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    My boat is a 1991 2750sx with twin Volvo penta 5.7's and 290 drives

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  1. That's one badass 5th wheel
  2. Nice job and way way beyond what I'd try. Kudos
  3. Smart smart smart
  4. Goodyear makes a great tire. Too bad the RT wranglers are so aggressive I have Toyo open country mt's on my excursion and recently got those Hankooks for my f250 and the Hankooks are way quieter and ride pretty decent
  5. Those nittos are louder than the Toyo's
  6. That's a bummer..... I'd sure like to have a manual for my 91 2750 sx too.
  7. Awesome! I hope you have many years of great times
  8. Somebody be may have to be taken to court first. Once that happens I imagine they will have a free-for-all on people with wake boats and damages caused if it is proven the Wake Boat Owner or driver of the Wake boats fault
  9. For that kind of price it better be
  10. Many Tint Shops do body wrap type graphics. You can put any design you want on it
  11. I say Black. I have 2 black vehicles and wish my boat was black. Sure it has to have more work. But if you keep it up nothing else looks as good
  12. I've been looking at this: And ........ The 2 speed 3700 lb. Model
  13. Ty
  14. I want to update my winch and cable to a new winch and tether. My boat weighs 6500 dry. How many pounds winch should I have. I tried to find markings on my current one but there are none. I'm looking at a 1500 lb. Winch. Is that enough?
  15. We're going to watch the show @ midnight from the water for the first time. We'll be launching at the Southshore ramp just down from the Queen Mary in the early to mid-afternoon and stay until the shows over after midnight. If anyone else will be around we'll be happy to share a glass. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!