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  1. If you can afford the biggest engine the hull allows, sure...that's the same advice I heard as well. However, the SC 230 w/200hp has plenty of motor for the boat with great $$ savings. No water sports yet, but it will have no problems. Our family skis, wakeboards, and tubes; so power was a must. Nearing 20 hours and just a couple of weeks ago, had a full 70 gallon tank, full water tank, and 4 adults with 3 kids including a teenager out for ride. We were all sitting behind the windscreen for wind protection and it was able to plane just fine in around 6 seconds or so. Normally she's up in
  2. Thanks, Pensacola to Destin area along with all the beautiful locations in between.
  3. Pulled the trigger on a 2016 Suncoast 230 with Yamaha 200 and couldn't be happier. Thanks to all the forum members here for their inputs as it makes a big difference in researching such a large purchase. That being said, there is very little on the new Suncoast line. If anyone is considering one, feel free to contact me. The test drive between a SC 210 Ski/Fish and SC 230 made the final decision for us as the base 150 on the SC 210 felt sluggish compared to the SC 230 w/200. We have 14 hours and the Yamaha performance data is spot-on. Holeshot is more than adequate and she is able to att
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