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  1. Thank you Sebago.... I saw a. Umber of entries on a local FB site regarding the sale of Shep Brown’s. But did not catch that the new owners will handle The Chaparral line. That is good news. Appreciate the update!
  2. Thanks BoatingSam! I was not aware of this dealer. I am on the Gilford end of the Lake, so will have to consider options carefully. Aside from the short ride to Sebago Lake, it becomes a matter of service longer term. I know Fay’s has been grandfathered with 5 years parts and 10years service. Good to know there is a local dealer.... question is how long they too will have if Chaparral continues to push their small dealers.
  3. Those in the Northeast that enjoy the NH Lakes region will find out that Fays Boat Yard in Gilford NH will no longer be an authorized dealer for new Chaps. According to the posting, Chaparral is pressing dealers to increase sales and inventory. While I understand distribution and dealers need to help sustain the brand, not clear that the New England region will have a dealer to work thru. This is very disappointing, as there are many proud owners that boat on the NH lakes. Just recently started to consider upgrading to a Signature 310 from my current 246 SSI. I now need to consider whether I'll have a strong local dealer that can provide the high level of service that Fays has always provided. Disappointed with Chaparal's decision. May have lost not one, but likely many NH Lakes region Chaparral owners.