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  1. Any pics of the marine decking installed? I would love to see it!!! And where did you get it? Does it snap in or screw in for a more permanent install? Lots of questions sorry! The boat looks great by the way!!! You did a great job bringing it back to life!!!
  2. The tech at turning point props told me that if your motor was over speeding by 400rpm (i.e. Max is 4800 and your getting up to 5200) then you need to go up 2 degrees!!! Go to the 19 and you won't have the fear of over speeding your motor and you'll still get good performance!!! This is all according to the tech there that has been propping all sorts of boats for over 30 years!!! He helped me get a much better boat so I trust the guys word and will exchange my prop if needed once I get some more accurate testing done on the water!!!
  3. This is my first forum too by the way and if they are all like this I plan on joining more!!! You guys are all so helpful and nice!!! Thanks again!!!
  4. Cyclops2 that's a good thought and probably true with more people than I had in the boat but I had 4 adults a 9 year old, two 4 year olds, and a 2 year old!!! We were pretty full but could have been more!!! I'll be sure and test it with a heavier load before I pull the trigger on a prop swap!!! Thanks for the brainstorming everyone!!!
  5. Ok so I got my new turning hustler 17 pitch 14 diameter prop on my's a whole new boat!!! I don't feel like the smaller motor is too small anymore!!! Of course who wouldn't want more power but it does a great job now out of the hole and top end is just as good!!! I had a little throttle left at the top end too so I may need to take advantage of the turning point pitch exchange program and go to a 19 pitch!!! I was with the family so I didn't get a chance to get actual specs on its performance but I plan to someday and get that posted as well!!! Thank you all for the help and I hope you have a wonderful summer on the water in your Chaparrals!!!
  6. I went to OSU in Stillwater and made my way to Jeystone a time or two!!! Nice lake had lots of fun!!!
  7. Yes any smaller motor and I most likely wouldn't have bought the boat. And if I had bought the boat with a 3.0 I would be trying to get rid of it. Thank you all for the help and input I have read a lot about the turner huslter prop and that will probably be what I get (14 diameter 17 pitch) I'll put a review of the prop on here when I get it and get a chance to test it in a few months!!!
  8. has as anyone heard of this new technology from Hustler supposed to be best of both worlds...hole shot and top end speed!!! And thank you tomnjo for the input
  9. White Shadow Any chance you could find the specs for that prop? It should be cast on the inside of the prop hub.
  10. Chaparral rider Do you happen to remember the diameter and pitch of the three blade hustler you had on your 190ssi? I looked into hustler and it seems like a very good prop and they have a new 4 blade that has two blades for hole shot and two blades for top end speed!!! Pretty cool!!!
  11. Bob and Betsy Thank you for the info. Yes the 20 pitch is a little sluggish but much better than the 22 pitch. I think I am going to go check into getting my 20 reworked down to an 18 pitch to maybe get a happy medium although I am really more interested in waterskiing so top speeds do not matter to me all that much. I am a little worried about over speeding my motor if I went to a 17 pitch (other people drive my boat often enough that really don't completely understand the technical side of motors and props). Do you think that overspending with a 17 pitch could be a factor?
  12. I forgot to say the current prop on the boat is an aluminum 4 blade 14" 20 degree pitch. I also have a 4 blade stainless 14" 22 degree pitch. Both seem to be a little too much prop for the motor and boat.
  13. Hi I have a 2006 190ssi that I feel is a little under powered with the 190 horsepower mercruiser and alpha 1 outdrive. I have been trying for three years to get the correct size/pitch/# of blades prop to help the situation and can't seem to get it figured in my own and would appreciate some help. I also would like to know what the max RPM for my mercruiser motor would be. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you all in advance for any info. Boggy