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  1. Iggy, does that mean you can hear VHF radio calls through your stereo system?
  2. No, that's not what I'm saying and I have no idea how you can interpret that way. I'm just wondering how many people can & do pay cash for a 100-500k boat. Simple.
  3. IMHO, the 20 year note has enabled the boating industry to increase their prices faster than ever.
  4. Ditto!!
  5. I wonder how many people could take that advice??
  6. Sorry to be blunt.. but stop throwing parts at it. Try to have it diagnosed. Could save you some money.
  7. Some of these numbers are a surprise. 38 models?? Trying to please everyone doesn't work, I guess. http://www.boattest.com/view-news/5617_sea-ray-boat-company-for-sale
  8. That's what my manual reads, is that that where you got your original figures?
  9. Can't find it anywhere, but probable not NOAA buoy being close to Toronto.
  10. Did you get the number of it. I see E43 but not sure if that's complete.
  11. Where did you come across it?
  12. testing
  13. Most marinas around here use muriatic acid to bottom clean. A diluted mixture is very effective for stains. And no scrubbing required.
  14. Not sure where this claim comes from but I'm glad you chimed in on this one, Wingnut.
  15. Changing oil isn't a gimic, it's probably the single most important thing you can do.