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  1. I try to do everything myself. The only issue I consistently run into these days is time. As the kids get older, I have less and less of it. However, taking the time and leaving work early or coming in later to get the boat, drive it to a dealer, then pick the boat up and drive it back to storage, I could have done it myself and been better off. For me the time off work costs more. I have the outboard so winterization is basically the same as a 100hr or 20hr service. Quotes for that were $380 to $560. I did it myself in 2hrs having never done it before and a material cost of $140.
  2. Ditto Navionics. Had to use it navigating at night back to the dock in unfamiliar waters. Got me through the inter coastal and back channels where depth is a major issue and marshes everywhere. My father in law boats that area often and learned some things that night, like where the actual channel line is. Could have been ugly without it. Sucked looking at an iPhone screen and trying to drive based on where the boat icon was. Couldn’t see anything it was so dark.
  3. No issues with mine, but I have a ski/fish and we remove most of the cushions when fishing. Never noticed them being wet either.
  4. The gauges light up, but I think you have to press and hold the mode button to get them to turn on. I had the same issue one evening driving home in the dark. Figured it out later via google.
  5. More like a CLA250 vs an E300. But I get your point. :thumbs:
  6. Back on topic Looks like they have plenty of boats to offer, just the SSI line is down to 1. i know you guys bash the H2Os, but seriously? Have you looked at anything else in that price point? Have you ridden in one or actually been on one? The H2O is built better and looks better than 90% of the other boats at a similar and even higher price point. Sure it doesn't have the bells and whistles of the other Chappies but they are still very nice boats. Same warranty as the others. Parts are probably the same across all the lines.
  7. Bolts rusting and those other components are a common issue. I've got a Shelby gt500 I purchased new. Always garage kept and has never been in the rain, it has a rusty rearend and some rust on the bolts and manifolds. Not a lot you can do other than pull everything and paint it.
  8. Get the H2O outboard. They are better in about every way to the inboard option. Also made for salt. Get the 150 or 200hp option.
  9. Don't have this issue on mine. Maybe you have a clog in the system somewhere and the water isn't draining then sloshes back up. Only area that stays a bit moist for us is the toy storage locker. I found it wasn't draining properly and used a wet vac to suck the water out of the drain hole. I guess that unclogged it and we haven't really had any issues since.
  10. I'm a newer boater. We spend most weekend on Allatoona. Went to Lanier a couple weeks ago and it gets the 1st prize trophy for idiots. Seen a few on Allatoona also (mostly the rental boats). When tubing with our kids we stick to quiet areas with as little traffic as possible.
  11. They all bang and clunk a bit. Makes me want to check mine and bleed them. You could always get the vacuum bleeder kit and do it yourself. Really not hard.
  12. Man that sucks. Glad you guys got back in before the boat sank. Hearing these stories makes me glad I got an outboard.
  13. This is my first year also. After about a dozen times out, watching others, reading this forum and others, watching videos and some experience youll find it gets easier and easier. First time retrieving took me 4 tries, I was so careful. Now I can slip right up on the trailer no sweat and be out the water quick. Had a few compliments on how smooth I do it. Idk, it just clicked one day. Took a buddy out that's boated his whole life (sail and power) he complimented me and said I was a natural. Point being, the more you do it, the easier it gets. Get a routine and checklist in your head. Congrats on the new boat. Yes it's a wonderful thing. I have withdrawals when I don't go out on a weekend.
  14. Coming from the starboard side is stand on, all subject to the situation. I think a boat blasting through the middle very close in order to jump a wake is a bit unsafe. Don't you?
  15. I'm normally on Allatoona, but we went to Lanier on Saturday. Man the idiots on that lake. 4 times I had boats cut across my bow in a perpendicular manner. 1 was so close I had to stop fast. I was following a larger boat out and he cut between both of us to jump the big boat wake. Ridiculous! The others they just weren't paying attention. I'm a noob and took all the safety and boating courses I could even though I didn't have to. I'm very cautious out there.