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  1. jimmerheck

    H20 Fuel Vent Fix/Problem

    I would like to clarify, I believe this is only an issue on certain H2O's where the vent is near the water line. Like the 21 footers. The 19 footers, like mine, have the vent located way above the water line near the fuel filler. Just dont want everyone to think its ALL H2O's. Dont want to fuel the negative fires against H2O's, a lot of peeps already look down on them. Mine is a great boat!
  2. jimmerheck

    Time to say goodby

    I happen to be very lucky that all my close friends, and have been for years, all have motor homes and boats. We have a great group. Very lucky!
  3. jimmerheck

    Time to say goodby

    thats why I have a motor home, to tow my boat and also go camping, best of both worlds. Hard to do that with a travel trailer...
  4. jimmerheck

    Can a TACO pull my 244 Sunesta?

    I tow my 19 footer H2O with my Taco. My 19 footer is roughly 2550 dry, lets say trailer 800, lets say battery, gas, gear, cooler, etc. another 500. Thats 4000 or so. I dont think I'd want to pull that much more weight. Maybe another thousand. Not another 2 thousand. I dont think the HP is the problem, especially on flat ground, I think its the brakes. Even though my trailer surge brakes work great. If you've ever driven a Taco, although if you look at the braking stats, the stats arent horrible, but they dont feel like they have the strongest brakes. They still have drum rear brakes, which by the way, seem to last almost forever. Thats a lot of weight. In my humble opinion.
  5. jimmerheck

    Boat purchase showing protocol question

    I know that when I was shopping for boats, every boat that I looked at through a broker had a significantly higher price than private party boats, with no better or longer guarantees or warranty or the like.
  6. jimmerheck

    A couple add ones to our 2019 H2O sport

    nice, I have the same letters and almost the same guide rails. Sure has helped my wife trailer the boat in the wind. They have gotten slightly bent from time to time due to the current and wind and I have had to straighten them back but glad I have them. If you do have to bend them back, its easiest to do when the boat is off the trailer. Can just bend them back by hand.
  7. jimmerheck

    Anyone seen a 2019 H2O 19 with 250 hp???

    do you know your outdrive ratio and prop pitch? Thanks! I also have a 19 H2O with 220 hp...
  8. jimmerheck

    The Boatyard

    thats why I always try and perform my own maintenance!
  9. jimmerheck

    Trailer mover-could be useful in tight places

    I put a front hitch on my truck to turn my boat around the corner of my house to get the boat in my backyard carport/boatport, money well spent. Can nail it first time every time when looking through the windshield.
  10. jimmerheck

    draining alpha one gear oil without removing vent plug

    Thanks for your input Wingnut, it always seems to be right on!
  11. jimmerheck

    2012 287 SSX SEA DEK

    My buddys new tritoon has the Luxury Woven Vinyl on the floor. When we were loading it at the dock recently in 80 deg weather, we were all dancing around looking for the shaded spots to stand on. None of us could stand on it, it was too hot with dry feet. If your feet were wet, it was fine. Dry feet, no way. It is tan in color.
  12. jimmerheck

    question about trailer brakes

    My guess is 30 thousand dollar boat, maybe a few hundred to fix it yourself. Maybe a grand to have someone else do it. Seems like it would be a no brainer if it were mine.
  13. jimmerheck

    Topping Off Outdrive Gear Lube

    great, thank you very much!
  14. jimmerheck

    draining alpha one gear oil without removing vent plug

    he did recommend this, here is his quote from earlier this year.. "Lastly, I'd like to suggest a variation in the method in which you and others change your drive oil. I keep reading about the air that gets trapped during refill and the subsequent need for topping off, and also about drive oil reservoir level alarms after servicing, and I can tell you I have a quick and easy solution. DON'T REMOVE THE TOP VENT PLUG. When draining the drive, remove the cap from the remote reservoir, and remove the bottom drain plug. It's important to drain the reservoir anyway as sediment accumulate in the bottom of the bottle due to thermal capillary circulation during normal operation. Get this old oil out with the rest of the drive oil as it is just as old and just as worn out. Attach your filler to the bottom drain as normal and pump up the drive until oil appears in the remote reservoir. Look Mom, no air. " Now just waiting for his reply. Thanks.
  15. jimmerheck

    Topping Off Outdrive Gear Lube

    Hi Wingnut, quick question, when you drain the outdrive without removing the vent plug, what is your guess on how long it takes to drain? I tried this the other day and after about an hour of it trickling out, I gave up and removed the vent plug. I had the reservoir cap loose. Thanks for your help.