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  1. Prices are all over the map depending where the shop is located, you'll have to get quotes from a local shop there
  2. They retail for just under $700USD each, but you can find them online for as little as $500 a piece.
  3. I installed 3 of the Seablaze Specture RGB lights on a 2006 Chaparral 310 (Twin Screw with 10'7" beam). One light in the middle and two at the edges of the stern. There's 2 different modes: It starts by cycling through all of the lights over the course of about 20 or 30 seconds. This gives you the opportunity to pick a solid color if you'd like. You can pick a color by toggling the same switch you used to turn them on, off and then on again very quickly. That will select that color and hold it there. Alternatively, you can let it continue to cycle. After the first round, it slows w
  4. That's a great idea. I wonder what other tvs are 12v and then converted to 120 that could be used...
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