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  1. King Harbor

    Chaparral Fuel Tank Leaks

    I own a Chaparral Signature 31 with less than 300 hours on it that is defueled and sitting in its slip with a fuel tank that spontaneously leaked over 50 gallons into the rear and forward bilge areas. I have been trying to contact someone at Chaparral Boats for advise and assistance for over two weeks without reply except to refer me to the local dealer who said he could not help, but would ask the manufacturer to contact me. Still nothing. Does anyone know how to contact someone at Chaparral who cares, and stands behind their product? Any help would be appreciated. My understanding now is that the approximately 6' X 5' tank is only 1/8th inch thick (as opposed to 3/16th inch which would make it safer and 50% more-resistant to corrosion), made of unpainted/unprimed/untreated aluminum and therefore highly prone to corrosion and developing holes near the bottom surface. Before this, my understanding was that Chaparral's larger boats were made to be safe and compatible with salt-water/sea operation. Now I'm really beginning to doubt that.
  2. King Harbor

    Fuel Leak

    I own a 1997 Signature 31. Just found fuel in rear and forward bilge areas while in the slip. No evidence found of engine leaks or visible connections/fittings. Has anyone had a similar experience? Thoughts? Thanks.