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  1. 2005 180 ssi, bilge pump runs non stop but doesnt pump, float is functioning , I can reach it and pump will stop, how do I reach the pump and remove it? does it just snap in? It was replaced about 4 yrs ago and the mechanic said the new one fit right into the original housing, no idea what it looks like?? anybody changed one?
  2. I'm having exactly the same problem, did you ever find a cure?
  3. Thanks, compression test next, just wanted your ideas on the “pcv absent thing)
  4. mine is a 2005, fuel injected and from what i'm reading there is no pcv valve, just an elbow, and no air cleaner, just a spark arrester, tube goes from elbow(in valve cover) to spark arrester
  5. wasn't the oil drain kit, oil blowing out of the pcv valve. WHAT? its not a valve its just an elbow, should there be a pcv valve? going to do a compression test next, don't know why it would be blowing oil when it runs perfect at idle or even at 4200rpm, any ideas?
  6. 3.0 l merc oil capacity approx 4 l it has the Mercruiser oil kit that comes out the stern plug
  7. pulling the boat out of the water today, don't want that oil hitting the lake, hopefully I'll find something while I clean her up, any and all ideas are welcome like to hear from anyone who knows what that drainplug hose is all about
  8. took the kids tubing, all was good then a sudden loss of power, backfiring, all the gauges read normal, temp, oil pressure, shut it down to investigate then it started it right up and drove it 200 yards to the dock. all the oil is now in the bilge, any ideas? it will still start? It has a hose leading from the drain plug, supposed to assist with oil changes, could that be it?
  9. Looking for Top-Lock ss windshield clips, the ones on the windshield now are stamped with 78S, need some for the bimini top that's never been on the boat. I'm in Canada and looks like I'll have to have them shipped here from the states and the prices are ridiculous
  10. My engine # from spark arrester is OW307526, built Dec 2004, plugs I removed were Champion RV6C, runs great with the NGK BPR6EFS, what else can I learn from that engine #?
  11. Thanks for the info, we are paying about $1.60 a litre for the good stuff so about $6.50 a us gallon, tough to fill the tank in the fall and then put it to bed, cheers
  12. @Cyclops after years of motorcycles, classic cars, and a few boats as well, I always stored with a full tank to avoid condensation, however this is my first inboard outboard,and a plastic tank. How should it be stored? Listening and hopefully learning here.cheers
  13. Took her out yesterday and ran her hard for about an hour at 4200 rpm, added seafoam and ran her hard again for another 45 minutes, she's a different boat now, idles perfect, smooth at any rpm, love repairs like that. @Vonshep, I think it had the wrong plugs in it when I got it, I mean, Who uses champion?
  14. found the plugs ,replaced the Champions with NGK BPR6EFS, they had a much longer reach (thread stem) than what I took out, boat runs great 2100rpm and better but stalls out if I go lower. Boat was put in storage with a full tank of super gas and I added stabilizer just in case. I'm gonna run the lake for a while at top speed to burn off that old gas and add seafoam when it gets down to about a 1\4 tank ,any suggestions?
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