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  1. honda90

    2007 256 ssx anchor light

    I don't have the popup light that is listed in the parts catalog. It has the pole light unfortunately. Here is a pic.
  2. honda90

    2007 256 ssx anchor light

    yeah it's just a plug in one. I can see it is a 2 terminal connector. maybe somebody swapped it out at sometime. thanks for the reply.
  3. honda90

    2007 256 ssx anchor light

    I can't find the front anchor light (green and red lamp) that plugs into the bow for night boating. I think I will have to order a new one. But can anybody tell me where it is supposed to be stored when not in use? I don't see any bracket to hold it in the anchor locker itself. thanks for your help.
  4. honda90

    2007 256ssx arch bimini question

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum and glad to be a new Chap owner! My question is how do I fold up my bimini top so I don't have to completely take apart my entire unit every time I travel. I live in the Midwest where I am trailering my boats 40 to 120 miles. It takes me 30 min. Every time I disassemble it from my arch and the poles don't break down into smaller pieces. Any help would be great! Thanks.