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  1. Offer accepted. Now the "fun" begins!
  2. @turkeyfoot - THANKS! Good information,and yes, something that ultimately I need to be comfortable with on the lack of a port side lounger. I'm in fact OK with it, my first mate, something not completely comfortable YET! Glad to know you enjoy it. I'm also a "stander" at the helm. I don't think I'd ever feel comfortable enough sitting at the helm. I'm on the Potomac near Mt. Vernon / DC and there a lot of Potomac alligators (floating logs) in the river, and hitting one of those wouldn't be good!
  3. @turkeyfoot Interesting. When you say "Sitting in the 3 seats facing forward while on plane gives a view point that doesnt do it justice, The fold down bolsters do help sitters with a better view and we leave them down" are you saying it's a nice ride like that, or the bench forward seat at the helm isn't comfortable sitting at all? Our only hesitation with this vessel is making sure we will enjoy the (captain)+(2 forward bench at helm) forward facing configuration. My thought is that if its 4 adults going out, there will be 2 at the helm + 2 in the aft riding out. On the hook I think it will be superb!
  4. Hey thanks both. @jeffk We are two people + two dogs and currently ride out with a captain at the helm and small dog on the helm companion (it's a bench). First mate rides on the port side lounger with large dog (boxer) in front. This keeps us all forward. With the 2010 + model years we are trying to figure out arrangement.....I know, first world problems. I also like to watch the wake on the port side lounger looking backwards and keep the captain in the conversation. You don't think the 3 forward facing at the helm breaks down conversation if a party exceeds 3?
  5. We are currently looking to move up from a 27' Maxum Express Cruiser to 1 of 3 boats, Signature 310, Regal 32 Express, or Sundancer 310. We are heavily leaning Chap 310 Signature for a variety of reason (cabin below space & hardtop). We are sorta hung up on the helm seating, having a solo captain seat with double second helm seat forward facing. We aren't sure whether we will miss that portside lounge seat which allowed us to move side to side to avoid or get into sun. What do Signature 310 owners think about the lack of portside seating? Thanks a lot.
  6. Help please! Newbie here and looking to purchase my first cruiser and a Chap. Essentially similarly equipped boats of the 2006 290 Signature are near me. One has Volvo-Penta 5.0 GXI-FSX 270 hp each whereas the other has the Volvo 4.3 OSi-F 220 hp each. This boat will primarily be used for day trips of 2 to 6 people and overnight / weekends with 2 to 4 people. We don't plan to do any water towing sports. Any recommendations on which is the better suited engine in this boat? Thanks so much! Once I decide and purchase I'll update the forum!