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  1. JMMecham

    Volvo Penta aq290 Shift problem

    Turns out it was a problem with the locking Pawl binding up.
  2. JMMecham

    Volvo Penta aq290 Shift problem

    Nope. didn't work. tried to send a pic of the pin I am talking about, but my phone on the take a small enough pic file. can't find the pin or what it actuates on the parts breakdown or in the service manual. still looking
  3. JMMecham

    Volvo Penta aq290 Shift problem

    Well, the boat is out of the water. it's not a cable problem unfortunately. shifts fine with cable disconnected from the outedrive. the problem is in the shift mechanism either upper or the pin that enters the lower unit. now trying to figure out what said pin actuates in the lower unit. any ideas. With the cable hooked up I can't even shift past neutral to reverse. the controls won't move in that direction.
  4. JMMecham

    Volvo Penta aq290 Shift problem

    Its a single cable for forwaRd and reverse. talked to a boat friend and he said something about the cable popping out of a clamp or clip that clamps it in place where it enters the outer ive. does this sound familiar? At any rate I am pulling the boat out of the water today to check things out. Just looking for the simplest direction to go in. Thank you for your help Wingnut.
  5. What is the most common reason for losing reverse in shifting? Was out testing my boat the other day when all of a sudden I started having problems shifting in to reverse. Hard shifting at first then wont even shift from neutral into reverse at the controls. Shifts into forward and back to neutral fine but wont pass neutral into reverse. The sterndrive is a fairly old Volvo Penta AQ290. Please help....