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  1. Possible, but my dinghy is pretty much a one person job.
  2. So I finally put this to work. Trying to crank and steer at the same time...no bueno. If you lock it into a straight line this thing will get up and move! Oars are easier. Do not recommend the hand crank.
  3. I could use a C and two L. :-(
  4. Very dangerous to idle the engines on the hook. Keep people away from the back of the boat if you do. CO poisoning sneaks up fast. I'd make it priority to get the second battery. Or if nothing else keep a jump box onboard if you are worried.
  5. JL came with mine in the cockpit. I am impressed with the clarity. Even at higher volume they still sound excellent.
  6. I have and 8.5 ft dinghy with oars. I will be going very short distances in protected waters. I was going to do just oar power to get to and from my mooring ball until I saw this. Distance is dictating me staying with manual power vs buying a real motor to use. I'm not into electric trolling motors and hauling around yet another battery. Couple horse outboards aren't cost effective This item looks like a great idea. But so does jumping off a roof into a snow bank.
  7. Anyone ever use one of these for a dinghy? https://www.amazon.com/BRIS-OPERATED-PROPELLERS-INFLATABLE-OUTBOARD/dp/B01HLSLJU8
  8. Depends on the lake. Our lake is pretty small compared to most of you. I've towed and been towed. I've helped fix and been fixed on the water. Boaters helping other boaters in whatever capacity you can. For the record, I own two towing policies. My insurance comes with towing and I have it through BoatUS.
  9. I have to do this same thing at the moment. Those trunk lids are heavier than they look when resting on your neck. Lol
  10. Don't forget to account for the weight of the trailer in your gvwr. If you buy an 8k tandem and it weighs 1500lbs you only have 6500 for the boat.
  11. Nowadays you can buy a lifetime bumper to bumper. Well with the money if you make a Diesel purchase.
  12. '14 Ram 2500 4x4 6.4L hemi and 4.10 rear end. She gets a little squirrelly about 55 mph, but I can't legally go faster than that anyway with the boat hooked up. Beast of a truck.
  13. Ask the dealer what changes there are. Might be grounds to cancel your order.
  14. I thought about doing that myself. Shudder to think how much that top was.
  15. If it's truly a sat receiver then go to the sat source and tune in channel 1. Your radio id should be available there. At least, I think that's how it worked on my cars. Chances are it may only be sat ready meaning you need the sat receiver as mentioned previously by others.
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