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  1. Crespo611

    Boat Name

    Good feedback, Thanks to all of you,
  2. Crespo611

    Boat Name

    Hello all, Can any boat size be named along with Hailing port? or Does it need to meet the USCG standards?
  3. Crespo611

    2016 Sunesta 224

    Lestat, its a Mercury 4.5 MPI 250 dn0349, I agree! Fun and safe Toddler, thanks for the insight, for sure we will explore first.
  4. Crespo611

    2016 Sunesta 224

    Hello all, Im new to the Chaparral community. We bought a new 2016 Sunesta 224. Awesome boat! Wife and I are excited to start the season. Gonna be a long 2 months till then. Traded a pontoon boat for it. Kids should be happy to go fast! Including me. We will be at Chain O Lakes in Illinois most of the time, and explore Lake Geneva, Wi, Also planning on July 4th on Lake Michigan at the Navy Pier for fireworks! It will be fun summer for sure. Glad to see others with experience help and advice on all topics Chaparral. Pics coming soon