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  1. When I brought to stop I, the first time went to neutral and let it idle for a bit as it said bring RPM down and the second time turned the engines/batter power completely off and restarted it to see if it would clear the warning. Yes I have a catalytic converter and thru hull exhaust. Noticed that sides thru hull actuator is not closing, it is always open in the thru hull mode.
  2. Carlo

    Serpentine belt

    I have a 307SSX with twin 300volvo’s. The belt came off and got shredded. I only realized it when raised the hatch to flush. Except that while running it the last 40 minutes the engine temp was 110 vs typical 160. The raw water pump looks like it is connected to the crank. Do I have to be concerned that the impeller might have been doing double duty/needs to be replaced? Had an exhaust temp issue with my other engine.
  3. 2014 307 SSX with twin Volvo 300’s - getting exhaust warning heat... bring it to a stop it is fine for 30-45minutes then happens again? Engine temp,is fine 160.
  4. Anyone know where the access port for the engine hatch pin on a 307ssx (2014) is located? All wires are connected to the breaker and getting power. I figure it is the electric motor. Thanks in advance for the help!
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