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    My boat is a 1991 2750sx with twin Volvo penta 5.7's and 270 drives

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  1. I'm looking forward to when we'll be able to get a canvas enclosure made. I'm still working on the interior and I have other fish to fry first.
  2. Please refer to above
  3. Are we related?
  4. I still love my Ford's
  5. I know I originally mentioned the Titan but please don't think I'm a fan.
  6. You know what? I had never even thought of propane and propane is probably the only way to go to make it usable on a boat or out camping for the weekend. That's what I get for ' be bopping ' around the internet looking for the best thing. Now I have to do this all over again Auggie
  7. I've read alot about this one. Looks like a winner
  8. Hopefully within 2 years Futzin'. #%^$&%$ that's beautiful!
  9. All of ours end in ' Reservoir. ' And none of them are particularly large
  10. Took the pad over the engine cover to the upholstery shop yesterday. Its our first step towards reupholstering all the cockpit area seating. I enjoy fishing and want enough room under the rear seats for a small aerated bait tank and ' catch ' tank. I've seen some that have seating on the tops but only for pontoon boats. I'm not too keen on that type so I'm still looking. If someone has any ideas and can direct me to something like I've described that would be appreciated. I don't want to ruin the sport look of the boat so what I'm looking for is something that fits my needs but is basically hidden until I flip a seat up. Thanks Auggie
  11. You guys have some great names for places
  12. Lol Very nice! Auggie
  13. Sounds like not only jumping but 'leaping' thru hoops. Just say'n, Auggie
  14. BTW That 5.0 Cummins is 310hp w/555lbs. Torque. My 7.3 came stock with 325 hp and 525 lbs. Torque. So I imagine that 5.0 can be tuned to run pretty good also.
  15. I expect Toyota to come out with something more capable in the near future. I personally love my Ford for towing but I've owned one type or another of Toyota car for a very long time and never had an issue with any of them. I'd be hard pressed to decide on a new truck of either brand if Toyota threw something equal to the Ford's I love P.S. I've owned one type of Ford truck and car during the last 30 years also.