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  1. jimmerheck

    draining alpha one gear oil without removing vent plug

    Thanks for your input Wingnut, it always seems to be right on!
  2. jimmerheck

    2012 287 SSX SEA DEK

    My buddys new tritoon has the Luxury Woven Vinyl on the floor. When we were loading it at the dock recently in 80 deg weather, we were all dancing around looking for the shaded spots to stand on. None of us could stand on it, it was too hot with dry feet. If your feet were wet, it was fine. Dry feet, no way. It is tan in color.
  3. jimmerheck

    question about trailer brakes

    My guess is 30 thousand dollar boat, maybe a few hundred to fix it yourself. Maybe a grand to have someone else do it. Seems like it would be a no brainer if it were mine.
  4. jimmerheck

    Topping Off Outdrive Gear Lube

    great, thank you very much!
  5. jimmerheck

    draining alpha one gear oil without removing vent plug

    he did recommend this, here is his quote from earlier this year.. "Lastly, I'd like to suggest a variation in the method in which you and others change your drive oil. I keep reading about the air that gets trapped during refill and the subsequent need for topping off, and also about drive oil reservoir level alarms after servicing, and I can tell you I have a quick and easy solution. DON'T REMOVE THE TOP VENT PLUG. When draining the drive, remove the cap from the remote reservoir, and remove the bottom drain plug. It's important to drain the reservoir anyway as sediment accumulate in the bottom of the bottle due to thermal capillary circulation during normal operation. Get this old oil out with the rest of the drive oil as it is just as old and just as worn out. Attach your filler to the bottom drain as normal and pump up the drive until oil appears in the remote reservoir. Look Mom, no air. " Now just waiting for his reply. Thanks.
  6. jimmerheck

    Topping Off Outdrive Gear Lube

    Hi Wingnut, quick question, when you drain the outdrive without removing the vent plug, what is your guess on how long it takes to drain? I tried this the other day and after about an hour of it trickling out, I gave up and removed the vent plug. I had the reservoir cap loose. Thanks for your help.
  7. HI all. I believe I saw Wingnut recommend draining the Alpha one outdrive and remote reservoir by not removing the upper vent plug. To avoid the air bubble potential. I changed my outdrive oil the other day, and tried this, but I gave up as it seemed like it was taking forever to drain. I had the reservoir cap off, but after about an hour of barely trickling out the drain plug, I gave up and removed the upper vent plug. Just wondering for the future, how long would it take to fully drain the outdrive and reservoir by not removing the vent plug?
  8. jimmerheck

    Time for Oil Change

    that was a great comeback!
  9. jimmerheck

    2012 287 SSX SEA DEK

    I wonder if they will use your template to sell to others? I called SeaDek and Gatorstep, neither had a template for my 19' H2O. I found that very hard to believe that they had never done one.
  10. jimmerheck

    Trailer winch strap replacement

    I have my wife pull the boat (19 foot H2O) on the trailer, and with the depth of the trailer in the water, the top of the fenders at the water level, it ends up being about 3 feet short from the front strap eye to the front roller and I winch it the rest of the way up. I heard about Mary Kate Liquid Rollers and bought it and tried it. First time we used it, she idled up to the same location, and I gave her the okay meaning she was in the right spot to put it in neutral. Before I could hook up the strap, the Liquid Rollers I had sprayed on the bunks allowed the boat to slide back down the bunks. I had her come forward again and it was so much easier to winch it the rest of the way up. Boat just slid right up to the winch. I am going to use this stuff every season now. I will only spray it on the forward 1/4th part of the bunks so all of the bunk surfaces arent slippery.
  11. jimmerheck

    Sea Deck

    I am in the process of finishing this up on my 19 H2O, turning out well. I had called Gatorstep and SeaDek and they both told me on the phone, no templates for my boat in stock, although others on here say they have been available. But I know what they told me. So doing it myself. Its hard to make some of those cuts by holding the knife at that 45 deg angle though. The 1 meter by 2 meter sheet I bought was enough to do my rear swim platform, (not an extended platform) entry into the boat from the platform, and the piece on the bow. Used the snow camo also so it matches my carpet somewhat. If I have enough, i'll put some strips or something under the front middle removable seat cushion. Thanks all for the advice and tips. If I hadnt read this, I would have just made 90 deg cuts, the 45 deg cuts are more professional looking.
  12. jimmerheck

    Mooring cover

    I got a brand new Chaparral (Ameritex I believe) cover when I bought my 19 H2O, I assume you didnt get one when you bought your boat? I wonder why, or did you buy it used and it didnt come with one?
  13. jimmerheck

    Sea Deck

    that looks awesome, great job! what type of chemical or cleaner did you use to clean the surface before you applied the adhesive material?
  14. jimmerheck

    Small latch problem

    how about these guys, they sell a variety of latches, I saw one here that looked like an "I". https://www.boatoutfitters.com/hardware/latches?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIl_iwl6C73AIVkcpkCh09wAlHEAAYASAAEgIxcfD_BwE
  15. jimmerheck

    19 H2O OEM carpeting, all the same snap locations?

    Thanks for all of the input. His boat is a 2018, mine is a 2014. Has anyone bought new carpeting that already has the snaps installed on the carpeting? Thanks. I would not want to relocate the snaps on the boat.