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  1. Does anyone know these part numbers or where I can find them. All chap dealers I call have no idea. Don't want to use universal unless I have to. Can't seem to find part number anywhere on internet. HELP!!!
  2. lukelane

    2000 216 ssi shift issue

    Newbie here. I bought a 2000 216 ssi last summer. it had 229 hours on it and was immaculate. The only issue I have noticed is that neutral is hard to get to. By that I mean I have to go past neutral into reverse and then bump it to neutral. It really makes docking a pain. When I had it winterized, (Michigan) the mechanic said the cable was too stretched and needed replaced. So I have 2 questions, Is he talking about throttle cable, shift cable or both? And if one and not the other, does it make sense to replace them all anyway? It seemed pretty pricey for a cable replacement. (yes I know what boat stands for) I am pretty handy and have several friends who work on their own boats. So if anyone out there has experienced this or a similar issue I'd love to hear from you and get some feedback as to what might be going on. Luke