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  1. Water test, and don't let them get away with a short one. At least a 15 minute test, then bring it back to the dock and let it run with the covers off. Look for leaks, have a laser thermo and hit the exhaust while its running.
  2. I did the same thing and my alarm was from the depth gauge. going that fast messed with the readings and it threw the shallow alarm. Once I turned off the bottom reader, no alarm.
  3. I would keep an eye on it. It sounds like mine. It was leaking from the exhaust hose between y pipe and riser. We tightened it down, tried it at the dock, and it held good. 6 miles out, it started leaking badly again. Turns out the exhaust flappers had fallen down into the bottom of the y pipe, creating a clog that made too much back pressure with the water spraying out of the hose. If its easy for you, you might want to check the flappers.
  4. Not knowing what year and size you are considering, I had recently picked up a 2001 signature 300 with good running gen, and a/c for much less then your budget price and it has a lot of room underneath and above. (It even came with bow thruster). Good luck with your search.
  5. You were right, the flappers are missing. I cant see or feel them so I guess they made it to the outdrive. Worst part is, I keep it on a lift, and don't have a trailer.
  6. Thank you. I am tempted to take it apart and see if there is anything obvious going on inside, but since the Port side works, I don't want to ruin it.
  7. Good point. They are going to be a PITA, but I will check them out.
  8. I have a 2001 300 with the double tach. The left tach works great, the right one either shows 2k rpms, or goes around to the back of the numbers. There is no in between, its one or the other. I tried spinning the thing on the back around, but it doesn't have the cylinder setting like some, just numbers 1 through 9 I think it was. Is there any other fixes?
  9. That's what I meant. I thought they also worked as filters.
  10. I had a problem last month with the exhaust leaking at the clamps, mechanic tightened them down, and it was good for a little. The other day my bilge had a lot of water, so when I finally got it home and looked, the same hoses were leaking again. I ordered some awab clamps, but I hope that fixes it. On a side note, the trip that this happened on we went out 6 miles to and island, spent a few hours there then came home. Going out I noticed slow to plane, and topped out at 25mph and 3k rpms. It did run smooth though. Time to leave island, wouldn't plane, 2k rpms, then one motor kept cutting out. I had found my fuel cap off a couple of weeks ago. I assumed it rained while off, so I put in "heat". I also added another 20 gallons of fuel. After getting home and letting it sit for a couple of days, both motors started right up and sound good. I am going to replace the fuel filters.
  11. My 2001 300 has 5.7 mpi's.
  12. I just wanted to update you. I tried to start it after this and it wouldn't start, so I had a mechanic come out. Long story short, we did a compression check, and it came back excellent. Whew. While the plugs were out, they looked pretty rough, so we replaced them and it started right up and sounded great. He then noticed an exhaust hose was leaking causing mist all over the engine and exhaust. He tightened that down and it and it ran fantastic. So what I thought was smoke from overheating was probably steam, and the boat was just running like crap from needing a tune up. It held at 160 for 10 minutes at 2000 rpm. I still have to figure out the heat exchanger, but the oil looked fine, so its probably losing it out the exhaust.
  13. This is the debris in ONE exchanger.
  14. I found at least one problem. I took the end caps off the heat exchangers and found one gasket to be ripped. Both had a bunch of debris in the one chamber for the raw water.
  15. I just wanted to put this out there, this boat has water pickups installed under the boat, and the water pumps were just replaced (at least that is what the dealer told me).