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  1. Gotta love that lime green color!!!
  2. Go for the tower. I specifically searched out a boat with the tower for a few reasons: I liked the fact it makes a good place to grab on to for walking around when in the boat, or when entering the side of the boat from the dock. Tying on a fender midship. I think it will make the boat worth more in the future for resale. I like the tower biminis rather than the stand alone biminis. I'm glad I got one.
  3. This happened to my buddy last summer, one of the wires had broken/fallen/detached off the bottom of his trim switch on the throttle assembly. He soldered it back on, good to go.
  4. Great, thank you TNBrett. I appreciate your reply. I think I'll put it on my swim platform some day. I'm about an hour from Gatorstep HQ, I'll either bring the boat there for the templating or do it myself. Maybe they'll get a template by then.
  5. Anyone who has ever used this have a big dog walking on it? I have a big active 80 lb lab that we take boating. Everytime. I dont want her claws to tear it up...Also, TNBrett, on your H2O, did you put the Gatorstep under that removable seat cushion behind the drivers seat, and if so, did it change the height of the cushion or anything else you can note? I contacted Gatorstep and believe it or not, they dont have a template for a 19 H2O. These boats have been out for 6 years now. Thanks!
  6. I have a big yellow lab and without the carpeting, she would be sliding all over the place. She always goes with us. The carpeting in my 19 H2O is one piece, so its a weird shaped one piece carpet so its big and clumsy to deal with but I wouldnt have it any other way.
  7. My buddy has about a '15 247 LSV, his has been trouble free, hope this doesnt happen to him. Its a sweet boat!!!
  8. I have the exact same issue, where the bunks have a lot of traction and its hard to get the boat to the front roller if its not deep enough, 19 H2O. You really have to crank the winch hard to get the boat up far enough. I dont have her use the throttle to help me, I just use brute force to pull the boat forward. I am going to try the bunk spray lube next year. I do have the guides, I bought them from etrailer, they are the 60" tall lit ones from CE Smith, and they slightly bend every time my wife hits them. She is not nailing them, just rubbing against them from the wind or current pushing the boat as shes trimming up the outdrive while driving forward. Each time we hit the lake, after I unload the boat, I have to bend them back from the PREVIOUS trip where they got slightly bent. I dont think I would recommend them, as I think they bend a little too easy. I'm glad they are on there to help the wife, but I wish they didnt bend so easy. I can imagine on a heavier longer boat they would bend even easier than my 19 footer does. I have about an inch and a half gap between the guide and the boat. Bottom line is, I'm glad they are on there for the wife, but wouldnt recommend the ones I have.
  9. When I was a teenager, I had a 70 442 that did the same thing. Found out that slowly over time, 30 to 45 min ish, the fuel filter sock in the gas tank would slowly collapse and the car would die. When the car would die, the suction that had the sock collapsing would release, and the sock would become un-collapsed and she would start up and run for another 30 to 45 min so the idea from Wingnut of hooking up an alternate fuel source should help you. I dont know if your fuel pickup in the tank has any kind of a strainer on it though, but it may help in determining if any of the fuel lines are collapsing.
  10. I like the tower on mine, for this reason as I havent heard anyone else mention yet. It gives us something to hold on to when walking around the inside of the boat if its a little choppy. And when entering the boat from the rear swim platform.
  11. Congrats on the boat. When I was younger, my dad decided to buy a boat and bought a 26' Sea Ray. First boat. Used solely on the Columbia River here in Portland, Oregon. He had it slipped in a boat garage he also purchased. Being you have a large motorhome, you are prob used to driving large things. He never had any major issues with going large with his first and we had a lot of great memories on her. Good times ahead!
  12. Might have to lightly open the throttle linkage during that 2 min time period to let the choke plate and its associated arm and cams and steps unlock themselves to let the choke slowly open. I say might have to...
  13. Just curious, did you compare prices to see what Ameritex charged vs what a local canvas/bimini top maker would charge, I'm just curious to see the price difference. My buddy has a tournament boat with a really nice bimini that needs replacing, he said the local top maker charges around 400 for a sunbrella replacement top. For his boat. I think I have the Ameritex also, so wondering, for my future needs. Thanks.
  14. I'd make sure there is an inline fuse on that power lead....
  15. Yes, most of my boating is done from 100 to 400 feet of elevation. Hopefully the 23 works, if not, I'll try the 25. Thanks for your help.