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    My boat is a 1991 2750sx with twin Volvo penta 5.7's and 270 drives

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  1. I'd say use it, just go easy on it and don't throw a lot of throttle to it
  2. being relatively new and seeing the damage and all that I've had one fire extinguisher on every boat that I've ever owned and I can assure you I am getting at least one more in possibly two because I can't see how one small fire extinguisher is going to put out much of anything
  3. That poor guy is likely too never be able to cover all of the damage
  4. Thats odd? Even on my raggedy old boat the manual even shows me how to build an igloo just in case of Ice Age
  5. My balls top is right at 22" Everything's nice and level
  6. Anything fixed with zero money out of pocket is a good thing, have fun
  7. I only said that because I anchor in 60 foot deep of water often for fishing and only throw out about 80 to 90 foot of line in winds up to 20 miles an hour. I have a Danforth and it holds just fine. Then again I don't know what the bottom is like either because I don't have the guts to swim down there and take a peep
  8. That's a WHOLE lot of line for 10' of water
  9. Now I really wish I could Photoshop and put my boat in there instead
  10. Sweet shot!
  11. Honestly if there is zero compression in your number 2 cylinder then you have or what could be a big problem. It could possibly be a burnt valve or a broken spring. Which would require removal of the head and then a worst-case scenario could be a broken ring or a burnt piston I'm sure there are some other things that it could be that I've forgotten but with zero compression it's just not a good thing and is going to require some work. And another thing is I don't know how you could not have noticed a miss with a dead cylinder
  12. Remember it's only as good as the people in putting the information
  13. LMAO!
  14. Ya gotta purty smile
  15. Happy wife, happy life