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  1. Cammy

    sking behind vortex boats

    Has anyone or does anyone slalom ski behind a vortex jet boat boat? Wandering how it is compared to a stern drive or direct drive. I know getting up on one ski requires some serious pull.
  2. Cammy

    6oohp vortex boats

    It does seem crazy to me that these vortex boats with all this hose power are in many ways inferior to that of a stern drive. if you put a 500hp big block in a 2430 with a bravo 1x drive it would be a rocket.
  3. Cammy

    bravo 3 XR props

    Thanks for the information guys greatly appreciated
  4. Cammy

    6oohp vortex boats

    Thanks for the info guys I appreciate it. ive got to say though I was not aware of the amount of fuel the engines burn if what your saying is true I could only imagine what two 300's would use.
  5. Cammy

    bravo 3 XR props

    I've got a 2013 226ssi and im looking for better performance mostly on top end. It has a merc 350 300hp and I can reach 54.1 on gps looking to bump that up
  6. Cammy

    6oohp vortex boats

    anyone know when the 2019 vortex models are officially going to be released and of course im sure they are offing twin 300s in them
  7. Cammy

    bravo 3 XR props

    Wandering if anyone has upgraded to the bravo 3 XR series props and if so how they have performed in comparison.
  8. Cammy

    chaparral Vrx 223 or 243 info

    I am looking for some info on chaparrals new jet boats. does anyone who owns one of these boats like it?, how fast do they go, are they noisy, can you actually surf behind them, really any info would be great. have a beautiful 2013 226 ssi but the kids want to surf now.
  9. Cammy

    Recommendations on new GPS

    did you ever find a good gps/fishfinder that worked? I want to put in a lowrance 5" Elite-5 Ti want to know if this would fit. I have a standard horizon 190i in their now its great for gps but that's it. I have a 2013 226 ssi