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  1. I give up, time to call a mechanic.
  2. I had the hanger on it, and it just pulled off it, so i twisted the other end into a hood so it would be twice as strong, and i still cant get it out.
  3. I have. The parts are a little wedged in, so this tool isnt strong enough to pull it out.
  4. It appears the lower ports are called idle relief ports. It that is where the flappers are lodged, can this be ok? it is my understanding that if the flappers are under the divider, the main port is unobstructed and water should not back pressure.
  5. Not exactly. I just ran pex hose up from the water outlet with a duct tape bump every 10 inches to try to catch the flapper, but no luck.
  6. I have figured out that the y pipe has a water passage at the bottom and exhaust at the top with a "shelf" separating them. I had been putting the conduit in the exhaust outlet, effectively missing the water outlet, therefor NOT hitting the flappers. I found the water outlet on the bravo 3, but it is much smaller, and has some impossible turns to stick something up there. Still at a loss.
  7. My daughter was able to get her arm down and remove the second one from the port side, but she could reach the two on the starboard side. Everybody always posts how easy this is. I have been trying for 6 hours.
  8. I know its been talked about extensively, but i cannot get the old flappers out of my y pipe. I know its what caused my exhaust to leak from the top of the y pipe from backpressure. I was able to get half of one side out, but the second piece is a little further down and nothing seams to work. I pushed a flexible conduit in from the top and the bottom (no bellows), and it doesnt seam to do anything. I can see the pieces with camera, but they never seam to move no matter what i push down there. I even tried a hose with a strong flow of water, but that doesnt do anything.
  9. My water heater is bypassed with no problems.
  10. Its been a few months since I used it, but from what I remember, the grabbers still spin, it just doesn't catch the rope.
  11. Trying to retrieve it. I purchased brand new Anchor Rode 200ft 1/2" 8 Plait / 15ft 1/4" G4 Chain. It is what was called for. It pulls it up until there is about 3 feet left before I get to chain, and then it just spins. I have to go pull it up the rest of the way.
  12. I have a 2001 300 that I installed the pro fish 700 on about 5 months ago. It was a pita, and I am not all that impressed with the retrieval. It seams to slip more than it grips.
  13. I found it by the perko switches. That got my float switch working, but still no power to dash switch. In the engine compartment, I wired the always on to one float switch, other float switch to harness brown. from pump it black goes to white and brown goes to not hot brown..
  14. I have a 2001 300 three batteries, (just replaced today), and I have no power for rear bilge at switch. Is there a fuse for it somewhere? There is no power at the float switch either, but it appears that power might be the one that powers the dash switch. I tried to follow the wires, but they just go into a huge wire loom that is very hard to follow, but it does not go directly to battery.
  15. That wasn't a marina. He works day job at boat store, but came to my house after work to do job since its on a lift and I don't have trailer.