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  1. Apparently the Bravo 3 is the hottest running drive they make. Half of the drive is out of the water when up & running. If you can cool it down a bit, it can't hurt, can it?
  2. Waterfun


    Michael Keaton I think, but I can't remember the name of the movie.
  3. Yep, got one for Christmas, but I haven't been able to get out on the the water yet to try it out.
  4. I have the same issue and this explanation expands a little on exactly what Wingnut said. This is from the Simrek drive shower site: The unexplained need to keep topping off your drive oil reservoir bottle, is caused when the oil is overheated to a point were it is expanding and causing more pressure than the drive seals can handle. The factory pressure tests their drives by pumping air into them until they reach 15 lbs. of pressure. If the seals hold the pressure for a certain length of time, then the drive is considered good. The problem arises if the drive oil expands under heat to a point where it causes more than 15 lbs. of pressure. The drive oil is pushed by the seals until the pressure drops under 15 lbs. or until the drive oil is cooled by submersing it in water. This is the point were the drive is calling on the drive oil reservoir bottle to refill the drive. This problem is commonly referred to as “the mysterious drive oil disappearance”. No oil appears in the bilge, anywhere on the drive or transom, or as an oil slick in the water when the boat is docked. After inspecting the bilge and the outside of the drive for the presents of drive oil, the next thing that a Mercruiser Technician will do is to pressure test the drive, only to find that it passes the 15 lb. leak test. Now he is stumped and can do nothing to help you other than say that it’s up to you to keep the reservoir full at all times.
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    What does this wire go to?

    236 SSX
  6. Waterfun

    What does this wire go to?

    Do you have thru hull exhaust? I have one in that area attached to the thru hull exhaust bolt.
  7. Waterfun

    236 ssx prop ?

    I was considering these guys. https://www.boatpropellerwarehouse.com/category/5819/25-pitch
  8. Waterfun

    Getting started in Maine

    Congratulations! You & your wife will have a lot of fun this summer. Enjoy.
  9. Waterfun

    A Little Trailer Rehab

    What a difference that makes. Very nice job.
  10. Waterfun

    Multiple Towables

    Just a great picture!
  11. Waterfun

    Helping my neighbor find a boat

    Duh, of course.
  12. Waterfun

    Helping my neighbor find a boat

    Sorry, what's a Harvey boat?
  13. Waterfun

    GPS Chartplotter Recommendations?

    I installed a Simrad GO7 last spring and love it. Great for fishing and cruising. I use Navionics charts. Very easy to read and a lot of information. I believe they have some rebates available as well.
  14. Waterfun

    236 ssx prop ?

    I have the exact boat. The drive is a 2.2 ratio and came with 24P props. I'm able to go higher than the recommended max of 5200 wot (not 5800, witch I"m sure is a typo). I was thinking that 26P would be the answer to reduce the rpm's but decided to have the props cupped. In theory, the extra cup acts like adding pitch and therefore should drop my rpm to an acceptable level. I just had this done over the winter so I haven't been able to try it out. I'll post back when the boat is in the water. The way this spring is shaping up, could be July before I get back to you.
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    Never even thought of snow at a marina

    But it's not even covered up???
  16. Waterfun

    New trailer arrived

    Sorry about your Mom.
  17. I'd go for the '98, but not at that price. The '05 doesn't look well cared for.
  18. Waterfun

    Oil change pump out

    I work at GM dealership and have seen first hand the effects of changing your oil every 3000 miles, using the oil life monitor and not changing it at all. Changing oil every 3000 results in a cleaner engine overall with other components including cooling and air benefiting from the clean engine. Using the oil life monitor, if the factory has the algorithms correct, is ok but noticeably dirtier and a lot more build up of gunk in certain areas. Failures are usually not catastrophic but worn timing components and cylinder scoring are common. Finally, not changing the oil results in a big hole in the block around 25000 miles. I have seen too many of those and wonder how that happens when an oil change is so cheap compared to an engine.
  19. Waterfun

    210ssi radio wiring

    My radio turns on by itself. I think it has something to do the using the trim switch at the swim platform and my radio remotes being messed up.
  20. Waterfun

    No shim stamp on Bravo 3 drive shifter cavity

    To say the least! No wonder it's coming apart.
  21. Waterfun

    No shim stamp on Bravo 3 drive shifter cavity

    I'm curious what your drive is doing that requires a new clutch. I was wondering about my clutch.
  22. Waterfun

    210SSi oil change and Maintainance

    I use it as well. Unfortunately it's double the price up here and hurts when you guys say it's under 30 bucks!
  23. Waterfun

    Mercury 6.2 Exhaust flapper valve

    Yes, it stops rattling when you hold it. I can't see a way to tighten it unfortunately.
  24. Waterfun

    Mercury 6.2 Exhaust flapper valve

    I have an issue with the solenoid arm rattling when the corsa exhaust is off. It's much quieter when activated. Sounds like a major injector of lifter tick