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  1. Whenever I get to it I'll post back. I'm not terribly motivated though as I'm planning to have the shop upgrade everything to a 24v system/charger/and new Motorguide Xi5 at some point. At...some....point. Haha!
  2. Ok, thanks, I'll look into it.
  3. Wanted to bump this for a different question on our trolling motors. I don't have my manuals with me, but does anyone know if the trolling motor battery is wired from the factory to be charged by the alternator? I'm assuming so, but we all know about "assuming" things, haha. (2016 H2O 19 S/F)
  4. Our new (2016) H2O 19 S/F has about 6 hours on it now and the trim switch died. Anyone else have this happen? The trim works in the UP direction, but not the DN direction. The UP direction has a tactile "click" while pushing in before it activates, which I guess is normal, but the DN position doesn't have the "click" into position. Anyway, they're hoping to have a new switch in this week. Guess we just got a bad one?
  5. I'm going to try to make it back out to the boat this afternoon to trouble shoot my Lowrance, so I'll see about grabbing a photo while I'm out there. I understand they don't make everything on the boat (like cars, planes, houses, etc all have stuff made everywhere), but I'm a little surprised there's no info that I can find in my Chap Owner's bag that says exactly what unit is installed. No biggie though, it'll get sorted out. Thanks, Iggy!
  6. Just bought a new 2016 H2O 19 Ski & Fish the other day. I'm going through all of the manuals and trying to find information on the stereo system. The Chap manual just says to consult the stereo manual. All I have is a little white card that has a link to a website for the stereo manuals. I have no idea which one is installed in this boat. Anyone know? A Google search was worthless. I couldn't even figure out how to turn the thing on while on the water yesterday.
  7. I/we shall soon be one of you! We sign on our new (2016) H2O 19 S&F tomorrow morning. I had them install a Lowrance HDS 7 G3 Total Scan on it; they used a RAM mount up front and said it looks really nice. Gonna put a Motorguide Xi5 on it shortly as well. Thanks to everyone for answering questions in the other thread (sorry for the minor thread hijack!). I'm sure I'll have more questions shortly. Now to figure out how to drive a boat... can't be much harder than a plane, right? lol *gulp*
  8. Interesting, I didn't realize there was a GPS add-on. I will check that out - slick! I may have misspoken, or at least wasn't as clear as I should have been... in the dealer's defense (or maybe laziness on their "searching" for me), regarding the boat I found at the other dealer (the 21 SF). They called the dealer, and THAT dealer said they did not want to sell it to them because it was their last one. So, I can certainly understand that part of it. However, the other part of me really wonders how much they actually did try to get that boat and/or find me another one. Meh. Honestly, I think the 19 will be okay for us. I was looking forward to a roomier bow, but the price tag is substantially lower, which will help since we need a new fishfinder, trolling motor (or GPS kit), PFDs, ropes, fenders, yada-yada-yada. Brings me to another question: so this 2016 H2O S&F holdover... They have it listed at $34,170. Sales guy said they'd do $1000 off since it's a holdover. Then he said the guy'd probably be willing to deal a bit more if it sits another month. How much lower, the way all the pricing is on Chaps, could I realistically offer WITHOUT offending him? I don't want to low ball, but a lower price is always, well, awesome! From all I can tell, the folks at this dealer are good people. I can understand them wanting to sell their stock. My boss has bought 3 boats from them over the years and has a lot of good to say about them. Unless they really do something weird that ticks me off, I don't really see myself going elsewhere at this point; they have been very kind and helpful.
  9. Ok, thanks, Iggy!
  10. Here's another question. I feel like my local dealer is feeding me BS... They said that if I bought my boat at another Chaparral dealer, that I would be required to take it to that dealer for any warranty repair work. Is that correct? They couldn't get that 21' boat we wanted, so I think they were worried I would drive down and buy it at the dealer that had it (3 hrs away). That's not really something I wanted to do anyway, but the fact they told me that (if false) kinda rubbed me the wrong way.
  11. Ok, good deal- thanks!
  12. CR, what do/did you have on your boat? I'm looking at the Lowrance HDS 7 or Humminbird Helix 7-sized units. Might go to a 9, if space fits. I'm going to try to find a book, or cut a piece of wood to size to take to the boat and eyeball it.
  13. I'm concerned with mounting of electronics. I'm going to replace the standard trolling motor with an iPilot or similar-type of motor, but the H2O 19 has limited room on the console. Whatever I new FF/chartplotter I get, I'm sure it will be on a RAM mount/arm probably. We wanted an H2O 21 SF, but our dealer can't/won't get one. It had a bit more room to mount stuff.
  14. Ugh, man that creeps me out! My wife and I were talking about hooking the seats. The other contender is a 2017 Ranger Reata...a lot more money though. Still has nice seats, but doesn't have cushions all over the boat. Just not sure if I want to sacrifice the # of persons capacity since we have friends/family/little cousins in the area.
  15. I hadn't even considered that fact, not being able to reach the water. We're taking a new '16 H2O S&F for a test ride on Monday, so I'll have to check that out. Will be our first boat, and I'm kinda having to compromise for the family, haha.