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  1. I have a 1999 1930ss. Bought it a couple months ago so don't know much history on it but i am having trouble with the ski locker holding water. I have taken the plate with four screws on the back off the ski locker and i can see what looks like the fuel tank and can poke around with a clothes hanger but wont drain. Does anybody have input on how to fix this issue.
  2. No. It's all the time. It doesn't matter if it's the first start or not. It's hard to start all the time
  3. It is a 1999. It doesn't make a difference wheather it is hot or cold after first start up.
  4. I put a bottle of seafoam along with premium fuel up. It is a carb motor. I just purchased it so i could not tell you about the last tuneup. I don't believe it has been to long as the wires don't look that old but that's just me. How can i tell on the choke if it is working
  5. Hey guys. New owner of a 1930ss with a 5.0 mercruiser. It has 355 hours. I bought it from a one owner older gentleman in his mid 70s. It in pretty good shape. I took it out for the first time this weekend. The boat runs like a champ and drives like a champ. The only thing that i noticed is that trying to start it is hard to start. I will even try and pump the throttle 3-5 times every time and still does it. It will crank every time but it may take a couple times sometimes or just turning of the starter for a few seconds in order for it to crank. It makes no difference seems like if its hot or
  6. Hey guys I'm fairly new to the boating seen. This is my second boat to own and first chaparral. I just picked up a 99 chaparral 1930ss with a 5.0 mercruiser and been looking for anything i need to address before it hits the water for the summer and noticed on the back at the foot the what i think is the speedometer hose is loose at the bottom. It looks like has a quick connect at the end that should clip on to the male end but cant get it to snap end. Any suggestions or does this part wear out. And which one would be the one if so. Thanks
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