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  1. Does anybody have a picture they can post of their outdrive? This is a Volvo Penta DPS. Yesterday while underway I was looking inside the engine compartment and could see water trickling into the bilge from the transom assembly. It was not coming in from the drive shaft but somewhere below that. The water was cold and seemed to come into the boat only while the engine was running. Unfortunately I was unable to get a good picture. I will try to take a picture today and add it to the post. I wonder if the source of the leak is caused by a missing grommet I referenced in the picture above. Thanks.
  2. This is a picture taken of my outdrive with it turned to the port side. In the image you can see a cable at the bottom of the picture disappear into the mount on the transom. Should there be a grommet or rubber boot on it? There appears to be grommets on the cables seen in the top of the picture. Any ideas?
  3. This boat is 24 feet long. It should have one.
  4. Not sure why it doesn't have the capacity plate. How do I go about getting one for this boat? I believe this is a USCG requirement ?
  5. So I spent the afternoon fixing the ladder and the two swim deck cleats. Upon removing all the hardware there was no sealant or gasket to be found. It took some contorting myself into pretzel like shapes to reach all the hardware but I got it done and added 3m sealant as well. I took the boat out for a test run and still collected significant water in the bilge. While inspecting things under the engine hatch I could see multiple streams of water entering the bilge from behind the transom tie down bolts. Not a drip, but a steady stream from both sides. I noticed that there are nuts on the outside of the bolt and on the inside as well. Any suggestions on the best way to remove the hardware so I can add sealant?
  6. So if these fittings drain to the bilge, then who are these people that have bone dry bilges?
  7. Cyclops - Do you think water is entering here? If so would I see it in the bilge ?
  8. E-Xtreme - How much water?
  9. In looking more closely at the ladder hardware it is through bolted . Tough to get to also. On a side note I took a cup of water and poured it over the mounting brackets for the ladder to see exactly how much water would get into the bilge. The answer is lots . I also notice that the two cleats located on the swim platform leak like a sieve when water is poured over them . I next need to take the boat out to see how much water penetrates these three areas just from normal boating. Anybody have any experience with these locations leaking while underway?
  10. I will post a picture soon. I noticed a 2 inch gouge on one of the strakes. It appears that the fiberglass is compromised in a small section of the gouge . I discovered the damage because I am trying to track down the origins of water entering the bilge. Any ideas how much water could enter through a small crack? ( I know, dumb question)
  11. It is a 236 ssi . There is no access on the swim deck.
  12. Definitely screws. I guess the holes in the fiberglass will need filling and larger screws used.
  13. The two screws are loose on one side of the swim ladder where it mounts to the swim platform. Need advise on how to tighten or replace. Using a screwdriver only causes the screws to turn and not tighten. I assume there are nuts or bracket they mount to? Thanks.
  14. Thanks Brick
  15. ColdOne- Thanks. Seems 12 feet would be right for the tower extended . Makes for a tall carport.