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  1. jimmerheck

    best aluminium 4 blade 4x20 prop

    where are you located?
  2. jimmerheck

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    I got lucky. My 19 H2O came pretty much perfect, trailer not quite so much, but Chap didnt build the trailer. Shorelander did. I'm a pretty picky guy, and didnt expect the boat to be built and fit and finished as well as it was.
  3. jimmerheck

    Paint on swim pad

    Maybe go into a local paint supply store where they know their &$%# and ask them? I'd avoid the rookies at Home Depot or Lowes for something important like this.
  4. jimmerheck

    Jet skis....friends riding and liability.

    My wife and I were lucky. We have a lot of responsible friends, and luckily we never had an issue. But we were very lucky we never had any problems. I'm sure we would have had to use our insurance, but "the talk" cut out the riff raff and bettered our chances.
  5. jimmerheck

    Use for transom tilt switch?

    Plus I believe the Mercruiser switch is only about 55 deer or so...
  6. jimmerheck

    Jet skis....friends riding and liability.

    I sold my 2 jet skis last summer. I always told people before they rode them, in a very friendly conversation, that: You need a valid boat operators card, which is mandatory in WA state. Please take care of it, dont beat the crap out of it. If anything happens to it, such as an accident, we are not using my insurance as I dont want to get it cancelled, you are responsible for paying for it. This is my summer toy, we are on vacation, and if you damage it or break it, my vacation will be compromised. This always stopped some of the irresponsible people I know from wanting to go out and beat the crap out of it, which is why people want to ride other peoples jet skis. The responsible people understood this, and I was happy to let them use it after our conversation.
  7. jimmerheck

    Finally a few pics of my old boat

    Thanks, didnt think about the connector being small enough to come out the hole. Thanks!
  8. jimmerheck

    Steering wheel off center and some play

    I had to recenter my wheel also on my new boat. Just removed the allen screws, loosened and removed the nut and recentered the wheel. Piece of cake. Sorry, cant answer on the slop.
  9. jimmerheck

    Finally a few pics of my old boat

    Just curious, nice boat by the way, do you loosen the stern light and totally remove it when at the launch, or do you loosen it, let the boat drain, and then reinstall it? I want to put one of these in, but it would be really hard to reach way down low to take the connector apart to completely remove the light every time when at the launch. Maybe I would unscrew it, tie wrap it up to the outdrive somehow to let the boat drain while I'm on my way home. I wouldnt let it dangle on the drive home. Thanks!
  10. jimmerheck

    Best way to remove decal

    I'm glad I read this. I was considering adding side decals to my non decaled boat, to protect the sides from when I do occasionally have it at a dock. I was thinking the decals would protect the gelcoat. I'm not going to add them now, they sound like a pain to remove if needed, and probably wouldnt do much to protect. I think I'll add fender covers to my fenders to help protect against scratching.
  11. jimmerheck

    Hours on engine

    I was curious about this and googled it. It looks like 1100 hours is roughly 80000 to 110000 car miles. But a good point I saw in my googling of these websites in relation to the hours, is even though you may think the engine itself has roughly 80000 ish miles or slightly more and maybe you were fine with that, the outdrive has that also. A lot of folks on that site said that their engines were running fine with that many miles, but they had a lot of other troubles, as in outdrive replacements. Also alternators, starters, waterpumps, power steering pumps, etc. If it were me I'd pass and look for a lower houred boat.
  12. jimmerheck

    New Trailer Tires - Recommendations Needed

    just bought 2 new Goodyear Endurance tires from discount on Saturday, 225/75/15, load range E, 322 deer for everything.
  13. jimmerheck

    Water Pump Maint

    I'm sorry Wingnut, I was not meaning to say I wouldnt follow your gauge install, it sounds like a great idea, what I meant to say was this: "my buddy did not replace his impeller from the time he bought his new 94 Blue Water Mirage with an alpha, he never changed the impeller, ever". I do not agree with this, just wanted folks to know sometimes they last a long time. I plan on changing mine every 3 years just to be safe.
  14. jimmerheck

    New 21 H2O

    you may want to visit this site, its for H2O owners. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1852354451713960/?ref=nf_target&fref=nf
  15. jimmerheck

    Trailer Security

    I like the idea of using one or two 1/2" chains and locking the wheels to the frame and walking away and not worry, knowing it will stop most thieves and you did the best you could without going overboard. And also, if possible, that was a good idea TNBrett had of backing it up to something solid and locking the trailer to that.