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    1994 SS Sport with Volvo Duoprop

    Yes, we didn't want to pull the engine and so a sealed bearing was jb welded in place. I don't know remember if there was water intrusion or not but I do remember that the bearing was not getting greased. I don't think we ever knew about the grease fittings. I am considering getting a another boat, but would if I can find this part I may opt for a repair. I think the engine is good so I might fix this issue if I can find the housing. Thanks for responding. Do you know of a good online part store? I need to identify the part number also and that is not something I have been able to do yet. Gary
  2. Gary Lowe

    1994 SS Sport with Volvo Duoprop

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. Yes, it was both the universal joint and gimble bearing. I need to find the housing for this part. When I look in the Volvo Stern Drive Shop Manual it just show the a flywheel cover. It has a nipple protruding towards the stern drive and I believe this must be where the gimble bearing is located, but it doesn't use the word gimble. Any idea on how I can correctly indentify the part number. Names of companies that sell used parts online. Gary
  3. Gary Lowe

    1994 SS Sport with Volvo Duoprop

    Gentlemen, I have a 1994 SS Sport with Ford V8 (190 HP, 305) with Volvo Duoprop outdrive. Yesterday the boat started making a terrible sound coming from the flywheel housing or the upper gear case. It would vibrate the entire boat. 10 years ago the bearing inside the flywheel housing went out and the flywheel housing was damaged. Instead of replacing the housing which would have required pulling the engine a sealed bearing was jb welded inside the housing. This has worked well for along time, but now I hearing these bad noises. If the problem is with this bearing, I will need to find a replacement flywheel housing. I don't think I can get a new one, it would have to be used. Can anyone advised me where I might find one? I am not even sure of the part number. Or maybe offer some ideas of other causes. I am not going do any work on the boat. I will take it to a mechanic but he has already told me that we will need to find a flywheel housing if it needs to be replaced. Thanks.