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  1. bahamas trip

    That's a big trip I think I'd just be safe and take an extra battery or two
  2. Why GM

    Great article. Thanks for the link
  3. Finally, it is in!

    Ha! We finally got ours on the water Friday. Going back to Silverwoodtomorrow too if nothing gets in the way......YAHOO!
  4. superyacht

    Sure..... buy two
  5. Build Quality

    Don't be too hard on yourself. I had no idea either
  6. New Boat Owner

    I say forget the rims. Just get your girl a smaller bikini and enjoy
  7. Well, I finally did it!

    You might want to get clearance from the CEO they seem to be pretty stubborn at times good luck with that
  8. what spare parts do you keep on board

    I'll do that thank you
  9. what spare parts do you keep on board

    Thank you wijeff much appreciated
  10. Corroded Lug Nuts

    Just found this article. I had no idea acetone and atf did such a good job. Looks like when I run out of my PB Blaster I'll be using acetone and ATF
  11. Parts

    Most graphic shops do vinyl wraps nowadaysso you probably have somebody in your area that can make the boat look any way you want
  12. Im about ready to give up my boat is haunted

    You sound alot like me...... although it'd be nice if i could shoot lightening out my *** while walking away just to teach it a lesson
  13. what spare parts do you keep on board

    Can someone possibly post a link of what USCG items/kits there are. Thank you, Auggie
  14. Backfire at full throttle

    That sucks. I hope your just getting a plug wire miss at most. Good luck
  15. Ty, I'll look for it when the shops done servicing it