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  1. Bawuva

    GPS 196ssi

    I’ve been really pleased with the Dragonfly. Really like the buttons on the bottom with the Dragonfly vs the Garmin buttons which were on the side - it means the screen is wider and more usable in my opinion.
  2. We are in Gaston as well and have Doozies for our two boat lifts and jet ski lifts.
  3. All, Second year boater (we have a 2010 196 SSI)... My 18 year old son has recently been learning how to pilot our boat. He's been doing great and typically is very conscientious about everything. Well - this weekend, he was down at our lake house with my wife and others (I wasn't there) and he took the boat out for the first time without me. He did great but after he got it back on the lift, he told me he starting the engine and ran for about 7 seconds out of the water. Ugh! I blame myself for not teaching him that it needs to be in the water when you start it. So my question is: am I looking at any damage with it running for a few seconds out of water? I'm worried for when I get back down there next week there is going to be a headache waiting for me. Thanks all.
  4. We had a great first summer with the lake house - my kids loved it and lots of memories were made. Before we bought at Lake Gaston, we looked at places in Dewey area as well as Northern Neck (we have friends with houses in both places). Pros and cons to all the places but the lake ended up being best for us - something we really didn't focus on before we bought at the lake was the boathouse/lifts... this ended up being a great entertaining area for us and is the central point for a lot of activities (paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, fishing, etc). Plus keeps our two boats out of the water and under cover.
  5. Bawuva

    GPS 196ssi

    I had a Raymarine Dragonfly-5 installed on my 196SSI earlier this year and it's a great fit. Buttons are on the bottom instead of on the side like Garmin.
  6. Thanks. Will check on the tower this weekend when we head back to the lake. It's something I didn't really check to confirm whether the factory tower collapses or not.
  7. Fgeo14 - did you end up getting a lake house? Your situation sounds pretty much like ours - 3 boys (17, 15, 12). We live in NoVa and have been looking at waterfront homes everywhere (SML, Lake Anna, Lake Gaston, Northern Neck, OBX, Delaware Beaches, etc.) - in the end we decided to go with a house in Lake Gaston. My in-laws have a house there and we've been going there for last 10+ years. For us it isn't about the investment (probably a lot of better places to put the $) but more so for the family aspect of it and the memories - our kids, their friends, the grandparents, etc. Also - thought it would be a great place for the boys to meet up as they get older entering college and eventually with their own families (i.e. our grandkids). We aren't in the house yet (will be by end of April) but everyone is really excited so far - hopefully that continues as the years go on.
  8. Hello all - new to this forum and to boating. We just put a deposit on a great 2010 Chaparral 196 SSi for our new lake house. One question I had after leaving the lake this weekend was the wake tower (factory installed)... The lake we are on has a few culvert bridges at various coves where we would have to collapse the wake tower to go under it. I didn't really pay attention to the wake tower that much when we were looking at the boat this weekend. Will the factory wake tower collapse to provide clearance to go under these culverts? Not a huge deal if that isn't possible - just won't be able to explore a few parts of the lake then.
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