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  1. wondering if the trash and stuf is still floating around
  2. AirCav1971

    19 H2O Prop Question

    Just went ahead and got the 12 x 21 spitfire
  3. AirCav1971

    19 H2O Prop Question

    2017 19 H20 sport 220 hp Getting a spare Prop. Looking at a Mercury Spitfire Alum 14x21 anyone running one of these or have thoughts. Looking to drop rpm and maybe pick up some speed. I will keep my current prop as a spare and for tubing. Boat now has a alpha 4 14x20 . With 2 people and half tank of gas rpm is close to about 4900 speed on iphone app is 53. we are not carrying much weight in the boat. I do have smart tabs. Thanks.
  4. Hi All new on here but not new to boating. My Question is i am coming a 94 checkmate predictor 115 2-stroke so that is where my prop knowledge comes from. I know about prop choice bering new or at max rpm. I will be picking up a new 19 h2o on wednesday it comes with a 20p alum spitfire. I like to have 2 props one for pulling and one for at or near top end speed. I am thinking the 20p will be ok for pulling the other for speed in stainless i need help with 3-4 blade. 19 h20 2500lbs or so. engine is 4.3 merc 220 hp. Any Thoughts Boat at raystown lake Pa. And Thanks