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    My boat is a 1991 2750sx with twin Volvo penta 5.7's and 290 drives

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  1. It's a real #$%#$ to get to the drain plugs so I figured to do it when I changed oil next
  2. Then I stand corrected. Goes to show you I don't @#$%@# about boats
  3. With proper maintenance it should
  4. I was just thinking that I could just add what SST posted and leave it open, put a hose on it and at the other end of the hose put a petcock valve within easy reach. I think that would work for me
  5. TY SST That's just what I've been trying to find
  6. I think it's depends on if what you have is a collectable or not.
  7. Run! Run fast run far!
  8. WHOA NOW...... This is Southern Cal. Winterizing is NOT an option.
  9. Love your ride it's an oldie similar to mine
  10. Thank you for letting us know as we are a curious lot. I hope the boat brings you the kind of pleasure ours has.
  11. Thanks for the reply. But..... Did you move the boat and if so how?
  12. Gotta love those GM small blocks!
  13. This was our first year with the Chap and we were lucky enough to get in the Pacific twice and a couple lakes. Our local lake has turned into a peaceful haven for us and some friends and we've been fortunate enough to get there more times than I can count. From just kick'n it to fishing it's been an awesome year. I'd recommend Chap THERAPY to any who'll listen.
  14. Nice:D
  15. Moving 60 miles only once? I'd use the venture but I'd keep the speed down and watch for bumps. If the trailer is rated for 10600 and your a thou over I wouldn't consider it for regular use but once...... Yep I'd go with it. Just my humble opinion. Good luck with whatever you choose