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  1. Thanks Eric.
  2. Right on again Shepherd 1
  3. Yes, that would be perfect but unfortunately you are correct in saying that my configuration is the first picture. The only reason I wanted hydraulic is because I thought they were more robust and last longer than electric. I was quoted $1349.00 for the ST12 kit. Seems unreasonable.
  4. Tom, I have a '07 236ssx, so I'm assuming I would need the same tabs as mentioned above. However, I was hoping to install hydraulic tabs. Do you have a part number for that set up. I'm having difficulty getting the correct tabs quoted to me in my area. Thanks, Steve
  5. Eric, where did you mount the tab control/switch on your 236?
  6. I've seen people towing their kids on the river, through the channel markers and out into Lake Huron, with all kinds of traffic going in & out!! Why would you put your kids at risk like that? You're not weird Ingalp01, they are stupid.
  7. I just had a custom ratchet cover made this spring. I really didn't know what was meant by a ratchet cover when it was suggested to me. I just said go with what you think is best. Well, I'm glad it was suggested. I tow my boat with the cover on and haven't had any issues. It's very snug & secure. Just make sure that it is well padded with extra material behind the ratchet.
  8. Quick search shows 53 -69K for a 2016 250 model. No one lists the hours though.
  9. I didn't see which model of Suncoast we are speaking of, but there are a couple of new 2016 230's out there for 58K.
  10. Joe, I wouldn't recognize your boat as a 236. Looks awesome. What a difference with that nice arch + paint scheme.
  11. And thanks to all for your comments. I have some 5200 at home so I'm glad you said not to use it. Steve
  12. Thanks for that!
  13. Water covers almost half of the pipe.
  14. vortex 243

    This appears to work.
  15. Hi All, So my thru hull exhaust ports are leaking water into the bilge. Except for the contortionist part, the job of resealing looks pretty straight forward. However, I've said that before and have been completely wrong. Has anyone tackled this before that can offer a few words of advice? Thanks, Steve 2007 236 SSX 350 MAG MPI