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  1. I bought a fish finder and I am looking for a place to mount it. I have a 2003 243 Sunesta. I have already ran my transducer wire. Also I want to splice into the OEM depth finder switch, but I am not sure what wires to splice into. 

    Do you have any recommendations to place the finder and what wires I splice for the power source. 



    1. Iggy



      I really don't know the layout of a 243. But I would mount it as high enough so that your not taking your eyes off the road/water that much. In other words, you don't won't to be looking down than up. But glancing up and down!!

      I am not sure what you mean by "Also I want to splice into the OEM depth finder switch, but I am not sure what wires to splice into." But, don't touch the stock transducer wires. Its good to have two sources for depth.

      As to power, I would look into the future. Meaning you may want to run up a 10 guage wire from the battery switch and the battery's ground. For ground, you can install a bus bar. For the Pos side install a 6 circuit fuse panel. Both can be installed under the helm. Now if needed you can add a VHF, GPS, lights  and more.   

    2. Iggy
  2. UPDATE: I replaced both the in line fuel filter, ad the water separator fuel filter. But it is still doing the something.
  3. I guess that would help... LOL
  4. Trash can under the sink.
  5. I have seen some post about the radio. But I am unsure what to get. I have a 2003 243 Sunesta, The radio that is in there now has gone crazy. It will play CD's and let me turn the volume up and down. Everything else is stuck on stupid. The controls at the steering wheel and on the back of the boat don't work with this unit or they are not working either. I bought the boat used and from reading on the other post about the radio, the remote units will not work if the head is the the Original. With all that said the unit that I have now is a JBL MR160. I am not looking to spend much money on some tunes. But it would be nice to get something that works, and if possible something that works with the remote units. Would anyone be willing to help me. Thanks
  6. It ran fine when I bought it. Engine is a 2003, 300hp F.I. I have not inspected the sparkplugs.
  7. I need some help please. The last couple of weekends I have taken my boat out. Around 2000 RPMs the engine has some hesitation. When I go faster it seems to stop or when I am going slower than that it stops. Just around 2000 RPMs it has it. At first I thought it was bad gas so I added some fuel stabilizer (Marine Grade), however it is still there. Has anyone else had this issue? if so what do I need to check for next? I was thinking a new fuel filter, (I don't know when it was replaced last since I bought the boat used a couple of months ago) Any help would be great. Thanks
  8. Good Afternoon everyone. I am new to the form here. I am looking for some guidance from all of you experts. I just bought a 2003 Chaparral 243 Sunesta, and the original owner had some repairs done to it but did not add the graphics back on the boat. I called Chaparral and they do not make them anymore. I was wondering if someone might know a place where I can order them (Here is what I want it to look like). Also I am looking for a 66 inch Pole Light, and last a good place to find the snap in carpet. I am not new to owning a boat but this is my first Chaparral. I used to own a 2006 G6 pontoon boat 18ft SF. Thanks