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  1. My water heater is bypassed with no problems.
  2. Its been a few months since I used it, but from what I remember, the grabbers still spin, it just doesn't catch the rope.
  3. Trying to retrieve it. I purchased brand new Anchor Rode 200ft 1/2" 8 Plait / 15ft 1/4" G4 Chain. It is what was called for. It pulls it up until there is about 3 feet left before I get to chain, and then it just spins. I have to go pull it up the rest of the way.
  4. I have a 2001 300 that I installed the pro fish 700 on about 5 months ago. It was a pita, and I am not all that impressed with the retrieval. It seams to slip more than it grips.
  5. I found it by the perko switches. That got my float switch working, but still no power to dash switch. In the engine compartment, I wired the always on to one float switch, other float switch to harness brown. from pump it black goes to white and brown goes to not hot brown..
  6. I have a 2001 300 three batteries, (just replaced today), and I have no power for rear bilge at switch. Is there a fuse for it somewhere? There is no power at the float switch either, but it appears that power might be the one that powers the dash switch. I tried to follow the wires, but they just go into a huge wire loom that is very hard to follow, but it does not go directly to battery.
  7. That wasn't a marina. He works day job at boat store, but came to my house after work to do job since its on a lift and I don't have trailer.
  8. 5.7 mags. Of course that was labor only, but I am still very happy with the work and price.
  9. I had a mechanic replace both my starters, risers, manifolds, and spark plugs last week. Did it all in about 5 hours. And that included some diagnoses time with the starters also. He charged me 350 for it all.
  10. No warning lights, just alarms? You sure its not a bottom reader alarm? When I go fast, my bottom reader sometimes goes nuts and throws alarms. If I turn off the depth finder, no more alarms.
  11. When it doesn't work, it doesn't click either. One drive has two new solenoids. Do you know how to get the switches out to test?
  12. Im still having problems from the switches on the controls working intermittently. Does anybody know how to remove them from the handle to test and replace? Its the double "mercruiser" handle with both buttons on the port side controller. I don't see and screws, and I don't want to try and pry anything apart without knowing for sure if they are supposed to come apart.
  13. Never mind, I took the pump apart and found the gear that was bound up, cleaned and lubed it, and now it works like new.
  14. I have been having problems with one outdrive not trimming up. It wouldn't work at all up, and sound sad going down. I took the whole unit out, and it the motor sounds great off the pump and jumps all over the bench, if I attach it to the pump, it wont move it. If I try to move the pump with a slotted screw driver, it moves but not easily. How hard is it supposed to be to move the valve assembly by hand? The motor has a lot of torque it seams on the bench, but maybe its weak?
  15. No, I have the merc 5.7, but probably the same. It is screwed to the riser on the port side.