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  1. Yup, sputter is what you want.
  2. Thanks! Its easier than I thought. I like the way she felt before we ran aground, so I want same pitch. I’ll wait till I remove and see which it is. The numbers represent ~ 200rpm up or down? So a F2 is 200rpm lowers than a F3?
  3. Can the Chaparral folks weigh in with response here? We are the second owner of a 2010 Signature 310. It’s like it doesn’t exist though because there isn’t an owner manual or a parts guide on this site for the 2010 Signature 310. Was it a half year or something? The redesign shows up in the 2011 model year on here, but the 2010 seems to not exist. What gives?
  4. 2010 Signature 310 with twin 270 Volvo Penta 5.0 GXiCE-M Dual Prop (Model A 120563) I’m looking to order new props (long story.....) and minimize the down time, but can’t get the part number off the prop (murky waters). I’m 2nd owner. Original dealer says they can’t help me. Local dealer says same story. The best picture I have when she was on blocks is attached. Wish I would have taken a close up of that prop part. Any experts willing to weigh in?
  5. We launched our new to us Chap 310 Sig yesterday! That’s the good news The bad news is we can’t seem to clear the Volvo Penta EVC control on her. So, we are locked out of being able to see any relevant information it conveys, including how much fuel she has, RPM, etc, etc.I’m going to take a picture, but one message on the port side says “Important! See Ops manual.” (No, we don’t have the ops manual). It’s a 5.0GXiCE-M (year 2010) 21182210. Anyone have any experience with these?
  6. Apologize as I thought I could find this on my own, but I don’t seem to find the manual on here for the 2010 Signature 310. Anyone? Thanks!
  7. Original poster is here and thanks all for their comments. My question has become moot.nice day all. Many thanks
  8. Anyone trailer a Signature 310? I’m looking to move from A to B (60 miles) and have access to a Venture triaxle VATB-9600 (rated 11,160 GVWR) and the Signature 310 is a 10’ beam at 10,600 lbs. Thanks
  9. Thanks, I don’t care about the remotes as once I have Bluetooth and or USB everything is controlled on my phone or watch. So needs a new head unit altogether. Was hoping I could find a compatible face plate.
  10. Bringing this thread back to life......I’m closing on a 2010 Sig 310 and it has the CMD5. I want to upgrade to a Bluetooth enabled and USB connected face with minimal work.....(I.e. - face plate change only). Does anyone know if that is possible? Thanks!
  11. @turkeyfoot - THANKS! Good information,and yes, something that ultimately I need to be comfortable with on the lack of a port side lounger. I'm in fact OK with it, my first mate, something not completely comfortable YET! Glad to know you enjoy it. I'm also a "stander" at the helm. I don't think I'd ever feel comfortable enough sitting at the helm. I'm on the Potomac near Mt. Vernon / DC and there a lot of Potomac alligators (floating logs) in the river, and hitting one of those wouldn't be good!
  12. @turkeyfoot Interesting. When you say "Sitting in the 3 seats facing forward while on plane gives a view point that doesnt do it justice, The fold down bolsters do help sitters with a better view and we leave them down" are you saying it's a nice ride like that, or the bench forward seat at the helm isn't comfortable sitting at all? Our only hesitation with this vessel is making sure we will enjoy the (captain)+(2 forward bench at helm) forward facing configuration. My thought is that if its 4 adults going out, there will be 2 at the helm + 2 in the aft riding out. On the hook I th
  13. Hey thanks both. @jeffk We are two people + two dogs and currently ride out with a captain at the helm and small dog on the helm companion (it's a bench). First mate rides on the port side lounger with large dog (boxer) in front. This keeps us all forward. With the 2010 + model years we are trying to figure out arrangement.....I know, first world problems. I also like to watch the wake on the port side lounger looking backwards and keep the captain in the conversation. You don't think the 3 forward facing at the helm breaks down conversation if a party exceeds 3?
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