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  1. deckboat carl

    1995 sunesta 220 short

    I have an issue and can't find the source. When I use my trim either up or down, my dash lights will dim when I have my nav lights on at night. When I trim the unit and the battery is switched off, the gas gauge needle will jump. Not sure where too start looking. Also the trim gauge just broke, pinning the needle all the way to the top. Any ideas would be appreciated
  2. deckboat carl

    missing snaps on boat hull

    We recently had a huge wind/rain storm that caused our boat cover to fill with water and under the pressure, some of the snaps to come completely off of the boat hull leaving what appears to be a rivet. Not sure how to put a new snap back in place. Can you drill the rivet out and put in a screw or what? Any help would be appreciated