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  1. I'm in this area regularly - The one circle for Pottahawk is the most popular, but mainly on weekends - during the week, it's not nearly as busy. The video clip you took of the one bow rider heading out - that's quite common for that channel... it's because it's a fairly busy harbour for the area and the wakes of multiple boats intensifies in that small section of the channel due to a very solid break wall on both sides. If you plan to go from Port Dover to the light house spot (near the tip of the point), be cautious of winds - I did that run twice now, once when the winds weren't too bad at the point (went the reverse way, tip of the point into Dover) and my 215 SSi rarely was able to keep on plain...lots of rolling waves - swells were in the 4 foot deep range, but yet, there was absolutely zero storm activity. Did the run again once this season (although I left from the Bluff's bar - what Waterfun referred to as the "Nasty shoal") and winds were very calm this time and got to open things up more - did that run in 25 minutes on waves that were no more then a ripple. (first run took me 2.5 hours.....) The Bluff's is actually a neat spot to just throw anchor and relax too..(if you have a proper bimini though) - it's about 2 feet of water in a spot that is out in the middle of bay and you wouldn't think you'd be able to stand up in the lake that far out from any visible land mass. Other thing to mention, the section between the Bluff's bar and the tip of the point has numerous other sand bars/shoals that pop up so you'll have to be cautious there as well, if you're getting close to the shore line of the point. Best way to navigate that area is stay out into the lake a bit more, if you can depending on wave activity at the time.
  2. hey everyone, I know there's been a lot of posts on the "add-a-battery" kits from Blue Sea, and I'm not looking for options, but I'm trying to determine how easy/difficult it will be to do the actual install here. I have a single battery setup now, on a 2010 chap 215 SSi and it has just a simple "on-off" dial switch. I'm looking to get the commonly discussed Blue Sea kit, but my question is how hard is it going to be for me to separate the "house" loads from the "engine" load(s)? Just having a quick look from taking the battery out and back in between seasons, I haven't noticed a distinctive power cable for each load, but I wasn't really paying close attention to this specific aspect before either.... Has anyone done this on my model before? If you have, please add your two cents. I know I'll need to get a few extra cables, as well as a battery tray - the instructions also call for fuses in the two lines going between each batteries positive post and the connection to the ACR, what amp rating did you use and what type (ie, AGU, ANL?) Any other "gotchas" I should know about? Thanks.
  3. Johnboy105

    Fresh water tank level gauge

    Actually, I had picked up some tablets that is used for purifying water while camping and drop them in every so often and that keeps it clean too, and no risk of bleach getting any where. Supposedly the tabs would allow the water to be purified enough to drink the water, but we usually bring separate water for that anyway.
  4. Johnboy105

    Fresh water tank level gauge

    Awesome, thanks Exoset - that's exactly what I was looking for.
  5. Johnboy105

    Fresh water tank level gauge

    Been looking around on here and haven't been able to find exactly what I'm looking for.... Anybody put in a water level indicator/gauge into a tank that didn't have one (and wasn't an option)? My 215 SSi has a fairly large fresh water holding tank (2010 year), but it's always a guessing game to figure out if I need to bring water with me whenever we go out. I know this would seem more necessary on a larger cruiser, but I would think it'd still be handy for a boat my size. Thoughts or suggestions?
  6. Johnboy105

    Cleveland Boat Show

    According their website, it'll be the same this year too (in Toronto) - if you're going, sign up for the "Captain's Club" and it'll get you $5 off admission, per ticket. I'll be there for sure, but then it's only about an hour and a bit drive for me.
  7. Johnboy105

    Exide AGM battery from Costco.ca

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Iggy, unfortunately Battery+ isn't in Canada at all. Thanks anyways though.
  8. http://www.costco.ca/Exide-Edge-Flat-plate-AGM-Marine-and-RV-Battery.product.100291701.html Thoughts? I've got a 2010 215 SSi (with 5.0 MPI Merc) that I bought used at the beginning of this past season (only 60 hours at the time, 100 hours total now) and it has the original still in it. It's been maintained over the winters here, but as it's original, 7 years (next spring) is usually pushing the limits of a regular lead acid (from my own experiences). I know that marine and automotive are different classes, but I've got the Exide AGM in my truck for the past two years and has been the best performing battery I've ever owned/used. I'm 'sure' someone has 2 cents to put towards this.....