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    1995 2130 SS Chaparral 5.7 with Yamaha Stern Drive.
    2008 Dodge Ram 2500 4wd Heavy Duty w/ Crew Cab 5.7L Hemi (a beast!)

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  1. Chief Plasma

    Fishfinder Mounting

    I use a ram mount. Actually, it was made for a phone but it fit the back of the finder too. I had a blank guage hole and I routed the cables there. You can sort of see it in this older pic.
  2. Chief Plasma

    Is my 1995 2130ss prewired for four speakers?

    Open up the hatch in front of the cockpit. You will find a bundle of wires by the door going under the floor. Looking in the ski locker they are attached to the underside of the floor toward the bow. If you are running new wires to the rear just follow the cables from the throttle.
  3. Chief Plasma

    Yamaha Sterndrive Shifting Problems

    Yes, kids soccer, sons scouts, family camping & the boating on the lake... plus helping my folks with redoing my grandparents house and farm.
  4. I would think more water flows down the mississippi in one day than all the water in all the water bottles.
  5. Chief Plasma

    How often do you replace your raw water impeller?

    I inspect mine every year.
  6. Chief Plasma

    gas tank empty or full for winter storage?

    I did not know boats were rated for E10. I use the marine stabilizer.
  7. Chief Plasma

    Yamaha Sterndrive Shifting Problems

    Hey that looks like my boat.. oh yeah.. it is... LOL I am still around just been really busy this summer.
  8. Chief Plasma

    Yamaha Sterndrive Shifting Problems

    I have also read you can use a bicycle cable greaser. Never tried it myself tho.
  9. Chief Plasma

    Making a 252 Sunesta more Fish Friendly

    Now that is some shade! Does yours have the rear cooler? We use that for fish which is convenient since we fish off the swim deck with the kiddos.
  10. Chief Plasma

    Trolling motor

    you could mount it on the swim platform.
  11. Chief Plasma


    Did mine a few weeks ago. Was freaking out with the temps getting close to 30. I know nothing to worry about... even the dog water did not freeze. Glad I did with this cold front coming down hill!
  12. Chief Plasma

    new member from Smyrna, Tn with 88 198c xl

    Welcome to the family. Get some pics of what is left of the sundeck and we should be able to help some.
  13. Chief Plasma

    Lake Powell future water levels....

    wow. We need to pipe you some of our water! We have had record wet seasons this year.
  14. Chief Plasma

    New Chaparral Owner - First Boat