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  1. I have a traeger for smoking and a Weber for grilling. Like others have said the traeger has a light smoke flavor. I played with the pellets I used and found a heavier flavored one. The traeger pellets are not 100% solid wood and have oak filler. I use the cooking pellets brand and it is better and cheaper than the traeger pellets. Now, I like a good hickory smoke flavor with the pulled pork and ribs, so I may try adding some wood knots to the cooking bowl to get that heavier smoke flavor.
  2. I got a 21' H2O ski fish with the Yamaha 150 outboard. Wife and I were looking at the Robalos before we made our decision. We Demo'd a Robalo R200 es. Super nice boat, liked everything about it except how it handled the water and rode. We went out and it was rough water. 1-3ft swells isn't uncommon on our local lake with all the big boats with the wakes and waves coming from every direction. I can just say that Robalo didn't like it one bit. Didn't feel comfortable cruising more than 20-23mph. Ride back in and go out in a 21' h2o sport with the outboard to compare. That boat took it like a champ. We didn't hardly notice the wakes and waves. Cruised around at 25-30mph no problem. Drove like a sports car compared to the Robalo that drove like a bus. Just my $.02. Took them both out, same day, 30 mins apart. No doubt in my mind which one we went with. Forgot to add, we got wet in the Robalo, didn't get wet in the chappy.
  3. I'd go ahead and get the 21. You won't regret getting the bigger one. As for the extras (lines, bumpers, life vests, etc...) have them throw it in to the deal. They wouldn't budge on price for us, so I got them to add stuff for free into the deal. We got the coast guard safety kit, 4 ski vests, tube, mooring cover and a couple other things added in for free. Had to pay for the ski bar and spare though.
  4. Are you talking about the ski locker in the floor? If so I wouldn't store anything in there you don't want to get wet. It will get soaked. I'd put it in the console storage or the transom storage area.
  5. You could add the gps kit to the existing motorguide wireless unit. Costs about $450 to add. Sucks on them not wanting to order you the 21, just get it from another dealer. They are "required" to service it if they service chaparral, but doesn't mean they will get to it in a timely manner. I could have bought out of state and saved some cash, but figured the local dealer relationship was worth the $500 or so difference. I haven't checked in mounting location for the larger electronics. I'd love to swap out the garmin unit for something like a simrad go5 or go7. Maybe next year on that.
  6. We got the h2o ski fish. Seems to do fine. Raw water wash down would be nice to have though. I'll probably add that at some point.
  7. Yep you pay for the convenience. I get it and that's fine. On the fishing, yeah the wife grabbed my new bass rod to fish with leaving me with the old crappy Walmart special that she said were fine. I was helping the little one with casting and learning what to do. Fortunately for me, my wife grew up fishing and can bait and remove her own. She's better than me fishing actually, don't tell her I said that.
  8. I ordered a couple extra from the dealer the other day. They cost about $7 each. Comes as a whole assembly with the plug and flange.
  9. Double your chain and see where that nets you.
  10. Yep. Didn't go out today. Went out yesterday and did some fishing. We got poured on and called it a day. Only caught 1. Found out the drain plug for the livewell doesn't fit. Found a smaller one at Walmart that should hopefully work. Other than that boat ran great and was a lot of fun. Leasons learned yesterday: 1. Rain gear is a must have on the boat. I got soaked driving back to the dock. The Bimini top doesn't cover the dash 2. When fishing with the family (2 small kids) I learned they fish while you end up not and getting them untangled, re-rigged, etc... 3. Wife said she liked to fish. I didn't believe her. Learned that she's actually a better fisherman than I am. She used to go with her step dad all the time and that guy spends all day watching fishing shows. So yeah, she knew a lot more than I did.
  11. Yes that one. The H2O plug is plastic though. Wouldn't the brass one mess up the plastic threads?
  12. Thanks! I figured there was somewhere. Any idea where to get an extra drain plug other than the dealer?
  13. That will probably be me. Except I'll have to launch by myself, dock, and recover by myself, etc... I just hope people at the ramps are a little patient.
  14. Lol. I hope it's more fun than that.
  15. I got a 21' H2O ski fish with the 150 Yamaha outboard. Taking it out for the first time (other than the quick demo) this Saturday.