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  1. I have the full enclosure for my 2330. Couldn't figure out how to stretch it, and get it to fit correctly. Haven't had a need to use it. Still brand new, unused, for 18 years.
  2. I have access to stainless tubing, and such. Might try making my own this winter. The white, dust, looking crap, on the out drive, bothers me.
  3. Did a 63 mile run today with our 2330. Noticed drive waz HOT, and want to find a shower for it. Is there one ?
  4. I pull large, heavy, trailers with no brakes. Any steep terrain, nope, ain't gonna trust just the truck brakes. I do have a "jake" brake on my power stroke. It's called a Banks brake. It helps ALOT.
  5. Original bimini. Still has tags on it. Everything is still in new condition. It was stored in a plastic tub, with lid, still in separate plastic "sleeves", packages, wrap, or what ever you call it. Just to be sure. Anyone have pics of their original bimini top for a 1999 , 2330 ?
  6. I give up for now, and put it all away. Screw it.
  7. It's 18 years old, and was never used. Looks brand new. I think I'm going to try taking the screws out of the main bimini top side rails, snapping the back down, with it zipped to the top, and slllloooowwwwly, try to raise the side rails back into their slots. Since its hot, it "should" strretch......
  8. I know how it looks on, just trying to get it that way is the issue. Trying to stretch it to the rear most snaps, is going to be the biggest fun. Looks like it needs to stretch about 3 inches !!
  9. Yeah, no kidding. Don't forget sliding snaps !
  10. Not sure the proper name, but it zips to the bimini top, has clear vinyl windows, and encloses the whole cockpit.How do you fit it ? I've snapped and zipped what I could, let it soften, and it still has crooked sides. The front seems too long width wise, etc... Yes, it has tags, and they say for my 2330. Some secret to to getting it to fit right ?
  11. I hope this is working ?
  12. How are you all posting pics ? Fphotobucket !