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  1. antret25

    Improvement of steering

    The budget of improvement is less than $200.
  2. antret25

    Improvement of steering

    Not more than 2 trips a day, each trip not less than 4 hours. In order to connect steering actuator to another engine I need 2 hoses, 3 adapters, 1/2 of new steering pump (as gipsy) and 1-2 hours of labor. I plan to switch actuator every 200 hours.
  3. antret25

    Improvement of steering

    First, tours are licensed. Second, $1500 is the fuel economy of not using second engine during slow speed. Now, jeffk, verstehst du?
  4. antret25

    Improvement of steering

    I provide tours around Miami by my Chaparral. The scheme came up. Now need a lot of adapters. For example the main hose for steering pump has on one end metric thread, on another end imperial. Absurd. On Ebay are for sell completely the same steering pumps for Volvo Penta and General Motors. But he Volvo Penta steering pump has the thread M16-1.5 , the GM pump has thread 3/8 flare. I don't understand it.
  5. antret25

    Improvement of steering

    Last years I had about 400 hours a year. And the problem is that I have to move on slow speed.
  6. antret25

    Improvement of steering

    80% of time I move on slow speed. On this speed I need just one engine. If I use both in my case it means wasted $1500 for fuel and 160 hours a year for second engine, which worked on idle mode.
  7. antret25

    Improvement of steering

    I want to have the same hours on both engines. I shut off the starboard engine and use the port engine. Because of it only during last three years I replaced two steering helms and one cable. But in my case the fuel economy is approximately $1,500 a year plus engine hours.