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  1. was getting there I think, just wanted to make sure as they are pricey thanks for the reply if I get one I'll follow up anyway to bypass it?
  2. mine are ordered I took safety sticker off under back seat gives you 3" x 24"
  3. Hi all new here; have 2011 284 bought last year dash lights mostly do not work I am mechanically inclined but can't figure out dash lights. I have checked every wire under dash for being loose put screwdriver on all screws. sometimes they come on with the key but they are dim if I turn dimmer down they get very dim than off. when key is shut off about 10-15 seconds later very faint click sounds like from gauges and lights go off I was hoping for a weak relay no luck. once while driving hit wave they came on bright but then went right out. I have tried to put power to blue wire and add ground to yellow wires off gauges no help. any one else have or fix this issue? Due to where I live summer night boating happens often! this is my first Chaparral love it.
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