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  1. jimmerheck

    Mooring cover

    I got a brand new Chaparral (Ameritex I believe) cover when I bought my 19 H2O, I assume you didnt get one when you bought your boat? I wonder why, or did you buy it used and it didnt come with one?
  2. jimmerheck

    Sea Deck

    that looks awesome, great job! what type of chemical or cleaner did you use to clean the surface before you applied the adhesive material?
  3. jimmerheck

    Small latch problem

    how about these guys, they sell a variety of latches, I saw one here that looked like an "I". https://www.boatoutfitters.com/hardware/latches?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIl_iwl6C73AIVkcpkCh09wAlHEAAYASAAEgIxcfD_BwE
  4. jimmerheck

    19 H2O OEM carpeting, all the same snap locations?

    Thanks for all of the input. His boat is a 2018, mine is a 2014. Has anyone bought new carpeting that already has the snaps installed on the carpeting? Thanks. I would not want to relocate the snaps on the boat.
  5. I am considering purchasing a set of OEM H2O carpeting from a guy who is removing his to replace with something else. He has a 2018 19 H2O sport. I currently have the factory carpet, and like it, and wouldnt mind having another new set for the future if the price is right. Are all the OEM carpet pieces built the same, as in, if I buy his, will it snap right in to my 2014 H2O 19 sport, or will the snaps be in potentially different places? I did some google searching and struck out. Thanks!
  6. jimmerheck

    Boat and Dog

    Oh yeah, and she has a bladder of steel, so bathroom visits for her, not needed. She goes for hours without having to go to the bathroom. I mean like 6 to 8 hrs.
  7. jimmerheck

    Boat and Dog

    We try to keep our dogs off the vinyl as much as possible. We move cushions around when we have her jump in. Shes pretty exciteable, but very smart. We use some costco rug runners to lay on the fiberglass at the bow, so she can jump from the bed of my truck into the boat, and then lay them on the rear walking areas that arent carpeted so she doesnt slip. Shes part of our family, not leaving her home. And shes a great swimmer. If she jumped in unexpectedly, I could pick her up by the scruff of her neck and tail area to lift her in if needed. She would come to me if called. She would never jump over though, as that means she wouldnt be by us. She always wants to be right with us. I have done it before on my last lab. I bought her lifejacket at Sportsmans Warehouse. Its camo, no lift handle but I pick her up by the collar and rear area of the jacket. Not the best but it works. Hope this helps.
  8. jimmerheck

    Boat and Dog

    Our yellow lab goes with us almost everywhere, when she is in the boat, no life jacket. When she wants to get in the water, life jacket goes on. She is a great swimmer, but the jacket needs to go on to get her back in the boat. It doesnt have handles, but I can kneel on the swim platform and grab the front and rear of her life jacket and lift her in. I imagine wet she weighs around 100 or so. I am sure my wife could not lift her in the boat.
  9. jimmerheck

    best aluminium 4 blade 4x20 prop

    Was out of town. I was going to say if you lived near me, I'd loan you my spare 4 blade 14x20 Alpha 4. But Minnesota is nowhere near to me. Sorry.
  10. jimmerheck

    Cooler recommendations

    there are 4 boats in our general group. Mostly day use only. 3 of us use Igloo 30 can marine coolers, seem to work well. One of the group bought a Yeti soft side, roughly 225 deer I think he said, he said it was a waste of money, hes not happy, especially for that price. Starts with cold drinks, adds ice. All ice melted after about 5 ish hours.
  11. jimmerheck

    best aluminium 4 blade 4x20 prop

    where are you located?
  12. jimmerheck

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    I got lucky. My 19 H2O came pretty much perfect, trailer not quite so much, but Chap didnt build the trailer. Shorelander did. I'm a pretty picky guy, and didnt expect the boat to be built and fit and finished as well as it was.
  13. jimmerheck

    Paint on swim pad

    Maybe go into a local paint supply store where they know their &$%# and ask them? I'd avoid the rookies at Home Depot or Lowes for something important like this.
  14. jimmerheck

    Jet skis....friends riding and liability.

    My wife and I were lucky. We have a lot of responsible friends, and luckily we never had an issue. But we were very lucky we never had any problems. I'm sure we would have had to use our insurance, but "the talk" cut out the riff raff and bettered our chances.
  15. jimmerheck

    Use for transom tilt switch?

    Plus I believe the Mercruiser switch is only about 55 deer or so...