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  1. I've noticed that one side of my exhaust is a bit warmer than the other on my port engine. Nothing like what you're experiencing, but similar. I've assumed that it is the difference in water flow through the two exhaust manifolds(I'm a lowly Mechanical Engineer, so that may be an incorrect assumption). There is no means to ensure even flow of water between the two sides and water will take the path of least resistance. I'm contemplating putting a hose clamp on the supply hose on the "cool" side to force more water through the "warm" side. I've just done the head gaskets on this engine and cleaned the exhaust manifold passages as well as I could, but the flow is no longer balanced(and may have never been, we've only had it out about 6 times so far). I suspect you have a blockage either in the exhaust manifold, or the supply hose on the hot side. Work your way through the system until you find the blockage. I don't believe my boat has flappers(1992 Sig 280 w/431a engines), as the exhaust risers are well above the water line(3" below deck level), so I'll defer on that to Wingnut.
  2. Not too many Cat. 3's in Southwestern Colorado, we do have some nasty microbursts and thunderstorms though. Our lakes have rocky bottoms(large rocks), so more chain is better than less. We boat on the northern end of Lake Powell, and a small lake close to home called McPhee Reservoir, and don't plan trips when the weather is forecast to be bad, but I do appreciate your concern.
  3. While I can't speak to the newer model years, I will say that the rode locker on my 1992 Signature 28, will hold that amount of chain. I purchased the vessel at auction and was astonished at what I found in the locker. I had acquired 100' of galvanized chain followed by 300' of rope rode. Initially I had no idea that this was overkill(to say the least), but I did know that it didn't fit in the rode locker without being organized. I pulled it all out of the locker, and replaced it in the locker with some organization. It now all fits, but the last 10' of chain doesn't fall smoothly into the locker without moving the "pile" from under the entry point(windlass). I'm going to remove the works again this summer and remove half of both the chain and the rode. We typically anchor in about 10'-20' of water.
  4. JPFunk

    Power at dock?

    I'm not sure where the cord is on the new Signatures, but my '92 Sig 28 has a cord at the aft port corner of the boat with a small cover that flips up. It will certainly be near the swim platform(above the water-line) either on the port or starboard side.
  5. JPFunk

    No water pressure

    Ahhhhh, I was waiting for the sparks to fly. Trigger warning!!!!
  6. JPFunk

    Spring and Annual Maintenance Done!

    This is a current topic in several Colorado River Water Managers offices today. The CAP(Central Arizona Project), has been pumping water into their aquifers to maintain the lake at this "sweet spot", rather than instituting conservation measures like the upper Colorado basin users have done. There have been some pretty heated letters going between offices in the last few months. Some of the upper Colorado users are calling for a renegotiation of the Colorado River Compact, and the city of Pueblo has pulled out of the Users group completely.
  7. JPFunk


    You guys don't need any reports written for you(I've only seen that one so far). As an Engineer I could use a service like that occasionally. Not sure how they get their information, probably stealing it
  8. JPFunk

    206 SSi

    15" is pretty large, never mind(I'm not taking the bait Futzin, but I'm finding it difficult to resist)
  9. JPFunk


    Very Funny, Futzin. You are referring to the product developed by one, Clark W Griswold, are you not?
  10. JPFunk

    210ssi radio wiring

    I agree, my engine hour meters would rack up quite a bit of "music time" rather than engine time, if mine were connected to the ignition switch.
  11. JPFunk

    Depth gage

    Are you ready for fishing season? We'll be making our first trip to the North end(Farley/White Canyon) the 3rd week of March.
  12. JPFunk

    Depth gage

    It couldn't be that easy, or could it?
  13. JPFunk

    Winterization methods will be tested this year

    There are two temperatures to note on most of the "pink" glycol antifreezes. The first temperature is the one at which ice crystals form in the liquid. The second is the "burst" temperature, when the liquid develops enough internal pressure to actually break something. Different ratios of glycol to water will have different temperatures for these two points. I use a product called "NoBurst" in solar hot water heating systems, and it has the different temperatures/ratios listed on the bucket.
  14. JPFunk

    Brunswick selling SeaRay

    There's a reason that banks have nice big buildings. They are paid to shuffle money from one person to another and take a cut every time it changes hands. I'm not anti-bank, but in general people have become much too reliant on "cheap" money borrowed from banks and the Government(Student Loans). This "cheap" money has done nothing but make everything more expensive(cars, trucks, boats, homes, etc.). I don't mean to sound cynical or older than Cyclops, but something is going to have to change or we're going to see another "bubble" pop in the future. I grew up on a dryland bean farm where you never knew what the harvest would produce, so we learned to save our money, and only by what was necessary, and only borrow if absolutely necessary. Yes, there were some occasions where the tax advisor would say that we needed to buy a piece of equipment to offset some of the income to avoid a tax burden, but that was rare. However, that piece of equipment was always an asset(something used to make a profit in the future), and never a liability(something that only costs you money in the future). In our current discussion, I would suggest that 99.5% of the time a boat would qualify only as a liability. I am of the same school as Richard W above. I have multiple interest bearing savings accounts that withdraw funds from my pay, my two favorites are "Home Improvements", and "Boat Fund". I don't buy parts for the boat until there is sufficient funds in the account to pay for said parts, this account also pays for the fuel and fees to go boating. I grew up fishing Lake Powell in the same 1973 16' StarCraft(same age as myself), after I started my family in the late 90's, my dad splurged and bought a 1983 open bow aluminum runabout, so frugality would appear to run in the family. I really don't mean to step on any toes, but interest is money paid unnecessarily(IMO). I will admit that I did borrow money to start a small business back in 2007 after graduating college, it was a necessity at the time, and I wish It hadn't been necessary(small business loans tend to have interest rates akin to loan sharks rates). Lessons learned.
  15. JPFunk

    Brunswick selling SeaRay

    Are you saying there should be a "boat in every garage" regardless of income? It's simple, you can either afford a boat, or not(IMO). If you have to finance to 10 or 15 years, you should probably reduce the amount you can spend. I bought a "Project" boat, a 1992 Signature 280 at auction for $4900(I had a budget of 10K) expecting that there would be some significant expenses between date of purchase and my physically using the boat as intended. As a Mechanical Engineer, and a decent mechanic, I knew that I would be doing most of the work myself, but that was part of the appeal. I realize that everyone wants the nicest, newest, best, but it's about time America started living within our means from Congress down to the individual.