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  1. I got the same. My tongue weight is 300lbs on my 21’ H2O.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I’ve read it before, but it’s always worth re-reading.
  3. About 52. Had it at 48 via gps, with more left. 21’ H2O with Yamaha outboard. Btw my gas mileage is great with the outboard. Very pleased with it.
  4. I’ll throw this in also since it hasn’t been mentioned: resale. The traditional prop boat will have a higher resale value. Ask the Yamaha owners. Special niche that wants the jet boats.
  5. He’s referring to wedding cake.
  6. Keep on mine the polymer nano stuff does not provide any paint or gel coat protection from impacts. Yes it makes the paint look nice, but you will have chips in your paint. I used polymer stuff exclusively on my last truck, had some oxidation and paint chips in the bumper and hood. Used wax on previous vehicle with no oxidation and much fewer paint chips. I prefer to use both. Wax to waterproof and paint protect and go over it with a polymer for extra shine.
  7. I just changed from an F150 ecoboost to a 250 diesel. So far liking the truck. Mine usually has something in the bed or hooked up behind it most weekends, plus we were at payload limits on the 150 with family onboard and the boat hooked up. Time will tell if this was a better move. However, I will say this, diesels will hold their value very well. All trucks do, but the 3/4 diesels really do. I got 28k on trade for my paid off 5 year old 150. Not bad at all. I had the dealer pull black book on same model year truck and options but a 250 diesel. Average trade was 38k and msrp at that time was only 7k more. For maintenance, I’m not concerned since I do all of my own. Ymmv
  8. I’m the guy in the thread you are referring to. Yes, I went with a F250 for the same reasons. Loved my f150, but I was at the max for that particular truck. Not all 1/2 tons have the same payload. You really have to check the door sticker. Mine was pretty low at 1168. Most XLT few option trucks were at 1500, while the new raptors were only 960. The 250 I got is on the lower side due to a ton of options, but at 2097, that’s way more than I’ll ever need.
  9. We do the same. Tie it down to the sun deck and let it air out on the ride back to the dock. When we get home, boat gets washed and wiped down every trip, hatches get left open to air out, anything wet gets hung out to dry. On another note. Boat is getting brought out of storage next week. Haven’t seen it since we winterized it. Can’t wait.
  10. I have the 150 on mine. It sips gas. Thing is fuel efficient as a Civic. 1 tank of gas lasts me a few trips out. For rough water, mine seems to handle it fine. Took it 1/2 mile offshore in some white caps 3-5ft, don’t recommend that for prolonged periods of time, but boat did fine. It’s not an offshore boat by any means since they lack scuppers. Local lakes here are heavy trafficked and water gets like a washing machine. Boat does just fine.
  11. I put 2 30 degree rod holders port and starboard on the gunnels aft. No wires to drilll into.
  12. Agree. I still plan on weighing everything and taking pics to share. I did buy a hitch today that had a scale in the receiver. Should tell me my tongue weight. With the tandum axle I’m expecting 5-7% tongue weigh per guide and obviously the set up being level.
  13. Has anyone here have to adjust your trailer weight distribution? I’m curious since I’ve never quite been able to get my trailering to ride right while towing. ive been thinking it could be my trailering vehicle. I got the hitch as level as I could. It goes better, but I still don’t feel it tows as well as it should. I’m towing with a 2013 F150 fx4. I know my cargo capacity is 1161 on the truck for a gvwr of 7200lbs. Loaded with my family and gear I’m right at the max weight with the boat hooked up. Have you had to adjust the axles or the post to make it tow better? Or do you think it’s a vehicle issue? I’m considering upgrading to a F250 diesel as I know it will be more than capable.
  14. Congrats on your new truck. I did glance at the raptors, but the payload capacity was only 990lbs. Not going to be able to tow or haul much with that. Agree on the safety factor, I definitely don’t tow faster than comfortable. Not going 80mph. No more than 70 for me. Less than that and you are a safety hazard in Atlanta. That’s not good. Changed brakes on my old F150 to some Napa pads at 50k, it wouldn’t stop itself very well with nothing on it. Got pushed through a light towing an atv trailer. Swapped those out quickly for some powerstops with z36 pads. Excellent brakes. Highly recommend those.
  15. Thanks. I hated getting rid of that truck. I got a good amount on trade and the new 250 is much nicer inside. I still have to get used to driving and parking this bus. Lol
  16. Dsmacey is correct and this is what we were running up against. Sure the truck had plenty of power to pull it. It towed it ok, just wasn’t the most comfortable to tow with, big bumps, big trucks, interstate towing was not good. Also if you get into an accident and you are over the gvwr, the insurance company could very well not cover you. At the end of the day, we felt that we were close if not over the max gvwr. We ended up trading the truck in and got an F250. We have to tow on the interstate to get to and from the lake and would also like to take the boat on longer trips. Loaded down in the F150 with a gvwr max or over plus luggage on trips didn’t seem prudent. My father in law tows a 10k trailer daily for work. He suggested we upgrade actually. He suggested it last summer also when he rode with us when we visited. Said we were probably at the limit on the truck.
  17. D
  18. Payload is only 1161 on my truck. Throw in myself, wife, 2 kids, large dog, plus all the coolers, gear, and other items in/on the truck and it runs out quick. Doesn’t leave a lot for trailer tongue weight. Springs/shocks are all factory. 81k miles on them. Could be due for some new ones.
  19. Will do. I’m running the bfg ta ko2’s.
  20. I’m going to weigh everything and see where I’m at. I may be just fine. I need to get the boat out of storage and ready anyways. Been parked since weekend of thanksgiving.
  21. The rear end of the truck bottoms out. Hits the bump stops.
  22. Trailer is level. I’ve tried moving the drop up and down an inch. Towed better down, but the rear wheels of the tandem axle trailer looked a bit too unloaded. I’ll get some pics on level ground and get the boat weighed this weekend. You are correct. I was wrong in that number. 3050 dry (according to chap website) + 880 aluminum trailer + 40 gal fuel + ~250lbs of stuff/options added = 4428. I’ll weigh it this weekend to get exacts. I’ve been told that manufacture weights are usually well under reality. Usually the weights are done with lowest hp motor and no options. Technically my truck shouldn’t have any issues either. But once you add passengers and stuff, that payload capacity really goes down and impacts overall towing ability. I’m sure it’s a combo of capacity, weight distribution and tongue weight. I’m hoping to get it all sorted this weekend if the rain holds off.
  23. I bought it new and the trailer is the factory coyote aluminum trailer. Not worries about it being undersized. Just trying to get it to tow better which started all this. It’s ok, just not great. I’m never comfortable towing at speed.
  24. Thanks for all the help and responses. This is why this place is an awesome forum. 1. Boat is a 2017 21 H2O ski fish outboard, trailer is tandum axle. Dry weight is 3780 + 40 gal fuel + trailer 880lbs + stuff (~250) = about 5158. I’ll need the get everything weighed this weekend. 2. Not sure on exact tongue weight, I’ll weigh this weekend. 3. Currently the setup is factory locations for everything. Boat is at the end of the bunks, so that sounds correct. No idea on how the weight is distributed, but I’m guessing with the outboard, it’s on the back. I’m not sure if I can move the post up or not, but I’ll give it a shot. 4. I’ll get some pictures this weekend. 5. Expectations - yes they get you every time. Mine are that I should feel it back there and need to slow down and take it easier. Then there’s bottoming our on bumps on the interstate. Makes for a not so great ride. I have towed other things without issues. Mostly an ATV trailer loaded that weighs about 4000 lbs don’t have issues with it Another wrinkle to this, after all this talk the Admiral wants me to go look at F250s for the additional margin. I’m kind of torn on this. I like my truck and it’s paid for. How often does the admiral give the ok to look at a bigger truck. She wants to be able to take it to the coast more and knows that she isn’t comfortable with the way it tows now.
  25. It’s just a rough ride. Like when I hit bumps or uneven pavement it pushes the truck around a bit. On the interstate, I get blown around a bit by passing trucks. It’s just not a comfortable feeling. This is the heaviest thing I’ve towed I also tow atv trailer with a couple of ATVs hooked up ~3000lbs For my truck, my payload capacity is 1161. Add in the family and some gear and I’m right at the limit if not over with the boat hooked up. Remaining payload is by my calculation is 280-330. I’ll need to weigh it to get exact, but using my estimate, I’m either close or over payload and Gvwr using a 6% tongue weight.