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  1. Bbooth


    Update : The block was cracked. So we went with a new 357 mag create engine. Turns out you do have to be under prop load to get it to take on water . Ran her for 5 min under load and low and behold water back in the oil .. 9800 deer later and we should be good ugh !
  2. Bbooth


    I don’t know when the elbows and risers were checked last I have had the 260 signature 3yrs with not many problems. I know the motor has been out before but I don’t know why it was before we owned her she is a 2001 so probably a dry joint but at this point I would not now the difference. Can you school me a. Little bit on that water dog ? What I don’t understand either is why it would not show up after running for 20 min backed in the water. Does it build up that much more water pressure under prop load ? Than running at 2500 rpm with no load ? Sorry for my ignorance here and thank you f
  3. Bbooth


    Doing a pressure test this weekend. Bravo 2 drive there was no water in oil with muff start and run for 20min start up in spring then water after 10 min water test by mechanic.changed oil and filter ran on muffs 20 min again no water then put it in water on trailer far enough for out drive to be submerged and no water , but there was enough water on 10 min test for it to blow out dipstick hose ?
  4. Bbooth


    So does anyone know if you can get water in the motor if you backed it in not running still strapped to the trailer at the transom? And how far it would have to be in to get water in ? Thanks for you help !
  5. Bbooth


    I think anything is possible at this point. I have been told running it on muffs or on the trailer in the water is not adequate for an accurate test for the block if it is cracked. And Needs to be run under load if the is a crack under the Intake valley of the block . Also that freeze cracks often appear there on the internal of the block . I am wondering though about a water line on the boat that is above my swim platform? How low in the water does the boat have to be to have water get in over the exhaust risers ?? It almost looks like it was backed in and not unstrapped. Not Likely f
  6. Bbooth


    Yes, it was run on muffs and ran great.
  7. Bbooth


    Got boat back from mechanic fri. Was getting ready to change the oil. And was in shock. Oil full of water milkshake anyone. So changed the oil twice ran on muffs checked oil No froth or milk. Pulled new filter , No froth WTF. Sorry trying to stay level headed. Lol. Dropped in water at ramp and ran for 15 min and up to temp 160. Pulled it and checked again. No water in filter or on dipstick. Looked in oil fill and see oil running buy on top of head in valve channel Mechanic only worked on outdrive new bellows ,gimbal bearing . It’s a 5.7 250hp 2 barrel with bravo 2. Any sugg
  8. Bbooth

    Confused !

    So we took the boat out yesterday. 2001 260 sig with 5.7 bravo 2 , planned like normal running good other than ran the wot up to 5100 and has never gone over 4600 in the three years I have owned her . Same prop no changes to anything mechanical?? When we got to the beach I got in the water to check prop for problems Ie.. chunks missing cracks , and put it in gear and tryed to turn it to check for slipping found nothing abnormal. Any ideas? Other than the jokesters saying try sea foam ( today is a great day to be on a boat )
  9. Bbooth

    Running rich?

    Engine # omo24121 5.7 there is no tag on the two barrel carb . I do have some history from the last owner from posts on this site and was told he was very meticulous you might remember tmill from his uwl deal . The boat is in great condition for her age . Very well kept . With just 323 hrs. Bellows pump and all hoses replaced. With in the last 2 years.
  10. Bbooth

    Running rich?

    I will post # in the am . And check out utube thank you
  11. Bbooth

    Running rich?

    I appreciate all the advise!! The boat does run out well and gets to normal operating temp the plate seems to move open all the way as it should .
  12. Bbooth

    Running rich?

    Sorry ! It is a carb . With thunderbolt ignition . When I first looked at it they told me it was fuel injected lol and broker told me it was a throttle body it has electric choke
  13. Bbooth

    Running rich?

    Bought a 2001 260 sig with bravo 2 strong fuel smell from exhaust changed plugs and cap and rotor . No change , can enyone give me info on how to check the choke to make sure it is operating correctly? Any help would be greatly appreciated !
  14. Bbooth

    3rd owner

    We bought our first chaparral from a member of the forum . I would like to ask him a few ?s about the boat . I read about a few problems he had and want to follow up on them . One of them was running to rich . Strong fuel smell from exhaust . Changed plugs and cap and rotor , no effect . Seems to run good but without really running without this problem I don't really know. 2001 sig 260 7.4 mercy with bravo 2 any Suggestions on where to start?
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