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    My boat is a 1991 2750sx with twin Volvo penta 5.7's and 290 drives

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  1. It's held on in the rear by a glued or glassed strap that I had to tear off Sorry about the late reply. I've been busy as heck thru these holidays and snow storms
  2. This is great advice as I am getting ready to put new motors in mine. thank you wingnut. I should add that I am going to remove the drives just for inspection
  3. And I am such a dummy I would say, Hey give me that rope
  4. You should get your boat to a reputable shop now and get a diagnosis and estimate to take to court with you
  5. I believe it's possible that there could have been damage to the heads at the same time as the other damage occured but proving it is another thing you're probably going to have to bite the bullet on this one. But I am not a trained mechanic and I do not know boats very much or how much liquid the The heads could of possibly had in them or hold. Fortunately there are many very experienced people on this site that hopefully will chime in and give you their thoughts
  6. I have a91 2750sx and I've had the rear pad reupholstered but I have removed the rear seat and and am changing the interior. We want a single small double seat at the helm and something that curves around one side or a couple nice fold down seats so I can have a bit more room to bbq or fish
  7. Victoria's Secret Ford Victoria's Secret (Hard not to like it when the wife strolls around in it)
  8. Is this a new boat? If so I'd take it straight to the dealer.
  9. 63 Buick Special. Ugliest car ever made. 67 17' Glasspar Seafair sedan with a 75 Evinrude That boat took my friends and I to Catalina so many times I can't count em.
  10. Axis makes a great boat too. ( As long as you keep the ballast to a minimum it makes a pretty good ski boat also) I was looking at them a couple years ago and was very impressed
  11. my old 2750sx has a 9-foot beam and I have never had any problems . I go out into the Pacific often. We also go out to Havasu and Lake Mead where the water can get pretty bad. Of course there are days when it is just ridiculous and you do not want to be on the water if you like life but for the most part the 9-foot beam really is comfortable compared to boats I've had before that had less beam. Just say'n Auggie
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