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  1. JPFunk

    Nasty Sewer Smell - Jabsco Manual Pump Head

    I have an older Signature and have noticed the same issue. I believe a filter canister on the ventline is the solution as well. If you think about it, the "stinky" air in the tank must be displaced when more waste is pumped in. When the displaced air starts stinking, I add a bit more black tank treatment(a partial dose) and it gets noticeably better.
  2. JPFunk

    Pumpout fitting

    You mean it's free after you've paid the $105 yearly Park Entry Fee, right??
  3. JPFunk

    radha krishna images for wallapers

    NOT AGAIN!!!!!
  4. Order the oil at walmart.com and have it shipped to store for pickup, they'll hold it for a week or ten days.
  5. JPFunk

    Yamaha F150 or F200?

    If I were a "Grammar Nazi", I wouldn't let that slide, but I'm not, so I will. I'm, just a regular Nazi.
  6. JPFunk

    2350 SX help

    Cheaper/easier to replace as well, if something were to happen to them. Curved glass would be almost impossible to replace at this point.
  7. JPFunk

    Most efficient rpm...

    I think the Dangling Rope ice cream is the only thing Aramark sells that people don't complain about.
  8. JPFunk

    Most efficient rpm...

    Everybody raves over the Dangling Rope ice cream. Is it really that good, or is it just so far from civilization that it seems better? I guess I'll have to head south from Halls Crossing sometime and try it out for myself.
  9. JPFunk

    2350 SX help

    I'd like to see a photo of the entire boat, something just isn't right.
  10. JPFunk

    1993 270 Signature - Need to Remove The Port Side Bench Cushions

    Check the seams for screw heads, my 1992 Sig 280 upholstery is wrecked(falling apart/pieces missing), so I can't say specifically, but the backing wood does have holes that would pretty closely match your seams.
  11. JPFunk

    Boat purchase

    That's why I hate to try and find a replacement. I'm just not sure it can be done, but someday I'm going to be forced to try.
  12. JPFunk

    sig 260 canvas

    What kind of help are you looking for? I can come over next weekend with some chips/dip and help out. But Seriously, Prices will range depending on your region. Find a good canvas shop in your area, give them the old one and have them match it. The original manufacturer of the camper enclosures is out of business(I tried that for a 1992 Sig 280).
  13. JPFunk

    Boat purchase

    I have an '02 F-350 with a 7.3L Powerstroke and 248,000 miles. Still pulls the Sig 280 like a champ(set cruise at 67 and head down the road). Don't tell it, but I said I'd start looking for it's replacement when it hit 250K miles. I doubt I'll find a better truck than it has been to me.
  14. JPFunk

    Aluminum Locknut in Bilge, what does it belong to?

    I so want to tell you to get over your butthurt and move on with your life, but I'm a better man than that. I stand by my statement that just because you have an opinion, does not mean that you must share it. The Nazi references are super accurate as I'm of German heritage. You've become the drunk girl at the party who thinks she knows something about every topic, and seems intent on joining every conversation while everyone else rolls their eyes. Grow UP.
  15. JPFunk

    New upholstery estimate

    Exactly right, there are too many options ranging from material choices, regional labor costs, and a million other factors. I live in the middle of nowhere, and have to drive 40 miles to the nearest upholstery shop, so boat upholstery shops are nonexistent. If you're on the coast, or a very popular body of water, the shops will be more familiar with boat equipment, and methods. Ask around in your local area for good shops, and start there.