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  1. Rotated setting on back of Tach several rotations the other day. Worked normal today!!
  2. Yes I contacted Mercury. It's got to be bad tach reading. I will trouble shoot that. Will contact dealer to see if they have any suggestions & if the tach is still under warranty, doubt it. Thanks for responses
  3. This is our 3rd season with the boat. Owned since new only 33.7 TSN. Last Monday ran normal. Yesterday the tach was up to 6000 NO Rev. Limiter Horn or cutout, when I would normanlly be at 4400. I haven't done anything since last Monday, same routine. I'm thinking Rev Limiter took a crap, being it didn't limit the RPM's. Anyone else have this issue on low time eng/boat? Thanks for any input. Regards Kevin
  4. Simply plug & play stern mounted OEM rocker switch to raise/lower O/D. Keeps O/D down keeping boot on normal position to eliminate stretching & collapsing after trailing & parking. Just me being anal.
  5. KSJ08

    2017 H20 blue tooth

    No it doesn't see the BT. I only had my iphone 7 paired to it last year.
  6. 2017 H2O 19Deluxe Black W/Graphics 4.3 MPI
  7. Good day, We have a H2O 19 Deluxe going on year 2. I recently upgrade to ipone X. I can't get it to pair with stereo. Local station is ok but same songs A LOT & same commercials too. I like to listen to my downloads when wife is on the tube relaxing. Any suggestions?? Thanks Another rainy day hear in Philly suburbs :-(
  8. KSJ08

    Dead Battery

    Mfg date 4/17 I keep it & all my other's installed tractor/ATV/Harley/boat Batt all on Battery Tender Jr. Boat batt is on work bench for winter boat in friends barn out of weather.
  9. I have been doing my own 1st on Bayliner & for last 8yrs on FourWinns. Decided to be lazy & have dealer do it. Oil/Filter & Fuel filter, lubed prop shaft. $419. after taxes they charge $390 for V6. . Is this normal charge??? Probably do it myself from here on out.
  10. KSJ08

    Dead Battery

    Yes I know this. I used it only on work bench. Thanks for the concern:-)
  11. KSJ08

    Dead Battery

    Last used week before Labor Day weekend. I ordered a https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000AM8BF4/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 chager. supposed to be delivered to my work in DE. Friday. so I don't pay sales tax. Only problem I don't work on Friday's. It's an hr away so I probably get it on Mon. WIll call dealer today to let them know. thanks for the info! :-)
  12. KSJ08

    Dead Battery

    Picked up new 2017 196 Deluxe H2O in June. Haven't got more then 12hrs total due to rain or crappy weather:-(. Really love the boat, feel, fit, features over old 08 Four Winns H190. Had it out weekend before Labor Day. Yesterday uncovered for today. Tried to put OD up & Nothing. Had battery switch off during non use. Had battery Tender Jr.on all night but blinking RED means battery not taking charge. 4/17 sticker on battery, gonna call dealer to find out about warranty. Anyone else have this happen W/new boat??
  13. KSJ08

    Old Style

    Perko Anchor light base. I kept my anchor light from previous boat. I liked the flag the way I mounted it, I'm trying to find the threaded base to keep the light/flag in went driving around. So far I can only find the smooth base & the friction isn't enough to secure it.
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