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  1. Thanks all. Our Chap dealer has been communicating with Volvo reps but no solution was discovered. They checked all connections and verified them. We ran the boat on Sunday for about an hour and could not get it to “error” again. Bad connection? Murphy’s law (known well - Murphy is our last name) says problem will rear its head in coming week as we have family coming to town to boat over the 4th.
  2. We have a 2017 Signature 310 Express Cruiser with the Volvo Joystick. We have begun having an error code on the port engine randomly occurring. The engine goes into an emergency stop and the error code is displayed. This has only happened when using the normal throttle/steering and not when using the joystick. We key the engine off and recycle it and it goes back to normal operation. This happens mostly when we are trolling and not at higher speeds. Checked with our mechanic who plugged in diagnostic computer but can't find anything wrong. The error code is shown in the picture. Anyone else ever experience this error? Looking for a solution.
  3. JimnAl

    Door to Head

    We went with the hook. Works great. Holds door so it is wide open without rubbing on finish from being open too far. And kept my wife too Thanks for the ideas.
  4. JimnAl

    Door to Head

    Perhaps but I think the hook suggestion is better as we can keep the door away from the hinge so it won’t rub the finish. Thanks for the ideas. Appreciate the insights.
  5. JimnAl

    Door to Head

    Doing that now. Don’t like the door moving back and forth with flexing on bungee.
  6. JimnAl

    Door to Head

    Had the boat 3 years - wife 28. I’ll stick with girl. :)
  7. JimnAl

    Door to Head

    Looking for ideas to keep the door to the head open on a Signature 310 cruiser. My wife prefers the door open when getting ready. Looking for ideas that blend with the styling of the boat.
  8. JimnAl


    That was the maiden voyage for Aurelia in Coeur d'Alene ID. Signature 310 heading for its new home in 2017.
  9. Thanks Hatem. Appreciate the detailed suggestion. Excellent advice. Phillbo, my first trip to Lake Powell was in 1982. Best vacations we have ever taken. For five years living in Salt Lake City, we traveled to Lake Powell every year for a week's adventure. You are lucky to call that your home lake. Thanks to all for the advice. Summer is coming....
  10. Scratches to gelcoat from hitting the winch stand when coming in strong, in windy conditions.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I know the most damage I did to my previous 250 Signature was while trailering particularly in windy conditions. Starting about 8 years ago my wife and I became methodical about loading/unloading the boat and that helped immensely. The 310 is relatively new to us and we of course have yet to trailer it as we don't own one now. Thanks to all for advice. Informative and a bit entertaining too.
  12. Thanks for all the insights. One last question (was addressed by one) power winch?
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I haul large loads regularly and have a one ton Chevy Duramax so towing is not an issue. I am more interested in the trailer specifics - roller vs. bunk, surge vs. electric brakes etc for the hauling, etc. Hence the question specific to the trailer. We also would like to explore Flathead Lake in Montana and in the not too distant future may consider the west side of Washington State i.e., San Juan islands. With that in mind, the trailer option has a long term benefit and is probably worth the investment. Any suggestions on specifics for the trailer.
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