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  1. Waterfun

    Best fresh water boating on Earth...

    Not warm enough until the end of August IMHO
  2. Any time on Lake Ontario will be more enjoyable in a larger boat with more power.
  3. Waterfun

    draining alpha one gear oil without removing vent plug

    My bad. I would think it will drain faster with vent plug removed.
  4. Waterfun

    draining alpha one gear oil without removing vent plug

    I don't think Wingnut talked about the vent plug while draining, just when filling.
  5. Waterfun

    Time for Oil Change

    Why do I get the feeling this is more of a setup than a genuinely curious question? Not a set up. Just curious as to why you shouldn't go back. I took Wingnuts advise and run Mobil
  6. Waterfun

    Time for Oil Change

    Why is that?
  7. Waterfun

    Water getting in my chaparral horn.

    This past weekend at 5 Seadoo rental people blocking the channel. No idea why seadoo rentals are allowed. I take courses and need a license, they sign a waiver.
  8. Waterfun

    Is it bad luck not to name your boat?

  9. Waterfun

    Trim tab size recommendation

    Eric Gt. 236 SSX
  10. Waterfun

    Trailer/Bunk Question

    It may be an optical illusion, but that trailer looks short to me.
  11. Apparently the Bravo 3 is the hottest running drive they make. Half of the drive is out of the water when up & running. If you can cool it down a bit, it can't hurt, can it?
  12. Waterfun


    Michael Keaton I think, but I can't remember the name of the movie.
  13. Yep, got one for Christmas, but I haven't been able to get out on the the water yet to try it out.
  14. I have the same issue and this explanation expands a little on exactly what Wingnut said. This is from the Simrek drive shower site: The unexplained need to keep topping off your drive oil reservoir bottle, is caused when the oil is overheated to a point were it is expanding and causing more pressure than the drive seals can handle. The factory pressure tests their drives by pumping air into them until they reach 15 lbs. of pressure. If the seals hold the pressure for a certain length of time, then the drive is considered good. The problem arises if the drive oil expands under heat to a point where it causes more than 15 lbs. of pressure. The drive oil is pushed by the seals until the pressure drops under 15 lbs. or until the drive oil is cooled by submersing it in water. This is the point were the drive is calling on the drive oil reservoir bottle to refill the drive. This problem is commonly referred to as “the mysterious drive oil disappearance”. No oil appears in the bilge, anywhere on the drive or transom, or as an oil slick in the water when the boat is docked. After inspecting the bilge and the outside of the drive for the presents of drive oil, the next thing that a Mercruiser Technician will do is to pressure test the drive, only to find that it passes the 15 lb. leak test. Now he is stumped and can do nothing to help you other than say that it’s up to you to keep the reservoir full at all times.
  15. Waterfun

    What does this wire go to?

    236 SSX