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  1. I dont think we are talking about the same setup. Yamaha outboard f115? It has the upper pin, and the lower pin. Upper pin is held in with a clip, then slides out really easy, Lower pin is held in with two short bolts and washers. https://www.crowleymarine.com/yp/CE969174/power-trim-tilt-assy-1-f115txrb-2003-115hp
  2. I got a 2003 f115 that is leaking tt fluid. I tried to remove it, but the bottom pin is stuck. It is the kind that has two bolts with washers holding both ends in, then an 8" pin that is supposed to slide out. I have been beating it with a sledge, and also an air hammer. Nothing. I have taken the weight off with a strap, and sprayed the crap out of it. I have tried heating it, and using freeze off. Is there something you guys have found that works other then all this?
  3. I have bravo 3's with dual props so no counter rotation. On the engine cover it says they are left hand rotation. I will check tomorrow, yes it helps. That is what I was looking for.
  4. Thunderbolt IV Ignition Timing 1. Connect timing light (91-99379 or similar) to No. 1 spark plug. Connect power supply leads on light to 12 volt battery. Refer to “Specifications” for cylinder numbering and location. 2. Connect tachometer to engine. 3. Start engine and run at normal idle speed. 4. Aim timing light at timing tab, located on timing gear cover and crankshaft torsional damper. IMPORTANT: GM engine timing marks (on tab) are in 2-degree increments. MCM and MIE LH engines will have “A” (Advance) mark to the left of “0.” Timing must be set on the “A” side of “0” (Top Dead Center). file:///C:/Users/User/Desktop/beach/16B4R2.PDF
  5. I thought it was supposed to go to the left, but when I checked the other engine that runs good, it was to the right, so I copied that. I just want to know if they are both wrong or right.
  6. I have zero, I just want to know if 8 degrees btdc puts the mark to the left of right of zero
  7. I am referring to the notch on the balancer wile running with the timing light on.
  8. 2001 mag mpi lh rotation spec calls for 8 degrees before tdc. Just to clarify, the mark on the balancer should be to the left of the notch on the block?
  9. Thank you, I have also been looking at some local builders. They seam to run between 2 and 3k for the rebuilds. Then i have the installation.
  10. I dont have the snow problem, but the sun down here is a #$%#$.
  11. Man, I have to make sure you dont see more pictures of the rest of my house.
  12. Its hard to see. I could barely see it, but its right next to the tool. Its so small, it looks like a towel will wipe it off.
  13. Just got back from the machine shop. He said both heads have a small crack in them.
  14. I am using google photos. I must see them due to cookies then. They are alway on my computer even when Wingnut reposted them. Is the damage enough to not bother with this block?
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