly returning so engine is dying. I held my hand on it while my brother operated the shift lever & I manually moved it back quickly & it worked. Something is causing the switch return to move slowly back to run position. Everything seems to be in order but I have no experience with the mechanical workings of cables etc. I will do some more reading on this. Hopefully someone might be able to diagnose this problem from past experience. Thank you, LongJohn
  12. Ok, Believe I can handle this. One more thing. Can't tell where the wires connect to inside the motor area. Don't see any existing burnt wiring. Thanks, You've been a great help.
  13. One thing I noticed is trim switch on lever will lower but not raise drive & trailer switch will raise but will not lower drive. Is burnt wiring causing this. Would like everything to work properly if needed.
  14. OK, Will do this. Boat was supposedly running & operating fine. A few months setting up should not cause a problem. Still concerned about the trim limit & ;positioner wiring being fried in two. Is this a major concern to have? Thanks, W
  15. Thanks Mike for information. I will be able check things out more thoroughly next weekend. Thanks again Long John.